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Rive Debuts Fashion-Forward Designer Bottles That Are Functional and Eco-Friendly.

Consumer Concern over BPA Fuels Design of a Safe Alternative to Plastic and Metal Water Bottles

CHICAGO, Aug. 10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Rive, a design-driven producer of reusable glass water bottles, understands the consumer concern for a water bottle that offers a safe, stylish alternative to chemical-leaching plastic and taste-changing metal bottles. Rive unveiled its eco-chic glass water bottle at the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago in March 2011.

"Our designs are trend-driven, and many are limited edition, such as our new Pink Plaid Savoy bottle," said Rive CEO Jillian Craig. "These attributes set us apart, in addition to Rive's unique hourglass shape and dual-function cap."

Designed to address the need for portable water in a fashionable way, Rive's product line consists of two different collections: The Elan and the Savoy Designer Series. All are acid-etched, which gives them a frosted look much like premium vodka bottles. View the bottle designs at

The Elan

The Elan, with its hourglass and ergonomic shape, is available in six bold colors and holds 12 ounces of liquid.

Savoy Designer Series

The Savoy, adorned with limited-edition art, comes in eight designs, such as Modern Prague, Dandelion Seeds, Pink Plaid, and Bamboo Forest. The Savoy holds 16 ounces of liquid.

"Rive offers the ability to show off your personal style with vibrant colors and bold designs," said Craig. "We're constantly developing new ideas and designs, and we want to give people the opportunity to help us create the next great Rive product innovation."

Unique in its functionality, the patented Rive drink cap is a dual action system and is made from FDA-approved food grade, non-toxic ABS (acrylonitrile, butadiene, and styrene) and BPA (Bisphenol A)-free plastic. Unlike threaded caps, the bottle has a top piece that functions independently from the bottom, so the cap only needs to be tightened when it is refilled-not for each sip. The drink cap opening allows controllable flow.

Other distinctive aspects are an anti-tip feature that protects the edge of the bottle if tipped over, a non-slip bottom sleeve made of 98% food grade silicone, and all non-lead and organic enamels that are used to create Rive's unique bottle art.

Plastic/polycarbonate bottles still have the dominant share of the reusable water bottle market, but consumer concern over BPA has fueled the production of water bottles from other materials, such as glass. Glass is the only packaging material recognized as safe by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

"Americans have become more health conscious, so the use of reusable water bottles has increased," said Rive CEO Jillian Craig. "Consumers are becoming worried about the possible detrimental health effects of drinking water from disposable bottles. Rive presents consumers with a stylish and smart alternative."

Rive glass water bottles can be now purchased at specialty and online retailers, such as and Learn more at

About Rive

Founded in 2008, Rive is a design-driven producer of safe, sustainable, and stylish hydration solutions. Recognizing the need for a sophisticated alternative to plastic and canteen-style bottles, Rive is revolutionizing the idea of hydration with fashion-forward reusable water bottles that blend the safety and purity of glass with functional form. Inspired by sustainability and personal wellness, the Rive concept reinvents the water bottle market through thoughtful design, safe materials, and personalization. Learn more about Rive by visiting

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Date:Aug 10, 2011
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