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Robbie's foul words little to do with angels.

ROBBIE 'potty-mouth' Williams.

That should be his new name. Robbie has recently been slated (rightly so) for excessive swearing during Take That's sold-out 'Progress' tour.

To add fuel to the fire he has now come out and admitted to teaching his best friend's five-year-old son to swear! Cue fake laugh - Ha ha ha. What goes through this man's mind? A fiveyear-old and swearing? What part of that did he think was a good idea? Robbie may think this is funny and even acceptable seeing as one of his first words as a child was f*** but speaking first hand as a mother whose son has recently picked up a few, let's say, offensive words from nursery that far surpass his four years of life experience I can say it is just awful hearing something so innocent coming out with something so, well, awful.

Now, I'm no prude, and may have even thought it was kind of funny before I had kids, but having witnessed it with Dylan, it's actually appalling.

I know all children will eventually learn to swear sooner or later, as we all have, but surely not so young and certainly not at the behest of an adult. Robbie - grow up and swear on your own time.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Wales On Sunday (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jul 17, 2011
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