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Study on the correlation between Left Ventricular Hypertrophy and Coronary Artery disease in the very elderly patients with hypertension. Jian-hua Sun, Xiao-kun Liu, Qi Zhang and Qing-hua Zhang Oct 22, 2021 2154
Low-dose aspirin tied to lower dementia risk amid cardiovascular disease. Kling, Jim Clinical report Sep 1, 2021 512
Comparison of social support, depression and anger in diabetic and cardiac patients. Sadiq, Farwa; Kazmi, Umm E Rubab Report Jul 6, 2021 1849
When a man cannot get it up. Jun 25, 2021 319
Cadmium Exposure and Coronary Artery Atherosclerosis: A Cross-Sectional Population-Based Study of Swedish Middle-Aged Adults. Barregard, Lars; Sallsten, Gerd; Harari, Florencia; Andersson, Eva M.; Forsgard, Niklas; Hjelmgreti, Report Jun 1, 2021 10453
Dairy milk may lower cholesterol and reduce coronary heart disease risk. May 31, 2021 336
Cross River health commissioner recommends regular BP check against hypertension. May 17, 2021 279
Frequency, intensity and duration of routine rehabilitation exercises practiced by patients with coronary artery disease. Mubashar, Dania; Fatima, Arooj Report May 5, 2021 2206
Mobile Health Augmented Cardiac Rehabilitation (MCard) in Post-Acute Coronary Syndrome Patients: A randomised controlled trial protocol. Aliya Hisam, Zia Ul Haq, Zohaib Khan, Patrick Doherty and Jill Pell May 1, 2021 3512
Ultraprocessed 'healthy' foods raise cardiovascular disease events risk. Zoler, Mitchel L. Apr 1, 2021 793
Ultraprocessed 'healthy' foods pose risks to heart health. Zoler, Mitchel L. Apr 1, 2021 835
Population-Based Study of the Clinical Characteristics and Risk Factors of ischemic Colitis. Wu, Xiaxia; Bao, Zhijun Report Apr 1, 2021 4243
Population-Based Study of the Clinical Characteristics and Risk Factors of Ischemic Colitis. Wu, Xiaxia; Bao, Zhijun Report Apr 1, 2021 4498
Intensive Care Unit Admission Predictors of Geriatric Patients Who Underwent Hemiarthroplasty due to Hip Fracture. Miniksar, Okkes Hakan; Kacmaz, Osman; Yuksek, Ahmet; Aydin, Ahmet; Oz, Hakan Apr 1, 2021 4672
A prospective observational study of preoperative natriuretic peptide testing in adult non-cardiac surgical patients in hospitals in Western Cape Province, South Africa. Alphonsus, C.S.; Jagga, M.; Crowther, M.; Coetzee, E.; Davies, G.; Fullerton, Z.; van Zyl, H.A.; Ree Report Apr 1, 2021 3780
Cutting Red Meat Intake May Lower Men's Heart Disease Risk. Feb 24, 2021 207
Assessment of risk factor profile in young patients undergoing elective coronary artery bypass grafting surgery in Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology/National Institute of Heart Disease, a tertiary care cardiac facility. Iqbal, Mishal; Iqbal, Mehak; Iqbal, Muhammad Afsheen; Pervaiz, Farrah; Jamil, Hamza; Inam, Syed Hash Report Jan 19, 2021 2247
Role of Plasma Soluble Lectin-Like Oxidized Low-Density Lipoprotein Receptor-1 and microRNA-98 in Severity and Risk of Coronary Artery Disease. Sheikh, Md Sayed Ali Report Jan 1, 2021 5705
Clinical characteristics of patients undergoing coronary artery bypass surgery: Focus on gender differences. Ozen, Gulsev; Aljesri, Khadija; Kizar, Oznur; Topal, Gokce; Turkyilmaz, Gulsum; Turkyilmaz, Saygin Dec 1, 2020 4347
Clinical characteristics of patients undergoing coronary artery bypass surgery: Focus on gender differences. Ozen, Gulsev; Aljesri, Khadija; Kizar, Oznur; Topal, Gokce; Turkyilmaz, Gulsum; Turkyilmaz, Saygin Dec 1, 2020 4529
Comorbidities and severity of coronavirus disease 2019 patients. Radwan, Nashwa M.; Mahmoud, Nagla E.; Alfaifi, Amal H.; Alabdulkareem, Khaled I. Report Nov 1, 2020 6870
Risk of Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Diseases in various Ethnicities of Pakistan. Tariq Ashraf, Asif Nadeem, Shakil Sarwar and Musa Karim Oct 31, 2020 4141
Modifiable risk factors can be manipulated to reduce the risk of diabetes: HMC doctor. Oct 28, 2020 435
Age-Related Macular Degeneration and Cardiovascular Diseases and Risk Factors Associated with It--A Cross Sectional Study in Kerala. Deepa, M.G.; Sija, S.; Jacob, K.K.; Rajeevan, P. Oct 12, 2020 3582
Evaluation of Dyslipidaemia among Different Age Groups in Urban South Indians. Narayanaswamy, Ramesh Kalhalli; Rayappa, Wilma Delphine Silvia Chickballapur; Ramesh, Pankaja Oct 5, 2020 2800
Medical and non-medical risk predictors of completing each phase of the transplant evaluation process in referred end-stage renal disease patients--A single centre study. Famure, Olusegun; Tia, Vivian; Li, Yanhong; Gumabay, Franz Marie; Phan, Nicholas; Chen, Pei Xuan; Ki Oct 1, 2020 7424
Eating More Olive Oil May Lower Heart Disease Risk. Oct 1, 2020 190
LDL Oxidation and Vitamin E and Vitamin a Contents of LDL in Male Patients with Early-Onset Coronary Heart Disease and in Their 1st-Degree Male Relatives. Ozkan, Elife Sep 1, 2020 4341
Suboptimal Blood Pressure Control, Associated Factors, and Choice of Antihypertensive Drugs among Type 2 Diabetic Patients at KCMC, Tanzania. Mbwete, Gabriel W.; Kilonzo, Kajiru G.; Shao, Elichilia R.; Chamba, Nyasatu G. Aug 31, 2020 5220
Relation of Fibrinogen-to-Albumin Ratio to Severity of Coronary Artery Disease and Long-Term Prognosis in Patients with Non-ST Elevation Acute Coronary Syndrome. Li, Mingkang; Tang, Chengchun; Luo, Erfei; Qin, Yuhan; Wang, Dong; Yan, Gaoliang Report Aug 31, 2020 6360
Smoking Is a Risk Factor of Coronary Heart Disease through HDL-C in Chinese T2DM Patients: A Mediation Analysis. Tang, Ru; Yang, Shanshan; Liu, Weiguo; Yang, Bo; Wang, Shuang; Yang, Zhengguo; He, Yao Aug 31, 2020 5871
Surveying the Effect of Opioid Abuse on the Extent of Coronary Artery Diseases in Diabetic Patients. Bady, Seyyed Ali Moezi; Soltani, Maryam; Kazemi, Toba; Bizhaem, Saeede Khosravi; Bojd, Nazanin Hanaf Clinical report Aug 31, 2020 3659
Sex Difference in Risk Factors, GRACE Scores, and Management among Post-Acute Coronary Syndrome Patients in Sri Lanka. Galappatthy, Priyadarshani; Bataduwaarachchi, Vipula; Ranasinghe, Priyanga; Galappatthy, Gamini; Sen Aug 31, 2020 6523
The Association between Trimethylamine N-Oxide and Its Predecessors Choline, L-Carnitine, and Betaine with Coronary Artery Disease and Artery Stenosis. Guo, Fei; Zhou, Jun; Li, Zhenyu; Yu, Zaixin; Ouyang, Dongsheng Aug 31, 2020 6418
The Role of Gender in the Importance of Risk Factors for Coronary Artery Disease. Gheisari, Farshid; Emami, Melika; Shahraki, Hadi Raeisi; Samipour, Saeid; Nematollahi, Parastoo Clinical report Aug 31, 2020 5048
Rare Presentation of Cardiotoxicity Related to 5-Fluorouracil. Charkviani, Mariam; Murvelashvili, Natia; Barrera, Francisco; Sharma, Alisha; Eldin, Randa Sharag; N Aug 31, 2020 1969
Air pollution is associated with increased risk of heart disease and stroke. Aug 14, 2020 459
Antibiotics may up heart disease risk in people with diabetes. Aug 6, 2020 341
Beta-blockers may predispose women to worse outcomes: Following later ACS presentation, risk for heart failure was greater than in men. Yasgur, Batya Swift Aug 1, 2020 889
Good Practices in the Clinical Management of Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome: Retrospective Analysis in a Third-Level Hospital in Mexico. Flores-Salinas, Hector E.; Casillas-Munoz, Fidel; Valle, Yeminia; Guzman- Sanchez, Cesar M.; Padilla Jul 31, 2020 3807
Atherosclerotic Extension of Carotid Arteries: An Insertion in Clinical Practice. Furlanetto, M.L., Jr.; Chagas, E.F.B.; Payao, S.L.M. Jul 31, 2020 5701
The Impact of Coexistence of Smoking and Diabetes on the Coronary Artery Severity and Outcomes following Percutaneous Coronary Intervention: Results from the 1ST Jordanian PCI Registry. Jarrah, Mohamad I.; Khatib, Said Al-; Khader, Yousef; AlKharabsheh, Hanin N.; Hammoudeh, Ayman; Alzo Jul 31, 2020 5318
Sinapic Acid Attenuates Cardiovascular Disorders in Rats by Modulating Reactive Oxygen Species and Angiotensin Receptor Expression. Aldubayan, Maha A.; Ahmed, Amira S.; Emara, Ashraf M.; Ahmed, Ahmed A.; Elgharabawy, Rehab M. Jul 31, 2020 10154
Prognostic Value of Admission Mean Corpuscular Volume for Major Adverse Cardiovascular Events following Stent Implantation in Nondiabetic and Diabetic Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome. Cheng, Lele; Zhang, Lisha; Liu, Junhui; Li, Wenyuan; Bai, Xiaofang; Li, Ruifeng; Li, Bolin; Wang, Li Jul 31, 2020 6895
Association between Plasma Sestrin2 Levels and the Presence and Severity of Coronary Artery Disease. Kishimoto, Yoshimi; Aoyama, Masayuki; Saita, Emi; Ikegami, Yukinori; Ohmori, Reiko; Kondo, Kazuo; Mo Jul 31, 2020 4298
Eating chocolate once a week could cut risk of heart disease; Researchers suggest that nutrients in chocolate, such as flavonoids, methylxanthines, polyphenols and stearic acid, may reduce inflammation and increase good cholestero. By, Neil Shaw Jul 23, 2020 336
Clinical Course of Kidney Donors in the Long Term after Transplant: A Single-Center Experience. Atilgan, Kadir Gokhan; Ayli, Mehmet Deniz Jul 1, 2020 4534
Relationship between Urinary Alzheimer-Associated Neuronal Thread Protein and Apolipoprotein Epsilon 4 Allele in the Cognitively Normal Population. Li, Yuxia; Kang, Meimei; Sheng, Can; Chen, Guanqun; Li, Taoran; Wang, Jun; Cai, Yanning; Wang, Rong; Jun 30, 2020 8015
Identification of risk factors of acute coronary syndrome in young patients between 18-40 years of age at a teaching hospital. Faryal Murtaza Cheema, Hasan Mujtaba Cheema and Zubair Akram Jun 10, 2020 2455
Cardiovigilance in COVID 19. Kishor, Kamal; Marwah, Rishabh; Anantharaj, Avinash Report May 31, 2020 1992
Alzheimer's Disease and Cardiovascular Disease: A Particular Association. Tini, Giacomo; Scagliola, Riccardo; Monacelli, Fiammetta; La Malfa, Giovanni; Porto, Italo; Brunelli May 31, 2020 8674
Lipoprotein Particle Predictors of Arterial Stiffness after 17 Years of Follow Up: The Malmo Diet and Cancer Study. Hartz, Jacob; Krauss, Ronald M.; Gottsater, Mikael; Melander, Olle; Nilsson, Peter; Mietus-Snyder, M May 31, 2020 6423
Relationship between Long Noncoding RNA H19 Polymorphisms and Risk of Coronary Artery Disease in a Chinese Population: A Case-Control Study. Hu, Wei-na; Ding, Han-xi; Xu, Qian; Zhang, Xue-ying; Yang, Da-tong; Jin, Yuan-zhe May 31, 2020 7369
Tai Chi Improves Coronary Heart Disease Risk by Inactivating MAPK/ERK Pathway through Serum miR-126. Zhang, Guangwei; Wang, Shuli; Gu, Yan; Song, Ling; Yu, Shui; Feng, Xiaoxing May 31, 2020 11087
UK study shows large body size as child may increase disease risk; Having a large body size during childhood may increase the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes in later life, particularly when people remain overweight during adulthood, research suggests. Kevan Christie May 7, 2020 425
'Tradition is at root of virus threat to Asian community' leader points to 'big families under one roof' as one key factor. TONY EARNSHAW Local Democracy Reporter @LdrTony May 4, 2020 888
Serum N-Acetylneuraminic Acid Is Associated with Atrial Fibrillation and Left Atrial Enlargement. Hu, Wei; Xie, Jing; Zhu, Tongjian; Meng, Guannan; Wang, Meng; Zhou, Zhen; Guo, Fuding; Chen, Hui; Wa Apr 30, 2020 3834
High-Serum Angiopoietin-Like Protein 3 Levels Associated with Cardiovascular Outcome in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease. Chen, Ming-Chun; Hsu, Bang-Gee; Lee, Chung-Jen; Wang, Ji-Hung Apr 30, 2020 5602
Cardiovascular Manifestations of HIV Infection--A Review. Nath, Kshitiz; Singh, Lakhan Apr 6, 2020 4672
Waist-to-Height Ratio (WHtR) in Predicting Coronary Artery Disease Compared to Body Mass Index and Waist Circumference in a Single Center from Saudi Arabia. Alshamiri, Mostafa Q.; Habbab, Faisal Mohd A.; Qahtani, Saad Saeed AL-; Alghalayini, Khalil Abdullah Clinical report Mar 31, 2020 4957
Serum Zinc-[alpha]2-Glycoprotein Levels in Patients with or without Coronary Artery Disease in Chinese North Population. Liu, Meijuan; Liu, Zeyu; Zhu, Huijuan; Wang, Linjie; Yang, Hongbo; Yan, Kemin; Gong, Fengying; Pan, Mar 31, 2020 6903
Association between the Non-high-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol to High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol Ratio and the Risk of Coronary Artery Disease. You, Jiayin; Wang, Zhenhao; Lu, Guoping; Chen, Zhenyue Mar 31, 2020 4978
A Study on Association between Androgenetic Alopecia and Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Males with History of Hair Fall. Krishnarao, Pasagadugula Venkata; Chennamasetty, Teja; Krishnaveni, Avvaru; Chennamsetty, Kavya Mar 30, 2020 2916
Some Obese Individuals May Be Genetically Prone to Valve Disease. Mar 25, 2020 240
Study of Myocardial Performance Index in Prediabetes and Its Correlation with Other Cardiovascular Risk Factors. Kamble, T.K.; Kapse, Ankita; Kumar, Sunil; Acharya, Sourya; Ghule, Aiswarya Report Mar 9, 2020 3129
ST Elevations and Ventricular Tachycardia Secondary to Coronary Vasospasm upon Extubation. Lindsay, Patrick J.; Frank, Rachel C.; Bittner, Edward A.; Berg, Sheri; Chang, Marvin G. Mar 1, 2020 2088
Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry-Based Plasma Metabolomics Study of the Effects of Moxibustion with Seed-Sized Moxa Cone on Hyperlipidemia. Shao, Qinghua; Cheng, Jie; Li, Yi; Ni, Guangxia Report Mar 1, 2020 5892
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center: Leaders at the renowned Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center have developed a care management program that intervenes early on behalf of high-risk cancer patients--using patient-reported and other data. Hagland, Mark Mar 1, 2020 1570
CHD risk rises with gut metabolite linked to red meat. Splete, Heidi Mar 1, 2020 642
Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. Etingin, Orli R. Feb 1, 2020 289
Potential Links ID'd for Marijuana Use, Cardiovascular Risks; Key classes of cardiovascular medications are affected by marijuana, including statins, ?-blockers. Jan 27, 2020 251
Coronary Artery Disease Risk Down in Survivors of Childhood Cancer; Risk for coronary artery disease significantly decreased for survivors with diagnosis in 80s, 90s versus 70s. Jan 16, 2020 256
Role of Serum Uric Acid in the Assessment of Stroke. Sekhar, Avapati Raja; Narukurthi, Ravi Kiran; B., Siva Kumar; M., Kiran Deedi Jan 13, 2020 3476
The Relationship between Military Combat and Cardiovascular Risk: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. boos, Christopher J.; De Villiers, Norman; Dyball, Daniel; McConnell, Alison; Bennett, Alexander N. Jan 1, 2020 10947
Glucosamine Supplementation Lowers Risk of Cardiovascular Disease. Jan 1, 2020 169
Heart Health By the Numbers: Some of the most important risk factors for coronary artery disease are reflected in numerical measurements. Jan 1, 2020 833
Relation between Coronary Arterial Remodeling and Characteristics of Atherosclerotic Plaque Determined by Intravascular Ultrasound. Van Hoang, Sy; Nguyen, Kha Minh; Truong, Hung Phi; Mai, Luan Tri; Tran, Hai Phuong Nguyen Report Jan 1, 2020 3385
Serum Lipoprotein (a) levels in acute coronary syndrome; Comparison of younger and elderly patients with healthy controls. Sadaf Hanif, Bilqees Akhtar and Muhammad Naeem Afzal Dec 31, 2019 4018
Magnesium Inversely Linked to Risk for Coronary Heart Disease; Increase in dietary magnesium associated with reduced risk for fatal CHD in postmenopausal women. Dec 27, 2019 257
'Higher magnesium intake may reduce fatal coronary heart disease risk in postmenopausal women'. ANI Clinical report Dec 24, 2019 281
Healthy Sleep Pattern May Reduce Risk for Cardiovascular Disease; Good sleep patterns may offset genetic susceptibility to heart disease, stroke. Dec 24, 2019 258
Association of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and Coronary Artery Disease with FADS2 rs3834458 Gene Polymorphism in the Chinese Han Population. Xu, Yingyu; Zhao, Zhenzhen; Liu, Shousheng; Xiao, Yingpu; Miao, Mengyuan; Dong, Quanjiang; Xin, Yong Nov 30, 2019 5210
Risk factors of coronary artery stenosis in patients with obstructive sleep apnoea: a prospective study. Yufeng Wan, Naiquan Yang, Min XU, Wenyi Shen, De HUAI and Yulong Zheng Clinical report Nov 30, 2019 4953
Legumes-rich diet lowers cardiovascular disease risk, improves heart health. ANI Clinical report Nov 21, 2019 257
Legumes-rich diet lowers cardiovascular disease risk, improves heart health. ANI Clinical report Nov 21, 2019 235
Vigorous Activity Weekly May Improve Outcomes in Stable CAD; Vigorous activity once, twice weekly may lower cardiac risk in stable coronary artery disease. Nov 20, 2019 295
Subgroup Analysis of TWILIGHT Trial Patients with Non-ST Elevation Acute Coronary Syndrome Who Underwent PCI Showed Brilinta Monotherapy Reduced the Risk of Clinically Relevant Bleeding Compared with Dual Antiplatelet Therapy. Nov 19, 2019 742
High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy Tied to Future Heart Risks. Nov 15, 2019 385
How to use type 2 diabetes meds to lower CV disease risk: The challenge: Translate evidence from cardiovascular outcomes trials of newer antidiabetic agents into a targeted management strategy. Gotfried, Robert Nov 1, 2019 5930
Correcting Hypokalemia in Hospitalized Patients Does Not Decrease Risk of Cardiac Arrhythmias. Harkness, Weston; Watts, Paula; Kopstein, Michael; Dziadkowiec, Oliwier; Hicks, Gregory; Scherbak, D Oct 31, 2019 2300
Who Is Most Likely to Develop Heart Failure from Diabetes? Oct 1, 2019 165
Marine Omega-3 Supplements May Lower CVD Risk; Updated meta-analysis shows lower risks for MI, CHD death, total CHD, CVD death, total CVD. Clinical report Oct 1, 2019 250
Cardiac Obesity and Cardiac Cachexia: Is There a Pathophysiological Link? Selthofer-Relatic, K.; Kibel, A.; Delic-Brkljacic, D.; Bosnjak, I. Sep 30, 2019 5508
Pakistan at high risk of coronary heart diseases. Sep 29, 2019 405
Mediterranean diet: A heart-healthy eating plan. Sep 18, 2019 697
Combo Antithrombotic Therapy Increases Bleeding Risk; Greatest risk seen in first year of treatment, but benefits of combo therapy continue after one year. Clinical report Sep 17, 2019 300
Stroke risk of being vegetarian. Sep 5, 2019 137
Stroke risk of being veggie; Cutting meat raises chances of you having brain bleed. Sep 5, 2019 159
Vegetarians Have Greater Stroke Risk Than Meat Eaters, Study Says. Sep 5, 2019 469
AHA News: Education Seems Tied to Death Risk for Heart Disease Patients. Report Sep 3, 2019 619
Correlation of Paraoxonase-1 with glycated hemoglobin and lipid profile among Sudanese diabetic patients. Aug 31, 2019 3120
Low-density lipoprotein receptor gene mutation at Exon 2 and 4 in premature coronary artery disease in our population. Aug 31, 2019 3149
The Many Health Benefits of Fiber: Fiber is vital for your digestive system, and has even been linked to lowering risk of certain cancers. Aug 27, 2019 531
LV Hypertrophy Predicts Long-Term Risk for CV Events; Left ventricular hypertrophy stronger predictor than CAC for CHD death, other CV death, heart failure. Aug 27, 2019 250
Childhood Cancer Survivors Struggle With Heart Troubles. Report Aug 26, 2019 332
Insomnia Tied to Higher Risk of Heart Disease. Aug 21, 2019 315
Insomnia Linked To High Risk Of Heart Disease, Stroke. Aug 20, 2019 387
Effects of common variations of NOS3 and CAV1 genes on hypercholesterolemic profile in coronary heart disease. Ilikay, Serap; Coskunpinar, Ender; Kurnaz-Gomleksiz, Ozlem; Bugra, Zehra; Eronat, Allison P.; Ozturk Aug 1, 2019 7469
Effects of common variations of NOS3 and CAV1 genes on hypercholesterolemic profile in coronary heart disease. Ilikay, Serap; Cockunpinar, Ender; Kurnaz-Gomleksiz, Ozlem; Bugra, Zehra; Eronat, Allison P.; Ozturk Aug 1, 2019 7544
Direct Estimation of HDL-Mediated Cholesterol Efflux Capacity from Serum. Kuusisto, Sanna; Holmes, Michael V.; Ohukainen, Pauli; Kangas, Antti J.; Karsikas, Mari; Tiainen, Mi Aug 1, 2019 6038
Association of Cystatin C with Metabolic Syndrome and Its Prognostic Performance in Non-ST-Segment Elevation Acute Coronary Syndrome with Preserved Renal Function. Mao, Qi; Zhao, Ning; Wang, Yuqing; Li, Youmei; Xiang, Chaojun; Li, Lufeng; Zheng, Wei; Xu, Shangchen Jul 31, 2019 8197
Polymorphisms -455G/A and -148C/T and Fibrinogen Plasmatic Level as Risk Markers of Coronary Disease and Major Adverse Cardiovascular Events. Canseco-Avila, Luis Miguel; Lopez-Roblero, Alexander; Serrano-Guzman, Eleazar; Aguilar-Fuentes, Javi Jul 31, 2019 4861
Hypercysteinemia, A Potential Risk Factor for Central Obesity and Related Disorders in Azores, Portugal. Lima, Ana; Ferin, Rita; Bourbon, Mafalda; Baptista, Jose; Leonor Pavao, M. Jul 31, 2019 9183
Human Papillomavirus and Coronary Artery Disease in Climacteric Women: Is There an Association? Brito, Luciane Maria Oliveira; Brito, Haissa Oliveira; Correa, Rita da Graca Carvalhal Frazao; de Ol Jul 31, 2019 4197
ASSOCIATION OF ANDROGENETIC ALOPECIA WITH METABOLIC SYNDROME. Nayar, P. Anila Sunanandini; Suryanarayana, G.; Boda, Sameera; Kota, Hanusha; Konala, Subhashini; Ch Jul 29, 2019 2935
Smoking Has Long-Term Impact on Peripheral Artery Disease Risk; Risk for peripheral artery disease remains 30 years after smoking cessation. Jul 22, 2019 267
Subclinical Cardiovascular Dz May Up Fall Risk in Older Adults; Higher measures of subclinical myocardial damage, cardiac wall strain linked to new falls. Jul 17, 2019 246
CVD Risk Up in Later Life for Young Adults With High LDL or Hypertension; Young adult LDL ≥100 mg/dL tied to 64 percent increased risk for CHD, independent of later levels. Jul 16, 2019 259
Alirocumab Cuts CV Absolute Risk the Most for Those With Diabetes; Findings seen in prespecified analysis; alirocumab did not increase risk for new diabetes. Jul 16, 2019 376
Frequent Fried Food Intake Increases Risk for Coronary Artery Disease; Dose-dependent relationship seen in a large national cohort of U.S. veterans. Jul 15, 2019 222
Recurrent idiopathic spontaneous coronary artery dissection. Mkoko, P.; Pandie, S.; Ntsekhe, M. Jul 1, 2019 2203
Iron Metabolism, Hepcidin, and Mortality (the Ludwigshafen Risk and Cardiovascular Health Study). Grammer, Tanja B.; Scharnagl, Hubert; Dressel, Alexander; Kleber, Marcus E.; Silbernagel, Gunther; P Jul 1, 2019 9128
Glutathione Transferase P1 Polymorphism Might Be a Risk Determinant in Heart Failure. Simeunovic, Dejan; Odanovic, Natalija; Pljesa-Ercegovac, Marija; Radic, Tanja; Radovanovic, Slavica; Jun 30, 2019 8035
Toward a Better Understanding of Lipids and Heart Disease Risk: A study of genetic mutations explores the relationships between cholesterol, triglycerides, and apolipoprotein B. Disease/Disorder overview Jun 29, 2019 514
A STUDY ON GLYCAEMIC STATUS IMPACT IN ACUTE CORONARY SYNDROME. Rajuri, Venkateshwarlu; Priyanka, N. Jun 24, 2019 3946
Calculating risk of heart disease; RECORD VIEW. Jun 21, 2019 184
STUDY OF ENDOTHELIAL FUNCTION IN PATIENTS PRESENTING WITH ANGINA AND HAVING A NORMAL CORONARY ANGIOGRAM. Anand, Ahuja; Mirmaksudov, Mirakhmadjon; Norkulov, Ma'rufjon; Rakhmonov, Durbek Report Jun 1, 2019 357
Dyslipidemia Associated with Hypertension Increases the Risks for Coronary Heart Disease: A Case-Control Study in Harapan Kita Hospital, National Cardiovascular Center, Jakarta. Ariyanti, Rea; Besral, Besral Report May 31, 2019 3985
Snacking on Tree Nuts May Lower CV Risk from Type 2 Diabetes. May 1, 2019 114
A Cross - Sectional Analysis of The Association of Job Strain with Metabolic Syndrome and 10-Year Risk of Coronary Heart Disease. Tasyikan, Hale Arik; Demiral, Yucel May 1, 2019 5591
Lower mortality in obese PAP users with severe apnea. Greb, Erik May 1, 2019 656
Gencove awarded Phase I SBIR grant to validate polygenic risk score estimation from low-pass sequencing. Apr 26, 2019 199
Gencove awarded Phase I SBIR grant to validate polygenic risk score estimation from low-pass sequencing. Apr 26, 2019 195
BLOOD PRESSURE CHANGES IN POSTMENOPAUSAL WOMEN. Kulkarni, Madhavi Dattatrya Rao; Hiremath, Shaktiprasad Report Apr 15, 2019 1567
Heart Rate in Hypertension: Review and Expert Opinion. Dalal, Jamshed; Dasbiswas, Arup; Sathyamurthy, Immaneni; Maddury, Srinivasa Rao; Kerkar, Prafulla; B Mar 31, 2019 4448
Increased Risk of Coronary Artery Disease in People with a Previous Diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: A Nationwide Retrospective Population-Based Case-Control Study. Chang, Yi-Chuan; Chiang, Jen-Huai; Lay, Ing-Shiow; Lee, Yu-Chen Mar 31, 2019 5036
In Vitro Antiatherothrombotic Effects of Extracts from Berberis Vulgaris L., Teucrium Polium L., and Orthosiphon Stamineus Benth. Nor, Nurul Huda Mohd; Othman, Fauziah; Tohi, Eusni Rahayu Mohd; Noor, Sabariah Md; Razali, Rosniza; Mar 31, 2019 7234
Poor lung function in shorter people increases risk of heart disease: Study. Mar 30, 2019 405
Interleukin-6, uric acid, and electrolytes for the detection of endothelial dysfunction in pre-hypertensive and hypertensive patients. Santhi Tadi; Mahendran K., Balu Report Mar 1, 2019 4442
Men who struggle to do more than 40 PUSH-UPS have a higher risk of heart disease; A new study by researchers from Harvard University has found a link between push-up power and heart disease. Feb 18, 2019 270
KT for good: Get your blood pressure checked today. Feb 12, 2019 892
When Statins Are Not the Answer: There are other medications and methods to help lower cholesterol. Jan 1, 2019 479
Association of Loci 6q25.1/rs6922269 and 9p21.3/rs1333049 with Risk of Coronary Heart Disease in Patients Visiting Hospitals of Gujranwala and Lahore Divisions. Arooj, Iqra; Hasnain, Shahida Clinical report Dec 31, 2018 4615
Platelet aggregability, prehypertension, and heart rate in male smokers: An unwelcome circumstance for prothrombotic activity. Salvi, Sheetal; Joshi, Aniruddha Dec 15, 2018 3209
Cancer patients undergoing heart procedure at greater risk of complications. Dec 1, 2018 430
World Diabetes Day: Importance of managing the disease. Nov 14, 2018 539
EVALUATION OF HYPERHOMOCYSTEINAEMIA AS A RISK FACTOR FOR ISCHAEMIC HEART DISEASE IN YOUNG POPULATION. Nilajkar, Gauri Malhar; Khandeparkar, Anar Viraj; Kolwalkar, Rukma Jagannath Oct 22, 2018 4865
Target these expensive drugs to patients who benefit. Nicholls, Stephen J. Report Oct 1, 2018 210
Cardiologist warn against danger of heart disease at World Heart day tomorrow. Sep 29, 2018 752
Cardiologist warn against danger of heart disease at World Heart day tomorrow. Sep 29, 2018 679
New Risk Score Promising for Predicting MI, Death; Clinical chemistry score based on cardiac troponin, glucose level, estimated glomerular filtration rate. Sep 13, 2018 369
Exposure to Toxic Metals May Up Cardiovascular Disease Risk; Increased risk of CVD, coronary heart disease with exposure to arsenic, lead, cadmium, copper. Sep 7, 2018 290
Impact of Baseline Bleeding Risk on Efficacy and Safety of Ticagrelor versus Clopidogrel in Chinese Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome Undergoing Percutaneous Coronary Intervention. Wang, He-Yang; Li, Yi; Xu, Xiao-Ming; Li, Jing; Han, Ya-Ling Report Sep 5, 2018 4209
A cross-sectional study on dementia in elderly persons living in old-age homes of Hyderabad, Telangana. Mummadi, Mahesh Kumar Report Sep 1, 2018 2478
Breast arterial calcification, low bone mass predict CAD. Craven, Jeff Sep 1, 2018 621
Breast arterial calcification, low bone mass predicted CAD in women. Craven, Jeff Sep 1, 2018 617
Boosting CoQ10's Protective Effects. Seiken, Janet Sep 1, 2018 2386
Analysis of the occurrence of deep venous thrombosis in lower extremity fractures: A clinical study. Clinical report Aug 31, 2018 3079
Genes Show Risk for Common Deadly Diseases. Aug 14, 2018 1122
Escitalopram Cuts MACE Risk in Depressed Patients With ACS; Higher risk of major adverse cardiac events with concurrent depression after acute coronary syndrome. Jul 25, 2018 287
COMPARISON OF SERUM LIPOPROTEIN (A) LEVEL IN TYPE 2 DM AND NON-DIABETIC PATIENTS WITH ACUTE CORONARY SYNDROME. Meena, Subhash Chand; Verma, Girish Chandra; Meena, C.P.; Meena, S.R.; Qureshi, Abdul Wahid; Pathan, Report Jul 16, 2018 2621
The C-565T Polymorphism (rs2422493) of the ATP-binding Cassette Transporter A1 Gene Contributes to the Development and Severity of Coronary Artery Disease in an Iranian Population. Mahmoodi, Khalil; Kamali, Koorosh; Ghaznavi, Habib; Soltanpour, Mohammad Soleiman Report Jul 1, 2018 4324
Cardiac protection: a fact or myth? ELGindy, Abdul Rahman Editorial Jul 1, 2018 2197
Detectable High-Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin within the Population Reference Interval Conveys High 5-Year Cardiovascular Risk: An Observational Study. Than, Martin P.; Aldous, Sally J.; Troughton, Richard W.; Pemberton, Christopher J.; Richards, A. Ma Jul 1, 2018 6237
Genetic Risk, Lifestyle Predict CVD, Diabetes Independently; No interactions seen for any outcome; log-additive effect on risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Jun 28, 2018 258
Erectile Dysfunction Independently Tied to CV Events; ED a significant predictor of cardiovascular disease events after full adjustment for risk factors. Jun 11, 2018 263
A simple guide to understanding hypertension. Jun 4, 2018 1631
Alteration of heart rate variability in patients with coronary artery disease. Venkatesh, D.; Shenoy, Anahita R.; Prakash, V.S. Report Jun 1, 2018 2561
How a High-Cholesterol Diet Can Cause Colon Cancer: Mechanism behind the link is explained; could lead to targeted drug treatment for colon cancer and other gastrointestinal diseases. Jun 1, 2018 362
Postmenopausal Sex Hormone Levels Associated With Later CVD; Higher testosterone/estradiol ratio linked to elevated risk for incident cardiovascular disease. Jun 1, 2018 344
High testosterone after menopause may up CV risk. Bowser, Andrew D. Jun 1, 2018 464
Coronary calcium boosted young adults' heart disease risk. Clinical report May 27, 2018 622
Untreated hypertension: Leading cause of diseases in India. May 17, 2018 657
Seafood Recommended 1 to 2 Times/Week for Cardiac Benefit; Benefits of seafood consumption include reduced risk of cardiac death, coronary heart disease, stroke. May 17, 2018 254
Heart disease a concern for women, too. May 9, 2018 442
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Cigarette Smoking a Risk Factor for Heart Failure in Blacks; Current smoking linked to higher mean LV mass index, lower mean LV circumferential strain. Apr 16, 2018 257
Review: Lowest Mortality Risk Seen With ≤100 g Alcohol/Week; Alcohol consumption roughly linearly linked to higher risk of stroke, coronary disease, heart failure. Apr 13, 2018 249
Exercise Best Defense for Those at Genetic Risk for CVD; Benefit of exercise against cardiovascular disease notable even among those at high genetic risk. Apr 10, 2018 246
Children who eat at restaurants have extra body fat: study. Apr 3, 2018 766
Keep an eye on your blood pressure. Mar 8, 2018 920
Coronary Risk Scores Accurate When Used With Low cTnI; Accuracy of HEART and EDACS improved when using low cardiac troponin I cut-offs. Mar 6, 2018 246
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When There's No "Ho Ho Ho" in Your Holiday or Any Day, Your Heart May Suffer: Chronic depression and anxiety can have as strong a negative impact on the heart as traditional risk factors, such as diabetes and hypertension. Dec 1, 2017 427
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Not all plant-based diets the same when it comes to lowering heart risks. Sep 1, 2017 252
Doing a degree reduces risk of heart disease. Aug 31, 2017 186
High Salt Intake Associated with Doubled Risk of Heart Failure. Aug 28, 2017 528
Still heart risks for obese 'healthy' people. Clinical report Aug 16, 2017 191
Depression, doubles risk of early death in heart patients. Aug 7, 2017 200
Depression, doubles risk of early death in heart patients. Aug 7, 2017 200
More UAE youth are falling prey to hypertension, say doctors. Aug 1, 2017 501
Depression doubles risk of early death in heart patients. Jul 30, 2017 398
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A healthy brain requires B vitamins: the vitamins help reduce risk factors for inflammation, brain injury. Dec 1, 2016 586
Caution: Red meat could be hazardous to your health: limit your consumption of red and processed meat to limit disease risk. Dec 1, 2016 509
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Pessimism Can Increase Risk Of Heart Disease. Nov 17, 2016 378
Going to work on an egg can cut stroke risk. Nov 3, 2016 303
Gallstones linked to greater heart disease risk. Nov 1, 2016 182

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