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Rival Pro-Western, Pro-Russian Rallies Taking Place in Downtown Sofia.

Rival pro-Western and pro-Russian protests were held in the centre of the Bulgarian capital on Saturday.

Pro-Western sympathisers were first to stage their rally in support of Bulgariaas membership to the EU and NATO and against the so-called aFifth Columna of Russia in Bulgaria.

Tens of people gathered in front of the building of the presidency, waving Ukrainian flags and expressing their support for Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev.

Shortly thereafter, counter-protesters arrived, calling for Bulgaria to leave NATO and seek improvement of relations with Russia.

The pro-Russian sympathisers were first to leave as they did not have a permission to stage a protest, private bTV station informs.

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Publication:Sofia News Agency
Geographic Code:4EXBU
Date:Jun 11, 2016
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