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Robert looks to be in for another Cain-ing; TV SOAPS.

EMMERDALE - ITV ROBERT has got some incriminating photos of Cain kissing Chrissie, and he isn't afraid to use them to blackmail the errant Dingle into finding Victoria and Adam - although it could be a move he lives to regret.

The lovebirds haven't actually done a runner - as their families feared - and have no intention of missing Victoria's court date.

Instead, they've eloped and are all set to tie the knot when Cain eventually finds them after following hapless Finn to their hotel room.

Lisa takes pity on Joanie and offers her a place to stay; she also suggests she could tutor Belle, an arrangement that looks set to flourish. Meanwhile, Bob pokes his nose in where it isn't wanted as Carly prepares to open her new business, and Priya discovers that Rakesh lied about the DNA test results.

Debbie and Ross grow ever closer, and Marlon makes a decision about Laurel.

HOLLYOAKS - CHANNEL 4 KIM blurts out her true feelings to Grace, below, - just as Esther arrives, which forces her into some serious backtracking and possibly the most ill-conceived proposal for many a moon. Grace, meanwhile, thinks it would be useful to keep Kim on side by convincing her that she's in love with her too.

There's more romantic complications ahead for Tony and Tegan. He's besotted with Rose, but a badly worded text makes Tegan think he's fallen for her.

Later, while the village is bustling with people attending the Price Slice makeover launch, Rose vanishes from her pram - but who has taken the tot? Holly believes Louis is responsible, while Leela confronts Tony and Diane. She can tell that Diane is lying about her whereabouts at the time that Rose went missing, but it's Tony who ends up in serious trouble when the child's jumper is found in the back of his car.

HOME & AWAY - FIVE ASH'S, below, reunion with his long-lost sister Billie doesn't quite go to plan when she jumps to the conclusion that he killed Dean.

Eventually, he manages to persuade her he wasn't responsible, and that actually, he's a decent bloke - but will their renewed relationship make her want to stay in Summer Bay on a permanent basis? Meanwhile, Josh and Evie finally find Matt, but their efforts to make him face up to his alcohol issues seem set to come to nothing - thankfully, Leah and Nate force him to see sense, and eventually, the troubled soul heads off on a retreat in an attempt to get the demon drink out of his system for good.

Leah, however, has her own problems to deal with when Zac confesses that he was planning to leave town before she recovered. Could his honesty mark the end of their beautiful friendship? NEIGHBOURS - FIVE DANIEL persuades Amy to return to Erinsborough to give Paul, pictured, another chance to prove he can be a good father to her. Their reunion doesn't go all that smoothly, but he's thrilled to learn that she has a son called Jimmy, and revels in the opportunity to spend time with the lad.

Imogen discovers that Josh has maxed out his credit card to buy the supplements his company wants him to sell - and finding customers to buy them proves to very difficult indeed. He asks her to help him, but instead she decides to investigate his employers - which results in Josh losing his much-needed job.

Paige decides the time is right to tell Brennan exactly how she feels about him - until he rejects her advances. Perhaps she should concentrate on trying to help his brother Tyler, whose addiction to painkillers is threatening to spiral out of control - and results in him stealing Karl's prescription pad again.

EASTENDERS - BBC1 FATHER'S Day in Albert Square isn't a joyous affair for everyone.

However, it is the perfect time for Dean, above, to find out the results of a DNA test that prove he is Jade's dad.

He initially decides she should stay with her foster family, but changes his mind and asks to meet his daughter.

Shirley desperately wants to get custody of the little girl - but will Dean's involvement help or hinder her efforts? Bobby's attempts to give Ian a sentimental gift are overshadowed by Cindy's reappearance, but she is soon sent packing by the angry patriarch.

Stacey and Kush get up close and personal following his rather embarrassing 30th birthday celebrations, but you can bet he will be overcome with guilt when he discovers that his fiancee Shabnam has been beaten up by three violent girls who are also responsible for trashing the community centre.

CORONATION STREET - ITV THE day of baby Miley's christening arrives, but playing happy families finally gets too much for Faye, above, who runs out of the church, unable to cope with the stress of motherhood any longer.

The Hodges offer to take Miley off her hands, which initially seems like a good idea - until the realisation of what that means dawns on the teen mum.

The Platt family rally around Kylie at her first drug counselling session - until David decides to air all their dirty laundry in public.

There's more misery for the clan when Erica collapses in agony at the Rovers pub quiz and is rushed to hospital.

As they await news of her unborn baby, Nick takes his frustrations out on Gail - but at least her estranged husband Michael is on hand to offer his support.

Nick also rekindles his romance with Carla, while Brian's efforts to woo Julie with the promises of a holiday and champagne fall flat - again.


Robert might live to regret blackmailing a Dingle
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