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River Road walkway nixed.

Further erosion to the slope of the Grand River in Newport has meant that a public walkway along a closed portion of River Road is now out of the question.

The area was inspected by LVM on May 8 for a report to council on the feasibility of using road for public recreational uses, but in July the county was told that even more erosion had taken place in the interim.

Matthew D'Hondt, Solid Waste/Wastewater Operations Manager and Lee Robinson, Manager of Infrastructure Services reported the situation to the Public Works Committee this month.

LVM re-inspected the slope in August and in September recommended that a walkway be limited to the paved shoulder of existing country roads in the area. The report noted that a safe walkway would need to be located 35 metres south of the centre line of the closed portion of River Road.

Newport residents had asked the county to investigate a public walkway connecting Newport and Fawcett roads along River Road. The road was permanently closed in 2009 when large cracks emerged on the steep slope beside the Grand River and a few properties were abandoned.

A public information report with the new findings will be held some time this winter. An ongoing Municipal Class Environmental Assessment will now recommend shelving the proposal, Robinson said.
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Publication:Paris Chronicle (Paris, Canada)
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Date:Nov 23, 2012
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