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Road Record : Postie, postie..; BILL CAVEN makes his Valentine's Day wish that Cupid will drop off the keys to this drop-dead gorgeous Porsche.


TODAY is, of course, the day when little Cupid starts firing his arrows in all directions in the hope of people finding love. If he decides to pluck his bow in my direction, then I hope to heck he hits on this mean machine with the other.

It is called the new Porsche 911 GT3 and it is gorgeous. The only possible way to improve its looks would be to park it in the Caven driveway. (Pleee- ase, Cupid?)

This perfect Porsche is the half-sister of the Carrera that will be competing in the new race series next year. And the road-production model offers near rocket propulsion.

The previous 911 was the first ever to lap the legendary 14-mile Nurburging circuit in less than eight minutes.

The new GT3 has been improved in every area and is certain to reduce that time when the summer arrives. Give my missus the keys and I'll wager a tenner that it will only be six minutes.

Thanks to its lithe 3.6-litre engine, one of the most powerful naturally aspirated in its class, the car will accelerate from 0-125mph and back to 0mph in just 19.7 seconds.

I know some cars that take that length of time to reach 62mph.

The development goal of the Porsche engineers was to create a master car.

The GT3 was completely redesigned, with a special focus on excellent handling capabilities, high levels of active safety and a light frame.

Improved power and torque are achieved with a controlled increase in engine speed.

The red sector of the rev counter begins - depending on gear selection - at 8200rpm, an increase of 400rpm on the previous model.

The Porsche superstar will reach 62mph from scratch in just 4.5 seconds and hit 100 less than five seconds later.

Thanks to its unusually low centre of gravity, the GT3 hugs tighter than Fatboy Slim with Zoe Ball back in his life.

Not surprisingly, the brake system has also been improved to keep pace with the increase in performance.

The new ABS 5.7 system has faster and more sensitive control response and is also more lightweight to provide even greater stability.

But how about that stunning unique rear wing? It gives impressive stability at speed and increased downforce for better cornerning.

It's available this summer although orders are being taken now. But start saving or pray that you're in for a major Lotto win. The price tag is pounds 72,750. Sorry...
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Title Annotation:Road Record
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Feb 14, 2003
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