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Road accidents - KMC, NH and MP to take steps.

Pakistan witnesses over 5,000 deaths in road accidents yearly. This makes us the 4th amongst 29 countries with most road accidents. Karachi is one of the big cities with most deaths in road accidents. But luckily for nearly 20 million Karachiites, KMC will soon be taking steps to curb this menace.

National Highway and Motorway Police too is worried about the matter. It says bad road engineering and lack of drivers' awareness abo-ut road safety are major factors behind increasing road accidents. This came loud and clear at a recent National Road Safety Conference in Islamabad.

In Karachi KMC has begun taking steps to curb traffic accidents and has established Road Safety Audit Task Force which is working to point out risky locations and suggest measures for making them safe.

KMC officers discussed the matter in a mid March meeting and how to tackle the matter. They also discussed new traffic schemes, says a KMC press release. Transport and Communication Department would soon begin taking steps to curb traffic accidents. Road Safety would also be taught in schools where safety principles would be included in courses, he added.

Children would be trained practically about traffic risks and preventing them. For this road safety parks would be built in Bagh-e- Ibn-e- Qasim, Safari Park and Zoo so that children could learn road safety rules while playing.

KMC would also implement UNO's 'Decade of action for road safety 2010-20' and observe Road Safety Week jointly with Road Traffic Injury Research Centre (RTIRC) in May. The week would host many programs about road safety and making citizens aware of the matter. Here traffic police too would be involved to make people follow traffic rules.

Street lights would be installed along 'black stretches' of roads which host many accidents. Roads to be covered include: Shara-e Faisal, Expressway, M A Jinnah Road, Rashid Minhas Road, Liaquatabad and Korangi Industrial Area. KMC will prepare an audit report to remove causes and take effective steps in the light of report to curb traffic accidents.

RTIRC has made a report about traffic accidents including statistics of accidents, condition of traffic risks and combined efforts of KMC and Traffic Injury Research Center. It is now collecting statistics of traffic accidents from city's five big hospitals.

In the Islamabad conference Inspector General NH and MP said 20,000 people had died and 45,000 injured in road crashes in Pakistan in recent years. Overloading is because of lack of awareness about its impact on drivers. NH and MP is planning to set up driving schools in all big cities.

One speaker highlighted deficiencies in the vehicle fitness checking systems.

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Date:Apr 15, 2013
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