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Rob Browne explains how he captured his winning pictures:.

Image two With the fighter jets, it was something I always wanted to have a go at.

I knew where they were likely to fly and during a family break in West Wales I made my excuses and managed to find myself up a mountain side near Machynlleth.

The Mach loop is a well-known route which military aircraft use for exercise. I was not sure what to expect but I knew this would be a challenge.

After waiting for an hour or two I heard the incredible rumble of omewhere. Then, in the , against the stunning two war planes headed me at amazing speed. s the only time I saw two jets fly past together.

lucky enough to get a which had both in shot vapour trails from the e wings.

planes so distance, scenery, towards That was of these j I was frame w and the tips of th I was u It was a was flat. 1/2000 to minimum f5.6. The using a 300m Nikon lens.

clear day and the light My shutter speed was o keep motion blur to a mand aperture was set at ISO was 200.

Image three I thought a lot about the image of Michael Sheen. He has been pictured many times and I wanted something a little different. The Hollywood actor and UK ambassador for Unicef was in Cardiff. I wanted to get a photo that separated his big screen persona from his Unicef work.

After our reporter had interviewed him, and knowing his time was short, I asked him if he would be OK to pose for a few photos.

I quickly set up a light to balance the daylight. Michael looked straight at the camera and I managed to capture a more serious side to him. I felt the image was different from the ones when he is promoting films.

The image was shot on a 70-200mm lens but focal length was about 100mm so I could frame the image the way I wanted. Aperture was set at f3.2 to help lose the messy background.

Judges' verdict: "These pictures connect the audience with the subject from the inside. They're photos you want to look at, that tell the story without words."

Image one The picture of Rhodri Morgan was taken during the General Election votes count at Sophia Gardens, Cardiff, last May. The press were set up on a balcony and the former First Minister for Wales and Welsh Labour leader was preparing for an interview. Rhodri's expression seemed to reflect the inevitable outcome of the night.

The moment was short and the light was poor. I was using a 70-200mm lens, so a steady hand was needed. To help make up for the low light I increased my ISO rating to 1250. My shutter was set at 1/125 and aperture f2.8.

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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Mar 7, 2016
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