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Robert's getting to grips with Bond role.

SPECIAL agent James Bond is really in trouble-07 when he meets the baddest baddie ever.

Forget the comic book crooks like Odd-Job with his flying bowler hat or the Man With The Golden Gun.

The one villain to strike real terror into the smoothie spy is Robert Carlyle, who plays arch villain Renard. He musters all the menace of his alter-ego Begbie from Trainspotting.

And Pierce Brosnan's Bond looks as if he's finally met his match.

At American test screenings of the 19th Bond movie, The World Is Not Enough, Carlyle was dubbed the most frightening of all 007's enemies.

The headcase is a villain who doesn't feel pain thanks to a bullet lodged in his brain. So anything Bond throws at him he can't feel.

An insider said: "Robert really got into the role. He isn't a two-dimensional baddie with a cat or loads of metal teeth.

"He's just a nutter who likes to hurt people and wants revenge. You really wonder if Bond will survive.

"Pierce loved the fact that Renard is a proper modern bad guy - even when Robert was snarling and had him pinned to the wall."

In the new film, Robbie Coltrane returns as the KGB agent he played in Goldeneye, but this time rather than being a bad guy he helps Bond out.

And Desmond Lewellyn, as gadget guru Q, gets an assistant - played by funnyman John Cleese.
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Author:Frew, Callum
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Oct 22, 1999
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