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Coronary Artery Disease Risk Down in Survivors of Childhood Cancer; Risk for coronary artery disease significantly decreased for survivors with diagnosis in 80s, 90s versus 70s. Jan 16, 2020 256
Central Nervous System Involvement by Small Lymphocytic Lymphoma after a Myxoma-Related Embolic Event. Gallastegui, Nicolas; Cassidy, Daniel P.; Heros, Deborah O.; Vega, Francisco; Schatz, Jonathan H. Nov 30, 2019 3588
Radiation From CT Scans Linked to Thyroid Cancer, Leukemia; Elevated risk stronger in women than men; risk for non-Hodgkin lymphoma increased in patients ≤45. Nov 21, 2019 264
Two Different Extranodal Lymphomas in an [HIV.sup.+] Patient: A Case Report and Review of the Literature. Bertuzzi, Clara; Sabattini, Elena; Bacci, Francesco; Agostinelli, Claudio; Ferri, Gian Gaetano Oct 31, 2019 3317
Study finds increased risk for subsequent cancers. Smith, Jennifer Jun 1, 2019 545
The Impact of Surgery on Long-Term Survival of Patients with Primary Gastric Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma: A SEER Population-Based Study. Lin, Ju-Li; Lin, Jian-Xian; Li, Ping; Xie, Jian-Wei; Wang, Jia-Bin; Lu, Jun; Chen, Qi-Yue; Cao, Long Mar 31, 2019 4878
Male-Female Differences in the Prevalence of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma and Residential Proximity to Superfund Sites in Kentucky. Stone, Ramona; Webber, W. Brent Report Oct 1, 2018 5127
Linked Color Imaging Technology for Diagnosis of Gastric Mucosa-associated Lymphoid Tissue Lymphoma. Deng, Pei; Min, Min; Ma, Cui-Yun; Liu, Yan Case study Nov 20, 2017 793
Cardiac Lymphoma: After the Hurricane. Tadic, Marijana; Haßfeld, Sabine; Pieske, Burket; Genger, Martin Report Oct 5, 2017 551
Extranodal Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma of the oral cavity: A case report. Varun, Babyamma Raghavan; Varghese, Nettiyat Oommen; Sivakumar, Trivandrum Thanappan; Joseph, Anna P Case study Jul 1, 2017 2350
Incidentally Discovered Extranodal Marginal Zone B-Cell Lymphoma of Mucosa-Associated Lymphoid Tissue in the Colon. Chakinala, Raja Chandra; Haq, Khwaja F.; Barsa, Jonathan E.; Solanki, Shantanu; Chawla, Lavneet; Kha Case study Jan 1, 2017 1971
SLE and Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma: A Case Series and Review of the Literature. Boddu, Prajwal; Mohammed, Abdul S.; Annem, Chandrahasa; Sequeira, Winston Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 4989
Severe psoriasis upped lymphoma risk in large cohort. Karon, Amy Clinical report Nov 1, 2016 839
Severe psoriasis upped lymphoma risk in large cohort study. Karon, Amy Clinical report Sep 1, 2016 730
Occupation and risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma and its subtypes: a pooled analysis from the InterLymph consortium. Mannetje, Andrea't; De Roos, Anneclaire J.; Boffetta, Paolo; Vermeulen, Roel; Benke, Geza; Fritschi, Report Apr 1, 2016 14227
Tall or obese teens at greater risk of cancer; Weight link to disease of the blood cells. Feb 22, 2016 279
Occupational exposure to benzene and non-Hodgkin lymphoma in a population-based cohort: the Shanghai Women's Health Study. Bassig, Bryan A.; Friesen, Melissa C.; Vermeulen, Roel; Shu, Xiao-Ou; Purdue, Mark P.; Stewart, Patr Report Oct 1, 2015 7816
Analysis of environmental chemical mixtures and non-hodgkin lymphoma risk in the NCI-SEER NHL study. Czamota, Jenna; Gennings, Chris; Colt, Joanne S.; De Roos, Anneclaire J.; Cerhan, James R.; Severson Report Oct 1, 2015 7304
Oral cancer its etiology & concerns: a review. Anitha, S. Jul 9, 2015 2353
Lifetime Activity May Lower Risk for Lymphoma. May 4, 2015 542
Simultaneous non-Hodgkin lymphoma of the external auditory canal and thyroid gland: a case report. Khaw, BeeLian; Sivalingam, Shailendra; Pathamanathan, Sitra Siri; Tan, Teck S.; Naicker, Manimalar Case study Dec 1, 2014 2253
Body weight and risk of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Brief article Sep 22, 2014 235
Unusual presentation of lymphoma. Varunjikar, M.D.; Varunjikar, Shital; Jayan, Bejoy E.; Varunjikar, A.M.; Joshi, C.R. Case study Dec 16, 2013 1707
Primary non-Hodgkin's lymphoma presenting as ileo colic intussusceptions in adult: a case report. Das, Narayan Case study Jul 29, 2013 749
Environmental risk factors related to the development of canine non-Hodgkin's lymphoma/Fatores de risco ambientais relacionados ao desenvolvimento do linfoma nao Hodgkin canino. Zanini, Danielle Almeida; Kimura, Katia Cristina; Nishiya, Adriana Tomoko; Ubukata, Rodrigo; Leandro Jul 1, 2013 4242
Mammalian target of rapamycin inhibitors induce tumor cell apoptosis in vivo primarily by inhibiting VEGF expression and angiogenesis. Frost, Patrick; Berlanger, Eileen; Mysore, Veena; Hoang, Bao; Shi, YiJiang; Gera, Joseph; Lichtenste Report Jan 1, 2013 5765
Primary non-Hodgkin's lymphoma of the breast: a case report. Pandure, Mangal; Karle, Ravindra; Dongre, Suryakant; Baviskar, Bharti Case study Jan 1, 2013 1299
Liver cancer risk up, AIDS cancer risk down in US/Canadian HIV group. Sep 1, 2012 1532
Current status of the epidemiologic evidence linking polychlorinated biphenyls and non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and the role of immune dysregulation. Kramer, Shira; Hikel, Stephanie Moller; Adams, Kristen; Hinds, David; Moon, Katherine Report Aug 1, 2012 11557
Extranodal Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma in HIV. Rizwan, Mian Muhammad; Gaba, Parveen Case study Jul 31, 2012 983
A prospective study of organochlorines in adipose tissue and risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Brauner, Elvira Vaclavik; Sorensen, Mette; Gaudreau, Eric; LeBlanc, Alain; Eriksen, Kirsten Thorup; Report Jan 1, 2012 9627
Primary breast lymphoma and HIV/AIDS. Barnardt, Pieter; Narinesingh, Dylan Case study Sep 1, 2011 1468
Global gene expression profiling of a population exposed to a range of benzene levels. McHale, Cliona M.; Zhang, Luoping; Lan, Qing; Vermeulen, Roel; Li, Guilan; Hubbard, Alan E.; Porter, Report May 1, 2011 7198
Cancer risk nearly 50% higher in RA patients. Freeman, Sara May 1, 2011 599
Trichloroethylene exposure and non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Brief article Feb 1, 2011 143
A case-control study of occupational exposure to trichloroethylene and non-hodgkin lymphoma. Purdue, Mark P.; Bakke, Berit; Stewart, Patricia; Roos, Anneclaire J. De; Schenk, Maryjean; Lynch, C Report Feb 1, 2011 8338
MAXILLARY SINUS LYMPHOMA WITH VISION LOSS AND INTRAORAL PRESENTATIONS: A CASE REPORT. Clifford, Adhish; Devi, Parvathi; Jyoti, Bhuvan Clinical report Dec 31, 2010 1299
MALT lymphoma. Marcum, Kristin K.; Kemp, E. Shannon; Rees, Catherine J. Case study Nov 1, 2010 367
Mayo study links increased vitamin K intake to lower non-Hodgkin lymphoma risk. Dye, Dayna Brief article Jul 1, 2010 175
Vitamin K protective against non Hodgkin lymphoma. Hunter, Kim Report Jun 22, 2010 472
Smoking, obesity, alcohol affect survival of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma patients. May 15, 2010 385
Malignant lymphoma of the testis: a study of 12 cases. Lantz, Andrea G.; Power, Nicholas; Hutton, Brian; Gupta, Rekha Clinical report Oct 1, 2009 3173
Differentiating HIV-associated non-Hodgkin's lymphomas with similar plasmacellular differentiation. Pantanowitz, Liron; Pihan, German; Carbone, Antonino; Dezube, Bruce J. Report Jun 1, 2009 7437
Peripheral T-cell lymphomas in HIV-infected individuals: a comprehensive review. Castillo, Jorge; Perez, Kimberly; Milani, Cannon; Dezube, Bruce J.; Pantanowitz, Liron Clinical report Jun 1, 2009 5571
Clinical, endoscopic and prognostic aspects of primary gastric non-Hodgkin's lymphoma associated with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. Rezende, Rosamar Eulira Fontes; Mantelmacher, Marcos; Ferreira, Sandro da Costa; Hyppolito, Elodie B Clinical report Feb 1, 2009 1662
The results of a study published in the July issue of Epidemiology suggest that long-term users of tricyclic antidepressants are at increased risk of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL). Brief article Jul 28, 2008 281
Aortic aneurysm and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in Marfan syndrome/Marfan sendromunda Hodgkin disi lenfoma ve aort anevrizmasi. Ghosh, Sujoy; Ghosh, Subrata; Ghosh, Sandip Kumar Report Mar 1, 2008 1386
Radiological case of the month: Vani Vijayakumar, MD; Raman Kansal, MD; and Atiar Rahman, MD, PhD. Vijayakumar, Vani; Kansal, Raman; Atiar, Rahman Case study Jul 1, 2007 746
Lupus patients at elevated risk for malignancy. Walsh, Nancy Feb 1, 2007 616
What cancer has taught me (so far). Sandridge, Thomas G. Editorial Jan 1, 2007 1218
Primary B cell lymphoma of the external auditory canal. Hersh, David J. Sep 1, 2006 1320
Radiological case of the month: Pramod Gupta, MD; Qing Hua Zhao, MD; Mark Rosovsky, MD; Ashok Madan, MD. Gupta, Pramod; Zhao, Qing Hua; Rosovsky, Mark; Madan, Ashok Case study May 1, 2005 683
Sunlight may reduce non-Hodgkin's lymphoma risk. Zoler, Mitchel L. Oct 15, 2004 376
Risk for cancer lowered by diet and exercise. Jun 1, 2004 314
Lymphoma in celiac disease. (Clinical Capsules). Kubetin, Sally Koch May 15, 2002 239
Primary Pulmonary Mucosa-Associated Lymphoid Tissue Lymphoma With Associated Fungal Ball in a Patient With Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection. Mhawech, Paulette; Krishnan, Bhuvenswari; Shahab, Imran Oct 1, 2000 2297
Systemic non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in persons with HIV infection. Butel, Janet S. Sep 1, 2000 2048
PCBs linked to rise in lymph cancers. Raloff, Janet Aug 9, 1997 603
Red meat & lymphoma. Liebman, Bonnie Brief Article Oct 1, 1996 164
Another meaty link to cancer. Brief Article Jun 8, 1996 314
Dogging a pesticide-cancer link. Sep 21, 1991 131
Organ transplant drug tied to cancer risk. Weiss, Rick Jun 2, 1990 826

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