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Predictions for the Next Decade: What Communication Changes Might We Expect Over the Next 10 Years? Jan 1, 2020 666
Why we Need PR: A Counterpoint to the Drive to Produce Profit by Any Means Possible. Dec 1, 2019 662
Literati and Illiterati: Eventually Reputations will Be Maintained the Old-Fashioned way. Nov 1, 2019 654
The Three Levels of Questions: Sometimes, Routine information is Simply inadequate. Oct 1, 2019 696
Anonymous Digital Entities: We Are Tempted to Be Less Considerate When Everyone is Anonymous and There Are No Apparent Repercussions. Sep 1, 2019 776
A Century of Meditations on Public Relations: Following Are 100 Observations That Quarry Operations Can Consider and Utilize. Aug 1, 2019 3606
Hyperbole and Litotes: In Business Communication, Aim for understatement as Opposed to Overstatement. Jul 1, 2019 665
Special Report: The Secret Beneath Notre Dame: Few people Realize That Paris, France, is A Mining Town. Jun 1, 2019 829
The Evolution of Communication: Most of Us Trust Personal Interactions More Than We Trust Mediated Messages. Jun 1, 2019 663
Moving the Noose: Changing Your Business Culture Can Have an Impact on the Quality of People's Lives and the Bottom Line. May 1, 2019 688
The Art of Introductions: An introduction Identifies The Topic, But A strategic Introduction Can Do Much More Than That. Apr 1, 2019 663
Communication Planning: Communication is Usually the Most Neglected Responsibility of Business Leaders. Mar 1, 2019 680
Professional PR: Only Those With Reputations for Producing Well-Crafted, Targeted, Reliable Messages Earn the Title of Professional. Feb 1, 2019 699
The Seven Deadly Sins of 2018: Most of the High-Profile Communication Problems of 2018 Had Deeper Roots. Jan 1, 2019 704
Information Is a Commodity: The Purpose Of An internal Communication Program is To Move information up And Down The Organization. Dec 1, 2018 635
Post-Truth Communication: It Seems Logic Is No Longer a Rhetorical Option in the Current Post-Truth Communication Environment. Nov 1, 2018 667
Monkey Mind and Mindfulness: Our Brains Generate Distractions All The Time--The Struggle is To Create Focus. Oct 1, 2018 722
Employee Newspapers: Employees Perform Better if They Feel Like They Are Part of a Community. Sep 1, 2018 667
Opinion Leaders: It is useful to consider That There Are influences in the Aggregate industry itself, and Also influences in the Political and Residential Communities That Surround Quarries. Viewpoint essay Jul 1, 2018 691
Enthymeme and Syllogism. Jun 1, 2018 719
Authoring Reference Letters: writing Reference Letters Is a Responsibility we Tacitly Commit to When we Take on Positions of Authority. Guest commentary May 1, 2018 678
FEC Quarry Is Good ... Real Good: Ongoing Good is Not a Strategy or a Tactic: It is an Orientation. Apr 1, 2018 660
Results-Oriented Communication: A Wise Manager Lays Out an Objective and Then Asks the Group How They Want to Approach it. Mar 1, 2018 710
Communication and Technology: As the vocabulary of Technology Expands, Speakers Find it Difficult to Bridge the Gap Between Themselves and Listeners. Viewpoint essay Feb 1, 2018 717
Lessons Learned: Several Seismic Events occurred in the Field of Communication in 2017. Jan 1, 2018 699
Digital Communities. Dec 1, 2017 675
A Few Words on Few Words. Guest commentary Nov 1, 2017 684
Do Unto Others: While the Golden Rule is Simple for a Child, it Can Be Complicated, Paradoxical and Daunting for Adults Trying to Manage Large Companies. Oct 1, 2017 758
Good Will vs. Self-interest: Don't Keep Your Public Relations Officer in a Cabinet on the wall. Sep 1, 2017 709
Political correctness: words can do harm, and anyone in a leadership position should understand that and communicate with care. Jul 1, 2017 708
Good PR reads just like news: to be successful, public relations writers need to think like journalists. Jun 1, 2017 717
Rules vs. relationships: just because small print in a contract says that a company can do something doesn't make it right. May 1, 2017 683
Different publics, different messages: the multiple-message model is more efficient because it is more effective. Apr 1, 2017 691
Avoiding email paralysis: email processes are indispensable to business communication, but they can create problems. Mar 1, 2017 686
Labor, decisions, effort and consistency: managers who don't value communication don't understand people. Oct 1, 2016 629
Rules for the Cyberoffice: let's show our coworkers as much respect online as we show them in person. Column Sep 1, 2016 723
Values and the sales interviews: it is more effective to conduct sales interviews without a script. Aug 1, 2016 767
The communication audit: a communication audit is like a financial audit, only it looks for messages and channels instead of money. Jul 1, 2016 697
Choosing rhetorical battles: when it comes to persuasion, the state of mind of the audience is more significant than the argument. Jun 1, 2016 724
Systems theory and public relations: every organization is part of a system with three components. May 1, 2016 700
Quarry day: To maintain a good relationship with your community, bring people in and show them what you do. Apr 1, 2016 655
The message in merit increases: communication in the area of merit increases is an important part of the process. Mar 1, 2016 691
Myside bias: 'Myside Bias' isn't a problem if you are always right. And if you are, you wouldn't be reading this column. Column Feb 1, 2016 705
The truth about 2015: when Humpty Dumpty falls off the wall, you can't put him together again. Jan 1, 2016 737
Setting up successful sales interviews: don't underestimate the establishment of meaningful trust. Dec 1, 2015 620
The limits of public relations: public relations that isn't proactive ends up being reactive, and that is highly problematic. Nov 1, 2015 623
Communication and productivity: making Smart Communication choices will lead to more expedient and more informed decision-making. Oct 1, 2015 705
Which side are you on? Is incivility the new normal in public discourse? Column Sep 1, 2015 670
PR never can say goodbye. Aug 1, 2015 700
Telling your story in a book: online publishing presents a new opportunity for businesses to tell their story. Jul 1, 2015 701
Think before you send: everyone needs to consider two points about writing and digital media. Jun 1, 2015 703
Seven steps for effective meetings: meetings are excellent places to test ideas, reach consensus and make decisions. May 1, 2015 717
How to co-exist with NIMBYs: making objective, logical, fact-based arguments is the best way to counter the mixed messages of NIMBY groups. Apr 1, 2015 668
Truth and consequences: public relations is simple: tell the truth and follow the golden rule. Mar 1, 2015 667
Data lost and found: every organization needs a plan for handling a data security breach and that plan needs to contain a communication component. Feb 1, 2015 697
Did we learn anything? What did we really learn about communication in 2014? Jan 1, 2015 734
Communication as process: one of the most significant discoveries of the 20th century is that communication isn't an event; it is a process. Dec 1, 2014 781
Sales interviewing: sales interactions are more manageable if one approaches them as two-way communication processes. Nov 1, 2014 740
Professional Development for Communicators: competence in public communication requires a skill set that needs constant updating. Oct 1, 2014 687
What you know about who you know: knowing how to identify publics and understanding how they get information is essential for effective communication. Sep 1, 2014 737
Roach's rules for digital communication. Aug 1, 2014 729
Follow Detwiler's lead: managing internal and external communication at your operation. Jul 1, 2014 698
Ask not for whom the phone tweets: twitter is extremely effective for reaching specialized croups like employees, peers or customers. Jun 1, 2014 697
Working with reporters: you are helping them, not the other way around. May 1, 2014 718
What makes a professional communicator? The key to professional communication is not great ideas and flowery language. Apr 1, 2014 670
Do-it-yourself focus groups: focus groups can be used to generate ideas and deepen your understanding of issues. Mar 1, 2014 716
Defining reputation: everyone knows that reputation is important, but can you define it? Feb 1, 2014 659
Communication in 2014: reconsidering the brave new world that will bring unimaginable changes to our lives. Column Jan 1, 2014 679
How to manage a meeting: decisions made by groups tend to be better than decisions made by individuals. Nov 1, 2013 679
Teambuilding is not an exercise: teamwork is easy to spot, hard to explain and harder to create. Oct 1, 2013 699
Public relations is an ancient art: the five canons of rhetoric are all facets of effective business communication. Sep 1, 2013 634
Writing skills: no job is exempt: all companies need public relations--especially mining and quarry operations. Aug 1, 2013 654
More clear vs. less clear: some people lead and some mislead when it comes to public relations. Jun 1, 2013 1040
Public affairs and reputation: public relations at its best never addresses products or services. May 1, 2013 664
Key indicators for communication: communication is just as much a part of the business system as production and sales, and it is also just as accountable to the bottom line. Apr 1, 2013 634
Pitching stories: don't ignore the local news media and then expect them to listen to your side of the story when a problem arises. Column Feb 1, 2013 687
Resolutions for improving communication: communication is an important business issue, but it is also part of our day-to-day lives. Jan 1, 2013 687
Telling it like it is: storytelling is our oldest form of mass communication, and it is also the hottest trend in public relations and marketing. Dec 1, 2012 671
No such thing as the public: all organizations have publics in four main categories: shareholders, customers, community and employees. Nov 1, 2012 643
Something Wiki this way comes: some websites continue to crow in importance, and Wikipedia is one you should keep your eye on. Oct 1, 2012 642
An easy press release: there are some basic public relations tasks that almost anyone at your quarry can accomplish. Sep 1, 2012 667
The communication list: here are 10 maxims everyone needs to know. Aug 1, 2012 676
Pre-proactive PR: social media moves public relations past proactive stance. Jun 1, 2012 685
Targeting online publics: aggregates producers must have an online presence and manage it well. May 1, 2012 674
Behind digital doors: remember that every utterance is potentially a public utterance. Apr 1, 2012 660
Affordable PR: how can public relations interns help your company? Mar 1, 2012 646
Dealing with PR stress: all public relations professionals deal with stress on three levels. Feb 1, 2012 711
Tweeting the press release: social media makes it possible to give your press release a life beyond print. Jan 1, 2012 720
The mass email problem: employees spend way too much time sorting through unwanted messages. Dec 1, 2011 699
Your quarry and media preparedness: think the harsh glare of the news will never happen to you? Think again. Nov 1, 2011 684
Public relations vs. advertising: do you know the difference between the two? It is an important distinction. Oct 1, 2011 694
Writing is still writing: if we want to be effective when we communicate, we would do well to remind ourselves that the old rules of rhetoric still apply. Aug 1, 2011 670
The public relations century: these days, there are multiple sources shaping public debate. Jul 1, 2011 682
Which hat are you wearing? When filling a dual role, take care to do both well. Jun 1, 2011 681
Bank on the appeal: the enchantment of a quarry provides a major opportunity. May 1, 2011 668
Benefitting from workgroups: sometimes the team approach Can be a better solution. Apr 1, 2011 678
Managing public opinion: the best strategy is not to shut it down, but keep it informed. Mar 1, 2011 692
Let's meet off-line: technology facilitates but rarely improves communication. Feb 1, 2011 624
Beware of bloggers: there's a difference between a reporter and blogger. Jan 1, 2011 661
The Twitter opportunity: find out what people are saying. Nov 1, 2010 656

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