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Roberta Flack.


Roberta Flack In Concert


Prime Concerts' recent DVD release, Roberta Flack In Concert, handily demonstrates two things: Flack had one of the best voices in pop music, and the live recording technology of the 70s was rather primitive. "Killing me Softly (With His Song)" is classic.


In the early 80s, I went through an unabashed period of Flack fandom. I still turn up "Where is The Love" on the car radio, and I know all the words to "The Closer I Get to You." I'm cool enough to like the first diva of adult contemporary.

But this cashing-in on a second-rate performance is unbearable. The obligatory pop-soul background harmonics and oddly xylophone-heavy sound of The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra obscure Flack's vocals. When she's behind the piano, the arrangements are a little more controlled, but when she's out front, the symphony hams it up like a Vegas review. An example of this miscalculated presentation is the embarrassing seducto-soul number, "Why Don't You Move In With Me?"

Recorded during the ascent of Flack's career, this slim collection of eight songs features the aforementioned "Killing Me Softly" and "The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face."

Who did Prime figure was the market for this DVD? The sound bites and the visuals look like a ratcheted-up PowerPoint presentation. Can you say, "Destined for the point of purchase rack in Zellers?

Review by Cindy Filipenko

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Title Annotation:MUSIC; Roberta Flack In Concert
Author:Filipenko, Cindy
Article Type:Video Recording Review
Date:Jun 22, 2005
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