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River beneath Amazon.

Brazilian scientists have discovered an underground river some 4,000 feet below the ground level. It flows west to east like world famous Amazon.

Brazil's National Observatory has named the underground river 'Hamza' and said it is one of two draining systems for the large rainforest region in the middle of the continent of Latin America.

A team of scientists came to this conclusion after studying 241 wells drilled by the oil giant Petrobras in the region. The study reveals that though the two rivers flow over a similar path they have differences. The underground river flows at a far slower pace and also outflows into the ocean at a big depth.

Scientists believe 'It is likely that Hamza is responsible for low salinity in the waters around the mouth of the Amazon'.

This news gives birth to questions about water found in area hosting coal reservoir in Thar, or as it an older version of the Indus which now flows about 50-70 miles west.

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Date:Sep 15, 2011
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