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Fall reduction and injury prevention toolkit: Implementation on two medical-surgical units. Ambutas, Shirley; Lamb, Karen V.; Quigley, Patricia Report May 1, 2017 4189
Abstracts from the current literature. Solomon, Ruth; Solomon, John Report Apr 1, 2017 1605
Potential predictors of injury among pre-professional ballet and contemporary dancers. Yau, Rebecca K.; Golightly, Yvonne M.; Richardson, David B.; Runfola, Cristin D.; Waller, Anna E.; M Report Apr 1, 2017 9029
A case series of diaphragmatic injuries in our institute. Lingam, Sankar; Sabrena; Franklin, Alex; Kailasam, Sathish; Vaithiswaran, Arikrishnan Report Jun 27, 2016 2696
Entry related injuries and port site hernias in laparoscopic procedures: a review of 100 cases. Muthammal, Ramula; Joseph, Joyce Prabhakar Report Apr 28, 2016 1734
Lower extremity injury patterns in elite ballet dancers: ultrasound/mri imaging features and an institutional overview of therapeutic ultrasound guided percutaneous interventions. Rehmani, R.; Endo, Y.; Bauman, P.; Hamilton, W.; Potter, H.; Adler, R. Report Apr 1, 2016 289
Influence of microbiome species in hard-to-heal wounds on disease severity and treatment duration. Chudobova, Dagmar; Cihalova, Kristyna; Guran, Roman; Dostalova, Simona; Smerkova, Kristyna; Vesely, Report Nov 1, 2015 5735
Recognizing pressure injury in the darkly pigmented skin type. Steven, Mary; Struble, Laura; Larson, Janet L. Case study Sep 1, 2015 5259
Visual outcome following surgery of traumatic cataract. Rao, I.S.V.S. Prasad Report Apr 20, 2015 1323
Injury severity in relation to seatbelt use. Abu-Zidan, Fikri M. Letter to the editor Jan 1, 2015 626
Community-based falls prevention lessons from an interprofessional mobility clinic. Bauman, Craig A.; Milligan, James D.; Patel, Tejal; Pritchard, Sarah; Labreche, Tammy; Dillon-Martin Report Jul 1, 2014 6145
Tricycle injuries. Report Jul 1, 2014 162
Assessment of pattern of injuries to vital organs in culpable homicide: a series of 200 cases. Mittal, Shilekh; Dang, Ramandeep Singh; Sharma, Rajeev; Kaur, Ravinder Report Apr 14, 2014 1974
A comparison of two case-crossover methods for studying the dose-response relationship between alcohol and injury. Bond, Jason; Cherpitel, Cheryl J.; Ye, Yu; Chou, S. Patricia; Chun, Sungsoo; Sovinova, Hana; Gmel, G Mar 22, 2014 6060
Road traffic crashes in South Africa: the burden of injury to a regional trauma centre. Report Nov 1, 2013 2284
Extreme conditioning programs and injury risk in a US Army brigade combat team. Grier, Tyson; Canham-Chervak, Michelle; McNulty, Vancil; Jones, Bruce H. Report Oct 1, 2013 9068
Injury in professional Irish dancers. Cahalan, Roisin; O'Sullivan, Kieran Report Oct 1, 2013 6749
Performance on the star excursion balance test predicts functional turnout angle in pre-pubescent female dancers. Filipa, Alyson R.; Smith, Teresa R.; Paterno, Mark V.; Ford, Kevin R.; Hewett, Timothy E. Report Oct 1, 2013 3430
Med Probl Perform Art.: Dance floors as injury risk: analysis and evaluation of acute injuries caused by dance floors in professional dance with regard to preventative aspects. Wanke, E.M.; Mill, H.; Wanke, A.; Davenport, J.; Koch, F.; Groneberg, D.A. Report Oct 1, 2013 226
Injuries in patients with epilepsy and some factors associated with injury/epilepsili hastalarda yaralanmalar ve iliskili bazi faktorler. Mollaoglu, Mukadder; Bolayir, Ertugrul Report Sep 1, 2013 3514
Focus on: the burden of alcohol use--trauma and emergency outcomes. Cherpitel, Cheryl J. Jun 22, 2013 4336
Victims of military sexual trauma--you see them, too: sexual assault while serving in the military is not uncommon, and the effects linger long after veterans are home--and seeing civilian physicians like you. Baltrushes, Nicole; Karnik, Niranjan S. Report Mar 1, 2013 3264
Prevalence and risk factors for perineal lacerations during vaginal delivery. Brief article Nov 1, 2012 219
Robotic surgery led to injury. Pinzon, Pablo Letter to the editor Oct 1, 2012 340
Headphones and pedestrians--a risk to consider? Lichenstein, Richard May 1, 2012 654
A delayed traumatic right diaphragmatic hernia with hepatothorax. Ebrahimi, Gati; Bloemers, Frank W. Case study Jan 1, 2012 862
Patients should be screened for Hepatitis B,C and HIV diseases before surgery - Dr. Saadiya Aziz Karim. Nov 14, 2011 430
'Well the doctors should check the side-effects shouldn't they?' A case of nitrofurantoin-induced liver injury. Macdougall, Louise; Armitage, Kate; Thomson, Richard; Stirling, Robert Case study Sep 1, 2011 1465
Does the use of multiple maneuvers in the management of shoulder dystocia increase the risk of neonatal injury? Gherman, Robert B. Report Aug 1, 2011 955
Let grandparents do the driving. Brief article Jul 1, 2011 142
Restraint use and seating position among children in motor vehicles in Bloemfontein. Hallbauer, U.M.; Joubert, G.; Ahmed, S.F.; Brett, S.; Dawadi, P.R.; Kruger, J. Jul 1, 2011 3725
Childhood motorcycle-related injuries in a Nigerian city--prevalence, spectrum and strategies for control. Nasir, Abdulrasheed A.; Bello, Jibrin O.; Ofoegbu, Chima K.P.; Abdur-Rahman, Lukman O.; Yakub, Sahee Jul 1, 2011 1831
The angle is everything. Brief article Jul 1, 2011 261
Marine Corps Breacher training study: auditory and vestibular findings. Onge, Paul St.; McIlwain, David S.; Hill, Melinda E.; Walilko, Timothy J.; Bardolf, Lynette B. Report Jul 1, 2011 7002
Subconjunctival haemorrhage: its frequency and clinical features/ Subkonjonktival hemoraji: sikligi ve klinik ozellikleri. Timucin, Ozgur Bulent; Yilmaz, Orhan; Karadag, Mehmet Fatih; Asker, Muntecep; Asker, Selvi; Aslanci, Report Jun 1, 2011 2101
No single path to addressing trauma. Roes, Nicholas A. Nov 1, 2010 968
Obesity and injuries. Brief article Nov 1, 2010 176
Traumatic injury in teens ups psychiatric diagnosis. McNamara, Damian Clinical report Jan 1, 2010 460
Gun ownership does not deter injury. Report Dec 1, 2009 180
Regional anaesthesia and analgesia on the front line. Scott, D.M. Case study Nov 1, 2009 2318
Peroneal nerve injury with foot drop complicating ankle sprain: a series of four cases with review of the literature. Brief, James M.; Brief, Rochelle; Ergas, Enrique; Brief, Paul; Brief, Andrew A. Report Oct 1, 2009 2572
Increased risk for patient safety incidents in hospitalized older adults. Thornlow, Deirdre K. Report Sep 1, 2009 3769
I recently suffered a minor fall and have been considering using a medical alert system in case I fall again. Can you advise me what to look for? Brief article Aug 1, 2009 154
Health care services and sickness profile in the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon. Korzeniewski, Krzysztof Report Apr 1, 2009 4896
Technique can classify lesions during colonoscopy. London, Susan Report Mar 15, 2009 465
Risk of injury associated with the use of seat belts and air bags in motor vehicle crashes. Cummins, Justin S.; Koval, Kenneth J.; Cantu, Robert V.; Spratt, Kevin F. Clinical report Dec 1, 2008 6290
Injury control in childhood: family's attitude and safety counseling/ Cocukluk caginda yaralanma kontrolu: ailenin davranisi ve guvenlik danismanligi. Inanc, Dicle Celik; Baysal, Serpil Ugur; Cetin, Zeynep; Cosgun, Latife; Taviloglu, Korhan; Unuvar, E Report Dec 1, 2008 4426
Assessing turnout in university dancers. Welsh, Thomas M.; Rodriguez, Mariola; Beare, Laura W.; Barton, Blythe; Judge, Tyressa Report Oct 1, 2008 4160
Reliability and validity of goniometric turnout measurements compared with MRI and retro-reflective markers. Grossman, Gayanne; Waninger, Kevin N.; Voloshin, Arkady; Reinus, William R.; Ross, Rachael; Stoltzfu Oct 1, 2008 8019
Road traffic injury: prioritising interventions. Matzopoulos, Richard; Myers, Jonny E.; Jobanputra, Rahul Sep 1, 2008 3262
Reducing the burden of injury: an intersectoral preventive approach is needed. Matzopoulos, R.; Myers, J.E.; Butchart, A.; Corrigall, J.; Peden, M.; Naledi, T. Sep 1, 2008 1852
Fatal road traffic accidents in the Mthatha area of South Africa, 1993-2004. Meel, B.L. Sep 1, 2008 2269
Road traffic carnage in the Cape. Sep 1, 2008 390
Isolated dorsal scapular neuropathy associated with repetitive minor trauma: a case report/Tekrarlayan minor travmalarla iliskili izole dorsal skapuler noropati: olgu sunumu. Kaplan, Yuksel; Kurt, Semiha; Karaer, Hatice Case study Sep 1, 2008 998
An intercollegiate comparison of prevalence of injuries among students during technique class from five chiropractic colleges throughout the world: a preliminary retrospective study. Kuehnel, Erika; Beatty, Anne; Gleberzon, Brian Report Jul 1, 2008 3352
National Emergency Medical Services Week--May 18-24, 2008. Brief article May 16, 2008 271
Sentinel event alert. May 1, 2008 470
Breast MRI in nonpalpable breast lesions: a randomized trial with diagnostic and therapeutic outcome--MONET-study. Murray, Nick Mar 1, 2008 374
110 percent. Bone, Brian Jan 1, 2008 1403
Proteomic approaches for studying alcoholism and alcohol-induced organ damage. Hiller-Sturmhofel, Susanne; Sobin, Josip; Mayfield, Dayne Jan 1, 2008 8862
Br J Sports Med.: Type of acute hamstring strain affects flexibility, strength and time to return to pre-injury level. Askling, C.; Saartok, T.; Thorstensson, A. Brief article Oct 1, 2007 227
Med Probl Perform Art.: Work and injuries in dancers: survey of a professional dance company in Brazil. Scialom, M.; Goncalves, A.; Padovani, C.R. Brief article Oct 1, 2007 137
Mathletes excluded. Napoli, Denise Brief article Sep 1, 2007 114
Overcrowded hospitals riskier? Anderson, Jane Brief article Jun 1, 2007 181
Prevalence of musculoskeletal injuries among adolescent squash players in the Western Cape. Meyer, L.; van Niekerk, L.; Prinsloo, E.; Steenkamp, M.; Louw, Q. Survey Apr 1, 2007 4196
Seizures and teens: maximizing health and safety. Sundstrom, Diane Apr 1, 2007 2561
Posttrauma mortality rates triple among octogenarians. Ault, Alicia Brief article Feb 15, 2007 290
The even-number guide and imaging ballistic injuries. Folio, Les; McHugh, Catherine; Hoffman, Matthew J. Jan 1, 2007 2942
Specificity, sensitivity, and predictive values of clinical tests of the sacroiliac joint: a systematic review of the literature. Stuber, Kent Jason Report Jan 1, 2007 5111
Geometry may explain racial differences in fracture rates. Wachter, Kerri Dec 1, 2006 557
The harder the stunt, the harder they may fall. Tanzola, Melinda Nov 1, 2006 663
Apophysitis is a common overuse injury in young athletes. Tanzola, Melinda Sep 1, 2006 653
Defibrillator stems rare sports injury. McNamara, Damian Aug 1, 2006 460
Med Probl Perf Artists: Does prior training affect risk of injury in university dance programs? Weigert, B.J. Reprint Jul 1, 2006 253
Children with epilepsy at risk for bad fractures. Mahoney, Diana Brief article Apr 1, 2006 255
Fractures in childhood may be marker for osteoporosis later. Wachter, Kerri Jan 1, 2006 468
Storm alert. Wilkoff, William G. Jan 1, 2006 629
Insurance denials might deter alcohol screening. Schneider, Mary Ellen Dec 15, 2005 608
Injured children fare best at pediatric trauma centers. MacNeil, Jane Salodof Nov 1, 2005 639
Exposure to seawater proves deadly. Brief Article Oct 22, 2005 213
Osteoarthritis; Prevention. Mar 16, 2005 617
Gender, age, and professional-level differences in the psychological correlates of fear of injury in Italian gymnasts. Cartoni, Anna Claudia; Minganti, Carlo; Zelli, Arnaldo Mar 1, 2005 4974
Fall-related injuries during the holiday season--United States, 2000-2003. Stevens, J.A.; Vajani, M. Dec 10, 2004 1888
Medical Problems of Performing Artists: "Designing Research-Based Interventions for the Prevention of Injury in Dance.". Noh, Y.-E.; Morris, T. Reprint Oct 1, 2004 179
Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation: "Sports and Performing Arts Medicine. 6. Issues Relating to Dancers.". Toledo, S.D.; Akuthota, V.; Drake, D.F.; Nadler, S.F.; Chou, L.H. Reprint Jul 1, 2004 170
CPSC denies bicycle handlebar petition. Jul 1, 2003 377
Are new playground designs taking the fun out? Jul 1, 2003 584
ATV deaths and injuries continue to outpace safety efforts. Jul 1, 2003 389
Commission sets ATV hearing in West Virginia June 5. Apr 1, 2003 569
Female drug users and trauma. (Clinical Capsules). Splete, Heidi Brief Article Mar 1, 2003 155
Brain Injury Association report fails to make Markey's case. Feb 1, 2003 443
Health and fitness for life. Martin, Suzanne Feb 1, 2003 813
Performing artists may face debilitating injury. (Repetitive Stress). Brief Article Feb 1, 2002 292
Squat safety. (Training Tips)(Cover Story). Chandler, Jeff; Kibler, Ben; McMillan, Jim; Richards, David Nov 1, 2001 1411
Ligamentous Laxity Not a Barrier to Sports Participation. JANCIN, BRUCE May 15, 2001 373
Lack of Sleep, Daytime Naps Raise Risk of Injuries. WALD, ADRIENNE Brief Article Apr 15, 2001 258
Leg Strength Puts Knees on a Strong Footing. GOLDMAN, ERIK L. Jun 1, 1999 333
Hip fracture risks go beyond bone loss. Raloff, Janet Brief Article Jul 27, 1996 404
Behaviors related to unintentional and intentional injuries among high school students - United States, 1991. Oct 16, 1992 1712

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