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Roaming charges website unveiled for mobile phone users.


A website covering mobile phone roaming fees has been unveiled by the European Commission in an attempt to improve transparency for mobile phone users and encourage companies to offer lower prices for roaming.

The website details the roaming charges due to mobile phone users when travelling abroad and compares charges made by different networks for the same location. For example an O2 Plc user visiting Slovenia will be expected to pay EUR3.45 per minute, whereas a UK T-Mobile International AG user will be charged EUR8.22 per minute.

The Commission said the site will help inform consumers of how to obtain the best deal and encourage them to ask for lower prices, helping its fight to lower mobile phone charges. National regulators have been looking at the competition and consumer protection offered by their mobile phone markets and are due to present their findings to the Commission by the end of this year.

UK mobile operators Vodafone and T-Mobile were warned last year by the Commission that their wholesale roaming charges were too high and German operators O2 and Vodafone Germany received a similar warning this year.

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Date:Oct 4, 2005
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