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'Carnage' as litter left strewn along River Severn bank. Jun 27, 2020 360
Ha Na>>i to build new bridge over Dua>>ng River. Jun 23, 2020 414
River dredging made costly for enhanced tax burden. Jun 22, 2020 1171
Man to die by hanging in Rivers. Jun 17, 2020 217
Free-range hens 'polluting river' NEWS IN BRIEF. Jun 16, 2020 203
Floods devaste Accra again. Jun 11, 2020 747
DENR, Cagayan provincial gov't collaborate on Aparri port, Cagayan River projects. Jun 11, 2020 372
New homes proposal on River Dee's banks; ? Council believes area deserves something 'iconic'. ALASTAIR GOSSIP Jun 10, 2020 539
Proposal for housing by the River Dee. Jun 10, 2020 189
Editorial / Davao river after the rain. Editorial Jun 9, 2020 374
De-mystifying loleme la noka. Jun 9, 2020 833
EQUALITY OR BUST; 'Slaver' statue is dumpeAMY-CLARE MARTIN and DAN BLOOM d in river as the world join Black Lives Matter protests. AMY-CLARE MARTIN ; DAN BLOOM Jun 8, 2020 560
Uproot thirsty eucalyptus from river banks, says Ottichilo. Jun 7, 2020 256
Citizens hold a 'Let's save the Drina River' peaceful walk in GoraA3/4de. Jun 7, 2020 414
River hero sisters were Certainly in the right place; Pair rescue two men during exam week drama. SARAH SLATER Jun 5, 2020 572
DRY ME A RIVER.. Heat soaks up water from Deel. AILBHE DALY Jun 5, 2020 238
WUC to source from Thamalakane River. Jun 4, 2020 387
Sea pirates hijack passenger boat in Rivers. Jun 4, 2020 272
Illegal river dredging on rise in Wales. Jun 4, 2020 231
Ad agency boss killed in freak river bank plunge; Guy, 59, hit head as he tried to climb to path. PAUL DRURY Jun 4, 2020 288
Bikeway project inaugurated to connect Taipei, New Taipei along Keelung River. Jun 3, 2020 159
Manchhar lake. Imtiaz Halepoto - Jamshoro May 30, 2020 289
Abandoned boats pose risks to waterway and environment. May 29, 2020 304
Man died after mower fell in river. May 29, 2020 233
Body found in DuPage River. Robert Sanchez May 28, 2020 280
Authorities investigating whether body found in river is missing woman. Robert Sanchez May 28, 2020 280
Child drowns in Naivasha's River Malewa. May 28, 2020 357
Thika residents raise alarm over chang'aa, bad bridges as eight drown. May 27, 2020 750
Woman drowns in Ilocos river. May 24, 2020 157
Floods blamed on Uganda's policy on releasing L.Victoria water. May 22, 2020 1272
Pals help hero dad save his three girls in river rescue; Father 'extremely thankful' for assistance from group. CORMAC O'SHEA May 22, 2020 551
Over 48,000 Tana River flood victims appeal for relief. May 21, 2020 798
Thousands evacuate due to 'historic' mid-Michigan flooding. Osorio, By Carlos; Williams, Corey; Webber, Tammy May 21, 2020 1181
River bank farmers ready for inflow. May 18, 2020 438
After the deluge... rivers low as rain, rain goes away. CATHY OWEN Reporter May 18, 2020 542
Troops Kill Two Militants N Rivers, Arrest One In Delta. May 17, 2020 323
Greens complain of pollution affecting Nicosia river. Peter Michael May 16, 2020 244
Dredging of Kisumu rivers begins. May 14, 2020 614
Building dykes will not end floods - Wanjala. May 12, 2020 427
Crocodile spotted in Chobe River. May 12, 2020 257
Masinga Dam, Thambana River floods destroy Embu farms. May 11, 2020 420
Two drown after River Dawa burst banks. May 11, 2020 608
Body of 22-year-old retrieved from Meru river. May 9, 2020 300
Fish die in river after farm slurry entered stream. May 7, 2020 419
Silt from swollen rivers disrupts Thika water supply. May 6, 2020 406
Government raises red flag over rising water levels. May 4, 2020 601
COVID 19: LASWA Rolls Out Restrictions On Waterway Transportation. May 4, 2020 332
Look a Brit familiar? The stunning vineyards of Italy and waterways of Holland may be temporarily out of reach - but don't despair, we've got their equivalent and much more in our backyard waiting for us when the coronavirus lockdown is lifted. ANDREW EAMES May 3, 2020 1180
Gurnee warns of Des Plaines River flooding. Doug T. Graham Apr 30, 2020 160
Construction and Engineering Application of Salt-Discharging Model for Local Saline-Alkali Soil with Compact Structure in the Yellow River Delta. Liu, Chuanxiao; Li, Kesheng; Ma, Depeng Apr 30, 2020 4396
Analytical and Numerical Solutions of Pollution Concentration with Uniformly and Exponentially Increasing Forms of Sources. Manitcharoen, N.; Pimpunchat, B. Apr 30, 2020 4916
Fox Waterway Agency seeks clarification about 2-person boating restriction. Katie Smith Shaw Media Apr 29, 2020 394
MCAs want CS Keter grilled over Garissa flooding. Apr 29, 2020 470
Divers discover teen's body in River Tana after 3-day search. Apr 29, 2020 223
Swollen River Malewa destroys section of Thitai Bridge. Apr 27, 2020 274
Okavango Delta springs back to life. Apr 26, 2020 549
Tools To Help Conquer the Model Aquatic Health Code. Laco, Joe; Hubbard, Brian; McClenahan, Shannon Apr 23, 2020 1521
Tens of families displaced in Naivasha flooding. Apr 21, 2020 455
E.coli warning over lake, sea & river water; Deadly strain leads to kidney failure. EDEL HUGHES Apr 21, 2020 222
Enugu Nike Lake Hotel: Board Sends SOS To ECTDC As Illegal Structures On Waterway Cause Overflow. Apr 20, 2020 557
Museveni orders encroachers to vacate lakeshores, river banks. Apr 19, 2020 382
Brazil energy sector balks at Argentine plea to raise river level -sources. Reuters News Service Apr 17, 2020 323
Port seeks contractor for new waterway pilot vessel; Investment: Boat will be used to assist ships and oil rigs in Cromarty Firth. CHRIS MACLENNAN Apr 15, 2020 343
Oil Theft: Military Immobilises Illegal Refining Sites In Delta, Rivers *Seizes Products, Boats. Apr 15, 2020 744
Sam,19, saves three kids from freezing river; Teenager honoured for sea bravery. JACKIE GRANT Apr 13, 2020 549
Kwara Begins Dredging Of Asa River. Apr 13, 2020 205
COVID-19: PETAN Donates To Bayelsa, Rivers, Delta States. Apr 10, 2020 274
Bioaccumulation of Some Potentially Toxic Heavy Metals in Freshwater Fish of River Shah Alam, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Ali, Hazrat; Khan, Ezzat; Nasir, Muhammad Jamal Report Apr 7, 2020 4063
best of the big dippers; TRAVEL Great getaway ideas and travel tips you can trust at @TRAVELEDNIGEL @MirrorTravel @marjorieyue @JaneMemmler For when the world is back to normal... Here's some top places to splash about in Ireland & the UK from Lonely Planet's new book, The Joy Of Water. Apr 4, 2020 998
best of our big dippers; TRAVEL Great getaway ideas and travel tips you can trust at @TRAVELEDNIGEL @MirrorTravel @marjorieyue @JaneMemmler For when the world is back to normalHere's some top places to splash about in the British Isles from Lonely Planet's new book, The Joy Of Water. JaneMemmler Apr 4, 2020 1002
best of our big dippers; TRAVEL iFs obra cwkh eton ntohrem awlo.r.. ld with PAUL MCDAID Here's some top places to splash about in the UK & Ireland from Lonely Planet's new book, The Joy Of Water. PAUL MCDAID Apr 4, 2020 1003
famous show jumping horse saved from drowing in river. JAMES RODGER News Reporter Apr 3, 2020 518
Bid to bridge the gap for hillwalkers; Access across River Larig. KAIYA MARJORIBANKS Apr 3, 2020 344
HYDROLOGIST. Reese, Susan Apr 1, 2020 358
Review of the lampreys (Petromyzontidae) in Bosnia and Herzegovina: a current status and geographic distribution. Tutman, Pero; Buj, Ivana; Caleta, Marko; Marcic, Zoran; Hamzic, Adem; Adrovic, Avdul Apr 1, 2020 6540
Kayaking a Queensland Wilderness: Laura Waters paddles from ocean to source on the Noosa River in southeast Queensland, leaving behind a glitzy coastline for a wild environment of rolling sand dunes, mirrored waters and Australia's own Everglades. Waters, Laura Travel narrative Apr 1, 2020 1973
Evaluation of suitability of land use to area function direction in Tangka Watersheds, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Jamaluddin, Muh. Aqsa; Arsyad, Usman; Solle, Muchtar Salam Apr 1, 2020 2264
Expansion of a Banded Killifish Fundulus diaphanus Population into Benthic Nearshore Waters of Lake Michigan around Calumet Harbor. Smith, Bradley J.; Harris, Brandon S. Apr 1, 2020 4323
Distributions and Sources of Sedimentary Sterols as well as Their Indications of Sewage Contamination in the Guanting Reservoir, Beijing. Wen, Xin; Bai, Yijuan; Zhang, Shurong; Ding, Aizhong; Zheng, Lei; Li, Jian Mar 31, 2020 7540
Excitement in the air in Chobe District. Mar 30, 2020 828
Bailiffs act after angler ignores river ban; LEISURE. MICHELLE HENDERSON Mar 30, 2020 207
Dredging of rivers would destroy wildlife habitats. Mar 17, 2020 374
Family's plea to police in search for missing man; Germany: Authorities asked to dredge river Isar. EMMA CRICHTON Mar 16, 2020 439
Cold comfort; Surrounded by forest and river, a new fairy tale spa hotel is as cool as ice, says SARAH MARSHALL. SARAH MARSHALL Mar 15, 2020 774
Barber shop is back by order of Peaky Blinders; Re-opening delayed after River Severn bursts its banks in town. ROB SMITH Mar 14, 2020 411
Bakery van driver kneads rescuing as floods strike again. CATHY OWEN and JILLIAN MACMATH Mar 11, 2020 1058
Polluting Malir river. Syed Haseeb Ali Shah - Karachi Mar 10, 2020 189
Cold comfort; Surrounded by forest and river, a new fairy tale spa hotel is as cool as ice, says SARAH MARSHALL Lost on your. SARAH MARSHALL Mar 7, 2020 783
Cold comfort; Surrounded by forest and river, a new fairy tale spa hotel is as cool as ice, says SARAH MARSHALL. SARAH MARSHALL Mar 7, 2020 774
Cold comfort; Surrounded by forest and river, a new fairy tale spa hotel is as cool as ice, says SARAH MARSHALL. Mar 7, 2020 780
DON'T PUT JOY ON ICE; Surrounded by forest and river, this fairytale property is one of the most exciting openings of the year, says Sarah Marshall. Sarah Marshall Mar 7, 2020 909
Cold comfort; Surrounded by forest and river, a new fairy tale spa hotel is as cool as ice, says. SARAH MARSHALL Mar 7, 2020 783
India precipitating water war. Malik Muhammad Ashraf Mar 6, 2020 1190
Minister warns of action against those polluting Malir River. Mar 5, 2020 192
Action to be taken against those polluting the Malir River: Ghulam Murtaza. Mar 5, 2020 230
Barriers to river dredging wrong. Mar 4, 2020 325
Fox Waterway Boaters. Jim Wengerd Mar 4, 2020 221
Heartbreaking; Town tells of floods agony as teams tackle river defences. STEPHEN WHITE Mar 2, 2020 694
The Happiness Trap: The release of pharmaceuticals into rivers and lakes is having dramatic consequences for both human health and that of ecosystems. Mar 1, 2020 435
Sensors Applied for the Detection of Pesticides and Heavy Metals in Freshwaters. Xiang, Hongyong; Cai, Qinghua; Li, Yuan; Zhang, Zhenxing; Cao, Lina; Li, Kun; Yang, Haijun Mar 1, 2020 15940
In-Depth Analysis of Railway and Company Evolution of Yangtze River Delta with Deep Learning. Gui, Renzhou; Chen, Tongjie; Nie, Han Mar 1, 2020 17572
Countrywide eviction drive demolishes 5,574 structures from riverbanks. Feb 29, 2020 496
Controversial river wall goes ahead after bail-out; Council: Art project to proceed following concerns over disabled access. SUSY MACAULAY Feb 27, 2020 484
Tullahan River dredging eases Bulacan floods. Feb 27, 2020 313
Building on flood plains sheer folly; LETTERS. Feb 26, 2020 264
River Severn flooding leaves Bewdley under water as defences fail and more downpours coming; Residents were forced to evacuate from their homes last night after water from the River Severn spilled over barriers. Further flooding misery is expected across Britain, including the towns of Shrewsbury, Ironbridge and Snaith. By, Neil Murphy Feb 26, 2020 709
DENR starts Tullahan river cleanup. Feb 25, 2020 301
Demoralised - but we must never be beaten; The River Severn is on the rise again. We spoke to some of those attempting to live and work on the flooding front line. Nick humphreys reporter Feb 25, 2020 1113
Flooding risk set to continue as further rainfall expected; UNITED KINGDOM. Feb 25, 2020 525
Taking stock and clearing up, one week after the storm. DAVID OWENS Reporter Feb 24, 2020 1313
Ironbridge held its breath as river level rose. MATHEW GROWCOTT Feb 24, 2020 403
Ironbridge held its breath as the river level rose. MATHEW GROWCOTT Feb 24, 2020 405
SMC's ?1-B Tullahan river project seen to solve flooding. Feb 24, 2020 756
UK weather: Snow to hit major cities today as 'danger to life' warnings issued; The new working week is set to begin with more stormy weather after a third weekend of heavy rainfall in the wake of Storms Ciara and Dennis saw river banks burst. By, Dave Higgens & Ryan Merrifield Feb 24, 2020 830
River's bursting of its banks 'did not affect' construction of controversial civic centre. KALI LINDSAY Reporter Feb 20, 2020 326
Why this corner of the Wear will forever flow through my heart; HANNAH DAVIES has been contemplating for our campaign the very special allure of the riverside in her home town of Durham City. Feb 19, 2020 951
Hundreds of homes still at risk as rivers swell; >> UK ROUND-UP. Feb 18, 2020 310
Flooding keeps hundreds away from homes. Rogelio V. Solis and Melinda Deslatte Associated Press Feb 18, 2020 882
3rd master plan in the offing to protect rivers. Feb 17, 2020 238
The perfect little city with so much going on along the river; In the second of our series on much-loved places in the North East, HANNAH DAVIES tells of her life-long love of Durham's riverside. Feb 17, 2020 1016
Rivers rise again after consecutive stormy weekends. KATHRYN RIDDELL Reporter Feb 17, 2020 476
Parts of Cardiff submerged as the Taff breaks its banks. Feb 17, 2020 534
UK weather: 8 'danger to life' warnings as Storm Dennis batters country and three die; The Government has been internally criticised for failing to learn from floods in 2015 as Storm Dennis sees record number of flood warnings and three die over weekend. By, Ryan Merrifield Feb 17, 2020 1238
Residents in capital told to leave homes by police. Feb 17, 2020 511
DOH: Butuanon River in Cebu found positive for poliovirus. Feb 17, 2020 481
Storm Dennis: Aerial shots show scale of flood devastation in market town; The town of Crickhowell, Wales, left completely submerged after a month's worth of rain fell in the space of 48 hours causing the River Usk to burst its banks. By, Neil Murphy Feb 16, 2020 679
ROLLING on the river; SALMON FISHING River Teith Anglers join pipe band parade as season opens. KAIYA MARJORIBANKS Feb 14, 2020 589
River to be helped to go with its flow again. TONY HENDERSON @Hendrover Feb 14, 2020 626
How human activities are killing Lake Albert. Feb 14, 2020 679
Senior Fatah official: '"Palestine" is from Jordan River to Mediterranean Sea'. Feb 12, 2020 163
Rep. Weber Holds Meeting to Address Flooding Along Fox River and Chain O'Lakes. State Rep. Tom Weber Feb 12, 2020 356
Rivers burst their banks as Ciara hits North East. HANNAH GRAHAM Reporter Feb 10, 2020 460
The lovely historic bridge which has been swept away by Storm Ciara; The river is almost at an all time high. Will Hayward Feb 9, 2020 275
Seal spotted in river sparks an emergency. Feb 6, 2020 184
Letters to the editor Trees won't bring salmon back to the Dee. Letter to the editor Feb 5, 2020 256
Encroachers defy Museveni directive on vacating wetlands. Feb 4, 2020 747
Master plan taken to reduce river pollution. Feb 4, 2020 279
Wales set to forbid housebuilding in sea level rise risk zones; NEW NATIONAL STRATEGY WILL WARN AGAINST'POOR DEVELOPMENT DECISIONS'. ANDREW FORGRAVE Rural Affairs Editor Feb 3, 2020 469
Actor takes centre stage to officially launch season; RIVER DEE. Feb 3, 2020 250
Watershed Wonder: Concrete plays pivotal part in San Antonio's Confluence Park. Feb 1, 2020 1216
First report of inventory and role of macroinvertebrates and fish in Cautin river (38[degrees] S, Araucania region Chile)/Primeiro relato do inventario e papel dos macroinvertebrados e peixes no rio Cautin (39[degrees] S, regiao de Araucania Chile). Vega, R.; de los Rios, P.; Encina, F.; Norambuena, J.A.; Barile, J.; Mardones, A. Feb 1, 2020 8325
Arresting the Dee-cline; ENVIRONMENT ? One million trees to be planted in PS5.5m bid to save our salmon. KIERAN BEATTIE Jan 30, 2020 384
Namami Gange project helps rejuvenate Ganga River in Bhatpara, Halisahar. ANI Jan 24, 2020 618
RIVER TANO IS POISONOUS ... NADMO warns the public. Jan 23, 2020 675
Emerald Waterways Announces New River Ship to Debut in 2021. Jan 23, 2020 434
[INTERVIEW] Ecologist wants to call in the dam busters. Jan 22, 2020 2089
IAU names Martian valley after Zarqa River. Jan 20, 2020 140
Negros fluvial parade turns tragic as hanging bridge snaps, throwing people down to river. Jan 19, 2020 296
Jobless crush white stones along Iyeni River for meals. Jan 19, 2020 446
Dredging of river seen to give jobs to Laoag residents. Jan 17, 2020 468
River Ganga gets a makeover in Bihar through riverfront project. ANI Jan 17, 2020 470
Treatment plants to be built to check river pollution: JS told. Jan 16, 2020 179
River bursts its banks and sees road closed. EMMA MORRICE AND ZOE PHILLIPS Jan 15, 2020 501
Let's return Pasig River to its former glory. Jan 14, 2020 895
Quarantine officials under fire for polluting river with anti-ASF disinfectant. Jan 14, 2020 559
Anglers toast start of new season on River Thurso; FISHING. MICHELLE HENDERSON Jan 13, 2020 260
Unsustainable sand mining is threatening lives along the Mekong River in Cambodia. Jan 13, 2020 680
P176M allotted for 4 new passenger boats for Pasig River. Jan 13, 2020 263
Behold, The Bicycles That You Can Ride On Rivers, Lakes And Oceans. Jan 11, 2020 222
MMDA gets new boat for Pasig River Ferry System. Jan 10, 2020 467
Rescued freshwater turtles released into river. Jan 10, 2020 374
Plan sought to stop throwing of toxic chemicals into river, sea. Jan 9, 2020 194
Saudi Press: KSA Raises Level of Coordination in Vital Waterway. Jan 8, 2020 167
Drowning bid dog is pulled out of river. MARTIN FRICKER Jan 8, 2020 177
Drowning bid dog is pulled out of river. MARTIN FRICKER Jan 8, 2020 139
Would Tighter Swimming Rules at Public Beaches, Lakes and Rivers Save Lives? Jan 7, 2020 399
Search for Fox River eagles:. Jan 7, 2020 379
2019 KCPE candidate drowns in Homa Bay river. Jan 6, 2020 245
Body of Maseno University student retrieved from Moiben river. Jan 6, 2020 268
Researchers estimate the global extent of river ice cover loss. Daily News Egypt Jan 2, 2020 385
Researchers Estimate River Ice Loss On A Global Scale. Athena Chan Jan 2, 2020 427
Ex-Speck Great Things. Jan 1, 2020 1111
Possible Large-Scale Hybridization and Introgression Between Longnose Gar (Lepisosteus osseus) and Shortnose Gar (Lepisosteus platostomus) in The Fox River Drainage, Wisconsin. Lyons, John; Sipiorski, Justin T. Jan 1, 2020 4721
Predicting Streamflow and Nutrient Loadings in a Semi-Arid Mediterranean Watershed with Ephemeral Streams Using the SWAT Model. Pulighe, Giuseppe; Bonati, Guido; Colangeli, Marco; Traverso, Lorenzo; Lupia, Flavio; Altobelli, Fil Jan 1, 2020 11509
How Climate Helps Shape River Profiles. Brief article Jan 1, 2020 170
Reduction of turbidity and metal pollution from domestic wastewater (greywater) using sediment microbial fuel cell (SMFC). Sri Magfirah, H.S.; Nafie, Nursiah La; Baharuddin; Budimawan; Taba, Paulina; Demmallino, Eymal B. Report Jan 1, 2020 3556
Research into the Epipelic Diatoms of the Meric and Tunca Rivers and the Application of the Biological Diatom Index in Water Quality Assessment. Tokatli, Cem; Solak, Cuneyd Nadir; Yilmaz, Elif; Atici, Tahir; Dayioglu, Hayri Report Jan 1, 2020 4894
Toll of death and destruction. Dec 27, 2019 213
Locals pack IEPA hearing to protest dumping of wastewater into the Big Muddy River Wastewater: IEPA hearing draws interested crowd. HOLLY KEE Dec 27, 2019 210
The journey to restoring Mau Forest. Dec 27, 2019 1177
River reclamation drive rages on. Dec 25, 2019 266
Locals pack IEPA hearing to protest dumping of wastewater into the Big Muddy River Wastewater. HOLLY KEE Dec 25, 2019 809
Locals pack IEPA hearing to protest dumping of wastewater into the Big Muddy River Wastewater: Crowd turns out to be heard at IEPA hearing. HOLLY KEE Dec 24, 2019 811
More rain leaves region on alert. Dec 24, 2019 239
Eviction drive begins. Dec 24, 2019 357
Godstone landslip blocking services between Redhill and Edenbridge 'still getting worse'; It is believed the damage was caused by a local river bursting its banks. Jamie Phillips Dec 24, 2019 450
Locals pack IEPA hearing to protest dumping of wastewater into the Big Muddy River Wastewater. HOLLY KEE Dec 20, 2019 810
Economy vs. ecology Locals pack IEPA hearing to protest dumping of wastewater into the Big Muddy River River. HOLLY KEE Dec 20, 2019 810
Economy vs. ecology Locals pack IEPA hearing to protest dumping of wastewater into the Big Muddy River. HOLLY KEE Dec 20, 2019 810
Worry over new homes on eroding riverbank. laura clements Reporter Dec 19, 2019 489
Concern over new homes on eroding Valleys riverbank. LAURA CLEMENTS Reporter Dec 19, 2019 485
Land grabbers encroach upon Sowan River bed in Sihala. Dec 19, 2019 248
Farmer's land is 'still a lake' five weeks after river burst its banks. Dec 19, 2019 135
Land grabbers encroach upon Sowan River bed in Sihala. Dec 19, 2019 609
Land grabbers encroach upon Sowan River bed in Sihala. Dec 18, 2019 567
Crisis-hit Isiolo villagers marooned by river torrents. Dec 17, 2019 325
Red River Bank strengthens Southwest Louisiana banking team. Dec 16, 2019 171
Red River Bank strengthens Southwest Louisiana banking team. Dec 16, 2019 169
Woman jumps into swollen river over Sh9,000 sacco loan. Dec 14, 2019 217
Animals suffer as river bursts banks. Dec 13, 2019 261
Flood heroes River Ken burst its banks; Dumfries duo play key part in dramatic rescue of mother, baby and OAP from cars left submerged after river bursts its banks. STEPHEN NORRIS Dec 13, 2019 566
Environmentalists Mull Legal Suit Against FG Over Soot In Rivers. Dec 12, 2019 842
DENR orders Pasig River cleared of idle barges. Dec 11, 2019 418
Missing child's shoe found near swollen river. Dec 11, 2019 139
Ghost of floods: Burial of man who drowned delayed after swollen river cuts off road. Dec 10, 2019 200
Residents ask govt to build barriers to control floods. Dec 10, 2019 647
State to build dykes on River Nyando to stem floods. Dec 9, 2019 456
A river runs through it: How Scottish waterways shaped our way of life; Honest Truth From sea to shining sea, Scotland has some of the best coastlines in the world. And as we prepare to celebrate the Year of Coasts and Waters 2020, VisitScotland's Chelsea Charles explains why water is the lifeblood of our country and how it helped shape our culture. Dec 8, 2019 621
Flooded River Athi displaces families in Thika. Dec 6, 2019 670
DENR to focus on San Juan river cleanup in January 2020. Dec 5, 2019 320
Allan Lilly: Soil erosion is a serious global issue affecting our ability to feed the world. Dec 5, 2019 751
Dredging rivers is a solution to flooding; Letters. Dec 5, 2019 211
rivers of gold; PS80k nugget found in Scotland sure beats a shopping trolley. JEREMY ARMSTRONG Dec 4, 2019 255
Asda fined PS7,500 after red diesel pollutes river. SHAUNA CORR Dec 4, 2019 159
Busy chang'aa distiller swept away by swollen river in Nandi. Dec 4, 2019 256
West Nile cut off as River Nile floods. Dec 4, 2019 620
Seven-year-old girl rescued after two days trapped on River Athi island. Dec 3, 2019 333
Save our lives, plead desperate villagers on Athi River island. Dec 2, 2019 559
Residents cry foul over Busia's polluted rivers. Dec 2, 2019 657
The River Battles: Canadian's Final Campaign in World Ward II Italy. Zuehlke, Mark Dec 1, 2019 1881
Advance of research on the numerical simulation of sediment transport in the Yellow River estuary/Avance de la investigacion sobre la simulacion numerica del transporte de sedimentos en el estuario del rio Amarillo. Jian, Jinfeng; Chen, Huanzhen Dec 1, 2019 3774
Body of varsity student who drowned in River Sagana found. Nov 29, 2019 264
Thange River environs 'still tainted by oil spill'. Nov 29, 2019 407
Wind River Expands Ecosystem Collaboration on 5G Distributed Edge Solution. Nov 29, 2019 305
Wind River Expands Ecosystem Collaboration on 5G Distributed Edge Solution. Nov 29, 2019 305
Karnataka: Fishermen struggling as waste disposal destroys aquatic life. ANI Nov 28, 2019 281
'Namami Gange' pavilion in Sonepur Mela educating masses on river cleanliness. ANI Nov 27, 2019 365
Residents asked to move as Masinga Dam nears overflow. Nov 27, 2019 469
Rough Cuts / Who's causing river siltation? Nov 21, 2019 787
Dredging rivers is a great suggestion. Nov 21, 2019 213
Another body recovered from Nairobi River. Nov 20, 2019 332
Quarrying threat to river system, says group. Nov 19, 2019 886
17 year old drowns in Lotsane River pools. Nov 19, 2019 252
Braga bats for protection of rivers. Nov 16, 2019 419
Toorsa River Dredging Contractors Appeal To MoAF Minister. Nov 16, 2019 755
Call for residents' help to tackle flood threat. ZOE PHILLIPS Nov 15, 2019 372
Govt to install CCTV cameras at major river ports. Nov 15, 2019 253
Duterte orders abolition of Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission. Nov 14, 2019 283
ALX Uranium Corp. Receives Results of 2019 Drilling Program at Close Lake Uranium Project in the Athabasca Basin. Nov 14, 2019 1870
Turkana flood victims appeal for state help. Nov 13, 2019 394
Government under fire over response to floods; Corbyn and Swinson on the attack as they visit affected areas. JOE GAMMIE AND JESS GLASS Nov 13, 2019 438
Ayodhya: Hundreds of devotees took early morning dip in Sarayu river on Kartik Purnima. ANI Nov 12, 2019 133
Ayodhya: Devotees take early morning dip in Sarayu river on Kartik Purnima. ANI Nov 12, 2019 132
TN: Vaigai river in Madurai swells. ANI Nov 11, 2019 268
First after SC's verdict, priests perform evening aarti on bank of Sarayu river in Ayodhya. ANI Nov 9, 2019 243
UK weather: Entire village told to evacuate as record flooding inundates homes; About 700 people in Fishlake, north of Doncaster, in South Yorkshire were told to get out of their homes after the River Don burst its banks and peaked at a record 21ft. By, Chris Kitching & Ashley Pemberton & Dominica Sanda Nov 9, 2019 1309
Hero teacher and teenage son save 20 people from horror floods using rubber dinghy; EXCLUSIVE: Mark Ibbertson and his teenage son Logan donned wetsuits to rescue babies and the elderly from danger after the River Don burst its banks near Doncaster. By, Kelly Jenkins Nov 9, 2019 391
Toorsa River dredging contractors appeal to MoAF minister. Nov 9, 2019 759
Pub left at risk by burst river banks. Nov 8, 2019 268
Cross-province interventions to tackle Vaal Dam sewer spills. Nov 8, 2019 650
Major flooding in parts of UK as torrential rain causes rivers to burst their banks; More than 100 flood warnings are in place. Neil Shaw Nov 8, 2019 1152
Major flooding in parts of UK as torrential rain causes rivers to burst their banks; More than 100 flood warnings are in place. Neil Shaw Nov 8, 2019 1152
Major flooding in parts of UK as torrential rain causes rivers to burst their banks; More than 100 flood warnings are in place. Neil Shaw Nov 8, 2019 1152
Major flooding in parts of UK as torrential rain causes rivers to burst their banks; More than 100 flood warnings are in place. Neil Shaw Nov 8, 2019 1152
Flooding as torrential rain causes rivers to burst their banks; More than 100 flood warnings are in place. Neil Shaw Nov 8, 2019 1152
Major flooding in parts of UK as torrential rain causes rivers to burst their banks; More than 100 flood warnings are in place. Neil Shaw Nov 8, 2019 1152
This Interceptor can remove 100 tonnes of rubbish from the Klang River per day (VIDEO). Nov 8, 2019 478
Delhi Pollution leads to formation of foam on river Yamuna. ANI Nov 7, 2019 369
Park Ridge man honored for his service to waterways. Nov 7, 2019 477
Journey across swollen Athi River in a small inflatable boat. Nov 6, 2019 1026
Fears lake work will bring floods. SUE AUSTIN Nov 6, 2019 458
Flood: FG Puts Edo, Delta, Rivers, 2 Others On Red Alert. Nov 5, 2019 537
Mahlobo: Cooperation vital in solving Vaal River pollution. Nov 5, 2019 395
Researchers get to bottom of log boat river bed find. ELAINE KEOGH Nov 4, 2019 228
Alternative for dams and Water Supply Expansion-PART-I. Nusrat Bibi Nov 2, 2019 1071
The diet of predatory fish in drinking water reservoirs--how can they contribute to biomanipulation efforts? Adamek, Zdenek; Mikl, Libor; Slapansky, Ludek; Jurajda, Pavel; Halacka, Karel Nov 1, 2019 7485
Agos River: Where life flows for the Dumagat people. Oct 29, 2019 382
THE BLOB; Bizarre swelling formation spotted on Anglesey river. Oct 29, 2019 189
widespread flooding as rivers burst banks. Oct 29, 2019 191
Hasten de-silting of rivers to prevent flooding, MP Wanjala urges. Oct 28, 2019 273
Whitby patrollers seize salmon poacher's illegal nets on River Esk; Anyone discovered committing illegal fishing offences could face a substantial fine in court. Samuel Jones Oct 28, 2019 232
UK weather forecast: More than 120 flood alerts with rivers set to burst banks; The Environment Agency has predicted torrential flooding across England, issuing 226 flood warnings and alerts. By, Matthew Dresch Oct 28, 2019 640
Floating bridge linking Euphrates River two banks in Deir Ezzor opened. ghossoun Oct 28, 2019 239
Busia won't evacuate families in flood-prone areas. Oct 25, 2019 332
Flooding from warm springs leading to 'drastic' change in Europe's landscape. Oct 25, 2019 452
PIANC membership set to make splash in waterways. Oct 24, 2019 550
Bishkek local council concerned over uncontrolled construction along rivers. Oct 24, 2019 166
River Transport News Publisher Addresses Issues Facing River Barge Industry. FreightWaves Oct 23, 2019 883
Scores displaced after Thiba River in Kirinyaga bursts banks. Oct 22, 2019 203
PS2.4m winter works for our waterways. Report by Dayna Farrington Oct 21, 2019 405
Taiwanese Opera in former military waterway. Oct 20, 2019 305
Floods kill three, thousands displaced, animals swept away in Turkana. Oct 20, 2019 699
Castle dominated growing river port for three centuries. STEPHEN GUY journeys into Liverpool's maritime past Oct 20, 2019 466
Over 10 families displaced after Malaba river bank bursts. Oct 20, 2019 368
Park Ridge Man's Efforts to Educate Kids About Chicaqo River Honored. Andrew Herrmann Oct 19, 2019 516
Lamu residents hit by flooding as River Lagwarera bursts its banks. Oct 18, 2019 557
Four drown, trapped in pick-up while crossing swollen Kitui river. Oct 17, 2019 289
Workers unite to help bag up river rubbish. Oct 17, 2019 185
Mongolia, Russia discuss impacts of Mongolian hydropower projects on Lake Baikal. Oct 17, 2019 422
Recovery of river. Oct 16, 2019 103
Salmon catches stayed steady despite drought; Environment: River review figures continue trend of stability. KIERAN BEATTIE Oct 15, 2019 392
Canopy Rivers portfolio company receives Health Canada license amendment. Oct 15, 2019 109

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