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Rob Gregory reviews the latest external furniture and lighting products.


With over 24 years experience, to complement their diverse collection of traditional teak products. Garpa now offer an alternative 'feather light' aluminium and stainless-steel range available with either taut strap weave or warm teak slats.


501, 502 EXTREMIS

Across a wide range of distinctive external furniture products, EXTREMIS seeks above all else to promote sustainability through production, and social interaction through use. With adjustable seat heights, the circular table Gargantua (502) operates in two modes; either as an eight seat table with the benches lowered, or with the benches raised to form a larger 12-person table. Fabricated with a galvanized steel frame, teak seats and a teak and stainless-steel tabletop, Gargantua is a distinctive blend of durability and refinement. PicNik (501) breathes new life into alfresco eating. Pressed from a single sheet of aluminium, bent into a futuristic sculptural form, PicNik is available in five distinctive colours, and is stackable for commercial applications. A junior version has been produced for children, and for true furniture enthusiasts a 1:10 scale model is also available.


504, 505, 506, 507 WOODHOUSE

Rotterdam (504), from the Light Stack range, is an elegant 4m high stainless-steel external luminaire. With a 100-watt metal halide lamp, the fitting provides excellent uniform light distribution.


The Geo litter bin (505) has a stainless-steel cylindrical body with a polythene liner providing a capacity of up to 70 litres. Available in single, twin or triple configurations, the bin can also be attached to Geo lighting columns to reduce pavement clutter.


Oblique (506) is an indirect luminaire, made in die-cast aluminium and fibreglass reinforced polyester resin, mounted on a 4m painted steel, stainless-steel, or an aluminium tapering pole.


The Escofet BS3 bench (507) made from reinforced cast stone is available in granite, grey or beige and incorporates three stainless-steel bands which not only articulate the bench's composition, but also serve to deter skateboarders.



X-Tend stainless-steel cord netting by Carl Stahl offers designers new alternatives when resolving challenging landscape and architectural metalwork details. Whether cladding a landmark tower, or providing a supporting framework for a landscaped green facade, the system can be used in lengths of up to 30m, and being pre assembled in the factory is easily installed on site when combined with the I-SYS range of stainless steel components.


509, 510, 511 STREETLIFE

The Wait&See external seating system from StreetLife offers flexible solutions for public spaces. As a modular system it provides numerous configuration options, supported by a wide range of accessories, which include armrests, backrests, and tables. Fabricated with durable components, the system requires little maintenance and is available in a number of finishes. The timber options (510) include Robinia and Sapupira--both of which are sustainably sourced hardwoods from Eastern Europe and Brazil--while the SMC range (509, 511) reinforces StreetLife's sustainability credentials by using recycled plastic to fabricated the seats with a sheet moulded coating, available in grey and blue finishes. All other components are fabricated using high-grade stainless steel.


512, 513 VEKSO

The Nimbus (512) is one of a range of wall-mounted bulkhead lights designed by Tom Stepp and manufactured by Vekso in Denmark. Made from heavy gauge galvanized steel it is available in the raw finish or a powder-coated variety of RAL colours. Various lamp types are available including incandescent and fluorescent with conventional or electronic ballasts in 18W and 26W, while high-pressure mercury and high-pressure sodium are available in 50W.


The SHL 1000 (513) is a bench made from heavy gauge steel and oil treated mahogany or ash, and is designed by MAA Schmidt, Hammer & Lassen K/S architects in Denmark. While the SHL 1000 is surface-mounted, the SHL 1002 incorporates extended legs, with a choice of galvanized steel or powder-coated finishes. The SHL 1000 is part of the SHL range including a bollard, a bicycle stand and a bin, which share the same simple and clean design.


514, 515 RUNGE

Runge offers a comprehensive selection of outdoor furniture from Germany across two ranges; while urban basics[R] (514) includes the more basic and well-established range of robust outdoor furniture, urban selection[R] (515) places its emphasis on modern design with pieces manufactured with high quality material such as electro-polished high grade steel and low maintenance hardwoods, all of which are sourced from FSC certified suppliers.


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Date:Jul 1, 2003
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