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River of Promise, River of Peril: The Politics of Managing the Missouri River.

John E. Thorson, Lawrence, KS: University Press of Kansas. 1994. 282 pp. $29.95 Clothbound.

John E. Thorson, using River of Promise, River of Peril, takes the reader on a fact-filled journey through the history of the Missouri River basin. This work provides a number-intensive look at how and why the Missouri River basin became one of the most significantly altered drainage systems in the United States. Beginning with the creation of the Missouri River basin to the present basin management practices the author provides the reader with an analysis of the effects of several programs, including the Pick-Sloan Plan, the nationalization of the Missouri River, and the traditional and modem patterns of Federalism in river management. The author finishes by suggesting a management policy based on environmental concerns, a strong state presence, and full communication and participation by the Missouri River basin's tribal governments. River of Promise, River of Peril is a well-researched and helpful guide, providing extensive appendices and a complete bibliography.
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Publication:Environmental Law
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Mar 22, 1995
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