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Robbie Jackson is returning to Albert Square very soon - and he won't be alone; Actor Dean Gaffney is set to make an explosive comeback after soul searching in India.

Byline: Angie Quinn

Notorious for his friendship with dog 'Wellard', Robbie Jackson has been back and forth from Albert Square for decades.

And now he's about to make a surprise return to Walford in the next couple of weeks and he's not coming alone.

Dean Gaffney, who plays Robbie, was last seen on screen at the beginning of the year as he prepared to fly to India to see his son.

Crafty Stuart Highway fronted the cash for the flight leading Robbie to take a last minute trip out of theEast End.

EastEndershave now confirmed Robbie's exciting return on their website.

During an episode synopsis for Monday, June 3 it states: "Kat drops a bombshell leaving Stacey furious. Robbie returns to the Square but he's not alone. Tensions simmer between Phil and Louise."

So, who is he coming back to Walford with? A child? Girlfriend? New dog?

Who knows.

Actor Dean previously explained his character has been soul-searching in India - and he might not be coming back alone.

On Robbie's return, Dean told the Daily Star: "He's gone to right some wrongs, cross some T's and dot some I's.

"When he comes back, which is not too long now, is he alone, has he found love?"

The popular TV star also praised new EastEnders boss Kate Oates and expressed his excitement at what she has in store for the soaps storylines.

He added: "Before, it was just four episodes here and there for me. But now I'm back full-time and it's a nice feeling."

"But now I'm back full-time and it's a nice feeling.

"It's a very interesting time on the show right now. I'm excited what Kate is doing."

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Dean also stated his return felt like he is coming home and although Robbie Jackson is a bit of a failure on the square, he is renowned for having a heart of gold and being a hopeless romantic.

He first appeared on the show in 1993 and his character is part of the soaps history.

EastEnders airs on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights on BBC One.


Credit: Kieron McCarron/BBC

Robbie Jackson is returning to Albert Square

Credit: BBC

Robbie Jackson and dog Wellard in Albert Squre during the 90s

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