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Discontinuing statins after first ischemic stroke may raise risk of second stroke. Oct 1, 2017 226
Stroke Survivors Without Early Complications at Long-Term Risk of Death, Stroke. Oct 1, 2017 144
United States : Landmark Study Published in the New England Journal of Medicine Shows Abbott's Amplatzer Device Significantly Reduces Risk of Recurrent Stroke for People Living With a Hole in Their Heart. Sep 16, 2017 519
United States : Landmark Study Published in the New England Journal of Medicine Shows Abbott's Amplatzer Device Significantly Reduces Risk of Recurrent Stroke for People Living With a Hole in Their Heart. Sep 15, 2017 519
Risk factors for pneumonia in acute stroke patients admitted to the Emergency Department of a Tertiary Government Hospital. de Castillo, Lennie Lynn C.; Sumalapao, Derick Erl P.; Pascual, Jose Leonard R. Report Sep 9, 2017 3331
Stroke survivors are at double cancer risk. Sep 7, 2017 286
New Sub-analysis Data Highlights the Benefit of LIXIANA,u- (edoxaban) Over Warfarin in NVAF Patients According to More Comprehensive Stroke Risk Scoring. Aug 29, 2017 2114
New Sub-analysis Data Highlights the Benefit of LIXIANA,u- (edoxaban) Over Warfarin in NVAF Patients According to More Comprehensive Stroke Risk Scoring. Aug 29, 2017 2239
Value of Combining Left Atrial Diameter and Amino-terminal Pro-brain Natriuretic Peptide to the CHA2DS2-VASc Score for Predicting Stroke and Death in Patients with Sick Sinus Syndrome after Pacemaker Implantation. Mo, Bin-Feng; Lu, Qiu-Fen; Lu, Shang-Biao; Xie, Yu-Quan; Feng, Xiang-Fei; Li, Yi-Gang Report Aug 20, 2017 4127
Sleep deprivation a stroke risk for people with metabolic syndrome. Brief article Aug 1, 2017 136
Acute Ischemic Stroke Following Acute Myocardial Infarction: Adding Insult to Injury. Cai, Xiao-Qing; Wen, Jin; Zhao, Ying; Wu, Ya-Li; Zhang, Han-Ping; Zhang, Wei-Ze Report Jul 27, 2017 851
Stroke: secondary prevention of ischemic events. Morris, Jane G.; Carter, Emily L.; Martin, Stephen A. Jul 1, 2017 4473
Cirrhosis linked to increased risk of hemorrhagic, thrombotic stroke. Moon, Mary Ann Jun 15, 2017 439
Lifestyle counseling intervention effects on counseling quality in patients with stroke and transient ischemic attack. Oikarinen, Anne; Engblom, Janne; Kyngas, Helvi; Kaariainen, Maria Report Jun 1, 2017 3239
Blood sugar levels surge to record highs. Faloon, William Report Jun 1, 2017 4619
Economic burden of stroke. Icagasioglu, Afitap; Baklacioglu, Hatice Sule; Mesci, Erkan; Yumusakhuylu, Yasemin; Murat, Sadiye; M Report Jun 1, 2017 3719
Young people at higher risk for stroke. May 10, 2017 336
Gum disease may increase stroke risk. Brief article May 1, 2017 163
Heart attack deaths rise when a large marathon is in town. Apr 13, 2017 535
Awareness on risk factors and warning signs of stroke among individuals with hypertension. Pinto, Veena Jasmine; George, Peter Report Apr 13, 2017 3187
Inadequate anticoagulation often precedes stroke in AF. Moon, Mary Ann Apr 1, 2017 664
MGH researchers link stress and higher risk for stroke. Brief article Apr 1, 2017 175
Clot aspiration remains unproven in U.S. patients with ischemic stroke. Report Mar 15, 2017 163
Cardiovascular disease incidence and risk factor patterns among Omanis with type 2 diabetes: a retrospective cohort study. Rawahi, Abdul Hakeem Al; Lee, Patricia; Anqoudi, Zaher A.M. Al; Busaidi, Ahmed Al; Rabaani, Muna Al; Report Mar 1, 2017 5699
High prevalence of hypertension and habit of smoking in adults is major cause of Stroke. Jan 31, 2017 1116
Small vessel makes the brain very vulnerable to cardio metabolic ischemia-Leonardo Lucas. Report Jan 15, 2017 1542
Increased risk of stroke in patients with atopic dermatitis: A population-based, longitudinal study in Taiwan. Sung, Yueh-Feng; Lin, Chun-Chieh; Yin, Jiu-Haw; Chou, Chung-Hsing; Chung, Chi-Hsiang; Yang, Fu-Chi; Report Jan 1, 2017 3976
Association of Chronic Kidney Disease with Coronary Heart Disease and Stroke Risks in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: An Observational Cross-sectional Study in Hangzhou, China. Sun, Xue; He, Jie; Ji, Xiao-Li; Zhao, Yi-Ming; Lou, Han-Yu; Song, Xiao-Xiao; Shan, Li-Zhen; Kang, Yi Report Jan 1, 2017 4973
Shingles increases short-term risk of stroke and heart attack. Jan 1, 2017 201
Memory maximizers: here's the latest research to help you keep your brain sharp. Jan 1, 2017 524
Cerebral ischemia/reperfusion injury in the hyperthyroid rat. Keshavarz, Somaye; Dehghani, Gholam Abbas Report Jan 1, 2017 5568
Ischaemic stroke--clinical profile and evaluation with electroencephalography and MRI brain. Sreenivasa, Murthy L.; Sudulagunta, Sreenivasa Rao; Raja, Shiva Kumar Bangalore; Bhaktavatchalam; So Report Dec 26, 2016 3524
Stroke risk: PPIs may boost ischemic events. Jancin, Bruce Dec 1, 2016 938
Cerebral amyloid angiopathy.... Heartburn drugs and dementia.... Does exercise help ADHD? Column Dec 1, 2016 632
CDC grand rounds: a public health approach to detect and control hypertension. Merai, Rikita; Siegel, Claudia; Rakotz, Michael; Basch, Peter; Wright, Janet; Wong, Betty; Thorpe, P Nov 18, 2016 2427
The study of biomarker homocysteine as risk factor in acute cerebral stroke patients of western rajasthan. Choudhary, Raghuveer; Sharma, Mukesh Babu; Soni, N.D. Report Nov 14, 2016 3751
Developing a new care pathway for transient ischemic attack at a community medical center. Holland, Neil R.; Chan, Michael E.; Armor, Martin M.; Nachimuthu, Nagakrishnal; Boyu, O. Steven; Pum Nov 1, 2016 3196
A 49 year-old man who presents with left sided weakness: an update on ischemic stroke. Masri, Najy; Weems, Rikki; Brown, Falon; Andres, Ben; Lopez, Fred Report Nov 1, 2016 7712
HMC asks people to be aware of signs of stroke. Oct 31, 2016 327
HMC urges people to be aware of symptoms, risk factors of stroke. Oct 31, 2016 398
AliveCor Unveils Medical Grade Mobile App to Manage Top Risk Factors for Stroke. Oct 28, 2016 772
Effect of Metabolic Syndrome on Risk Stratification for Left Atrial or Left Atrial Appendage Thrombus Formation in Patients with Nonvalvular Atrial Fibrillation. Chen, Yu-Yang; Liu, Qi; Liu, Li; Shu, Xiao-Rong; Su, Zi-Zhuo; Zhang, Hai-Feng; Nie, Ru-Qiong; Wang, Report Oct 20, 2016 5138
Impaired work productivity after aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage. McNett, Molly Report Oct 1, 2016 598
The top 10 risk factors for stroke are preventable. Oct 1, 2016 173
What you should know about stroke. Brief article Oct 1, 2016 147
Mind & memory newsbriefs. Oct 1, 2016 427
Study: 90 percent of strokes are preventable. Brief article Oct 1, 2016 148
Controlling stroke risk factors may also delay dementia onset. Sep 1, 2016 296
Poor air quality linked to stroke risk. Krisberg, Kim Sep 1, 2016 231
Symptomatic Rathke's Cleft Cyst with Rapid Enlargement Masquerading as Rathke's Cleft Cyst Apoplexy. Yang, Cheng-Xian; Feng, Ming; Liu, Xiao-Hai; Bao, Xin-Jie; Deng, Kan; Yao, Yong; Lian, Wei; Xing, Bi Report Aug 20, 2016 1239
A study of high sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP) levels in cerebrovascular accident (stroke). Bhaskar, Peddi; Rao, Bikshapathi; Rajender Report Aug 15, 2016 4447
Sleep disorders increase stroke risk,. Aug 7, 2016 449
Sleep disorders may increase risk of stroke. Aug 6, 2016 234
Gut bacteria boost risk after stroke: mouse study suggests fecal transplants as countermeasure. Ehrenberg, Rachel Aug 6, 2016 353
Blood coagulation detector may help in monitoring stroke risk. Aug 1, 2016 337
Study: modifiable risk factors make up majority of stroke burden. Aug 1, 2016 224
Heart arrhythmia--Are we making progress? New drugs make managing a-fib easier, but half of patients at high risk for stroke don't get needed meds. Aug 1, 2016 780
Association of diabetes mellitus with stroke: a hospital-based case-control study. Kumar, Manoj; Shahnawaz, Kashif Report Jul 11, 2016 2381
Cardiac complications in acute ischaemic stroke with special reference to ventricular dysfunction. Megaanathan, Anusuya; Muthukumarasamy, Vivek Report Jul 7, 2016 3749
Clinical profile of aetiological and risk factors in young stroke. Ramesh, R.; Lakshmi, G. Sree Ranga; Narmada, S.; Suma, K.; Rao, B. Tirumala; Kiran, M. Deepti; Kumar Report Jul 7, 2016 2907
Prognostic significance of C-reactive protein in acute stroke. James, Philomena; Mangalasundaram, Rangaswami; Radhakrishnan, Arun Natesh Report Jul 4, 2016 3851
Early identification, rapid response, and effective treatment of acute stroke: utilizing teleneurology to ensure optimal clinical outcomes. Bowen, Patricia Jul 1, 2016 2048
Serum creatine kinase MB in ischaemic stroke: a case control study. Preethi, B.; Ramakrishna, C.; Roopa, M.; Rao, Sanjeevi Report Jun 30, 2016 2974
United States : Many At-Risk Stroke Patients Prescribed Aspirin Only Instead of Blood Thinners. Jun 21, 2016 869
Clinical study of electrocardiogram changes in different types of cerebrovascular accidents and prognostic significance. Parashuram; Venkataramanappa, Srinivasa Kaligonahalli Report Jun 20, 2016 2872
Association of hypertension and coronary heart disease with stroke: a hospital based case control study from Kishanganj, Bihar. Saha, Anuj Kumar; Shahnawaz, Kashif Report Jun 9, 2016 3747
Obstructive sleep apnea as an independent stroke risk factor: a review of the evidence, stroke prevention guidelines, and implications for neuroscience nursing practice. King, Sharon; Cuellar, Norma Report Jun 1, 2016 7287
Stroke following zoledronic acid infusion: effect of treatment or coincidence?/Zoledronik asit infuzyonu sonrasi gelisen inme: Tedavinin yan etkisi mi tesaduf mu? Erol, Asiye Mukaddes; Celik, Canan; Yalbuzdag, Seniz Akcay; Senturk, Burcu Case study Jun 1, 2016 2628
News briefs. Jun 1, 2016 688
Blood test predicts second stroke risk. Brief article Jun 1, 2016 248
A study on yield and usefulness of non-contrast ct brain imaging in acute stroke at a tertiary care institute in South India. Rangarajan, Jayanthi; Govindaraj, Vasumathi; Chelladurai, Amarnath; Vaseekaran, Santhosh Kumar; Arun Report May 12, 2016 2746
New Study Identifies Link Between Atrial Fibrillation Burden And Higher Risk Of Ischemic Stroke With The Use Of ZIO Service From iRhythm Technologies. Clinical report May 9, 2016 666
Kaiser Permanente Study Finds Cardiovascular Risk Tool Overestimates Actual Chance of Cardiovascular Events. May 2, 2016 1365
Depression linked to heart disease and stroke. May 1, 2016 1122
Eating to lower your stroke risk. May 1, 2016 580
LONELY HEARTS DISEASE; Isolation link to cardiac complaints. Apr 20, 2016 374
Common blood test could predict risk of second stroke. Brief article Apr 1, 2016 182
Hidradenitis suppurativa ups cardiovascular risks. Nogrady, Bianca Apr 1, 2016 265
United States : Patients at Highest Stroke Risk Not Prescribed Blood Thinners. Mar 17, 2016 672
COPD exacerbation amps up the risk of stroke. Garrett, Nicola Mar 15, 2016 500
Optimising stroke prevention in patients with atrial fibrillation in primary care. Javaid, Yassir Report Mar 1, 2016 6483
Does Daylight Saving Time Increase Risk of Stroke? Feb 29, 2016 611
Oral Bacteria Linked to Risk of Stroke. Feb 17, 2016 415
Poor thinking skills in seniors linked to both. Feb 1, 2016 371
Prevalence and correlates of hypertension in the rural community of Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka, India. Gupta, Animesh; Brahmbhatt, Krutarth; Sharma, Prasanna Kumar; Halappanavar, Annasaheb Basappa Report Feb 1, 2016 3111
American Heart Association's Go Red For Women Wants You to Wear Red for a Day and Go Red for Heart Health by Scheduling a Well-Woman Visit on this year's National Wear Red Day. Feb 1, 2016 1456
Incongruence between perceived long-term risk and actual risk of stroke in rural African Americans. Aycock, Dawn M.; Clark, Patricia C. Report Feb 1, 2016 5381
Post-shingles stroke risk up in autoimmune disease. Karon, Amy Jan 1, 2016 388
Correlation between functional independence and quality of executive functions in stroke patients/Inme hastalarinda yurutucu fonksiyonlarin niteligi ile fonksiyonel bagimsizlik Arasindaki korelasyon. Arsic, Sladjana; Eminovic, Fadilj; Konstantinovic, Ljubica; Pavlovic, Dragan; Kljajic, Dragana; Desp Report Dec 1, 2015 3804
Effect of aphasia on the state-trait anxiety and hopelessness levels of the family members of hemiplegic patients/Hemiplejik hastalarin aile uyelerinin anksiyete ve umutsuzluk duzeylerine afazinin etkisi. Akmese, Pelin Pistav; Yuzer, Guldal Funda Nakipoglu; Altinok, Nermin; Ozgirgin, Nese Report Dec 1, 2015 3949
C-reactive Protein −717A>G and −286C>T>A Gene Polymorphism and Ischemic Stroke. Liu, Yan; Geng, Pei-Liang; Yan, Fu-Qin; Chen, Tong; Wang, Wei; Tang, Xu-Dong; Zheng, Jing-Chen; Wu, Report Dec 1, 2015 3061
Role of bacterial infection in stroke. Prashanth, V.N.; Aravind, G.N. Nov 5, 2015 7502
Preventing and identifying stroke. Etingin, Orli R. Report Nov 1, 2015 399
Skip the salt to slash stroke risk. Brief article Nov 1, 2015 162
Working long hours tied to stroke risk. Krisberg, Kim Brief article Nov 1, 2015 148
Diabetes doubled mortality risk from many causes. Freeman, Sara Nov 1, 2015 993
World Stroke Day: Key Risk Factors Atrial Fibrillation and Hypertension Need Detection and Treatment. Oct 28, 2015 2277
Diabetes doubles death risk from many causes. Freeman, Sara Oct 15, 2015 1080
Awareness of harmful effects of smoking among smokers. Raghu, Srikanti; Rao, Modini Venkata; Pulivarthhi, Surya Kiran; Srikanth, Juvva Kishan Clinical report Oct 5, 2015 2682
Major blood pressure changes herald increased stroke risk. Brief article Oct 1, 2015 153
Britain: long working hours increase stroke risk. Brief article Oct 1, 2015 250
Comparing Level of 4HNE in Acute Phase of Ischemic Stroke patients and its Association with Cognitive Function After Stroke Event. Report Sep 30, 2015 2278
Birth control pills increase risk of stroke in women with other risk factors. Sep 18, 2015 468
Depression boosts risk for stroke. Brief article Sep 1, 2015 194
Diet: your strong defense against strokes: follow a Mediterranean or DASH diet pattern to cut your risk for deadly strokes. Tone, Clare Report Sep 1, 2015 519
Plasma c-reactive protein levels as a prognostic and diagnostic marker in first ever acute ischemic stroke. Waddankeri, Swaraj S.; Jeevangi, Santoshkumar; Shrikanth, S.W. Report Aug 31, 2015 3896
Evaluation of carotid artery stenosis in stroke/transient ischaemic attack. Subramanyam, Nambakam Tanuja; Naveen, Kumar P.; Vakrani, Girish P. Clinical report Jul 13, 2015 2705
Study of glycosylated hemoglobin levels in hypertensive and normotensive non diabetic population. Arya, Anita; Saxena, Tripti; Mundada, Kaustubh; Malvi, Maya Report Jul 13, 2015 2405
Aid of a digital orthopantomogram in the detection of carotid atheromas. Shetty, Rahul Raviraj Jul 13, 2015 2299
Routine imaging offers clues about stroke risk. Jul 1, 2015 196
Study of hyperhomocysteinaemia as a risk factor for atherothrombotic cerebrovascular accident in young adults. Desai, Devadatta; Jotkar, S.K.; Dambal, Archana; Kalsad, S.T.; Nimbal, N.V.; Desai, Purvashree D.; A Clinical report Jun 25, 2015 2269
Binge drinkers have a bigger risk of stroke. Jun 22, 2015 422
Unhealthy Gums? You May Be at Risk for Alzheimer's, Heart Disease, Stroke, and Type 2 Diabetes. Jun 2, 2015 514
Recurrent ischemic stroke characteristics and assessment of sufficiency of secondary stroke prevention. Kocaman, Gulsen; Duruyen, Humeyra; Kocer, Abdulkadir; Asil, Talip Report Jun 1, 2015 5731
Just one added risk factor raises stroke risk in AFIB patients. Jun 1, 2015 213
Rehabilitation and quality of life in stroke patients. Tastekin, Nurettin Editorial Jun 1, 2015 814
Central post-stroke pain in stroke patients: incidence and the effect on quality of life. Kilic, Zeynep; Erhan, Belgin; Gunduz, Berrin; Iska Elvan, Gulsun Report Jun 1, 2015 4245
Determining quality of life and associated factors in patients with stroke. Em, Serda; Bozkurt, Mehtap; Karakoc, Mehmet; Caglayan, Mehmet; Akdeniz, Dicle; Oktayoglu, Pelin; Var Report Jun 1, 2015 5413
Severe ischemic stroke in a patients with idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura: a case report. Gumus, Haluk; Yilmaz, Halim Report Jun 1, 2015 1400
Management and assessment of prognosis of infratentorial haemorrhage cases of stroke in a tertiary care hospital, Chennai. Ramanaiah, D. Venkata; Sundaram, U. Meenakshi; Murugendran, C.U. Velu; Shankar, V.; Prabhu, G. Ravi Report May 14, 2015 2678
Migraine headaches may be double risk of stroke. May 12, 2015 193
Study of renal function tests in patients of acute haemorrhagic stroke. Singh, Aditya Vardhan; Singh, Harsh Vardhan; Singh, Shreshtha Report May 11, 2015 4064
Lower Your Stroke Risk. May 5, 2015 161
Low vitamin D linked to higher stroke risk. May 1, 2015 112
Does your daily low-dose aspirin deliver more risks than benefits? Apr 1, 2015 782
Heavier alcohol drinking may increase your stroke risk. Apr 1, 2015 180
Hormone therapy post menopause increases stroke risk. Haelle, Tara Apr 1, 2015 662
New Score Predicts Heart Disease, Stroke Risk for Anyone in World Aged over 40. Mar 26, 2015 558
New Data from Boehringer Ingelheim's GLORIA(TM)-AF Registry Show Non-Valvular Atrial Fibrillation (NVAF) Patients at High Risk of Stroke May Be Undertreated. Mar 16, 2015 2501
Mediterranean-style diet linked with fewer strokes. Zoler, Mitchel L. Mar 15, 2015 698
Mediterranean diet linked to fewer strokes. Zoler, Mitchel L. Mar 15, 2015 539
Importance of further recognition of atherosclerotic patients candidate for CABG: predisposing factors for postoperative stroke. Sheikhi, Mohammad Ali; Ebadi, Ahmad; Rahmani, Hossein Report Mar 1, 2015 3510
Arthritis drugs may increase stroke risk mortality. Brief article Mar 1, 2015 218
A faltering memory may indicate higher stroke risk. Brief article Mar 1, 2015 215
[CHA.sub.2][DS.sub.2]-VASc score of 1 tied to lower stroke risk. Karon, Amy Feb 15, 2015 398
Recommendations mixed on OCs for migraineurs. Karon, Amy Feb 1, 2015 487
Predictors of poor hospital discharge outcome in acute stroke due to Atrial fibrillation. Tian, Melissa J.; Tayal, Ashis H.; Schlenk, Elizabeth A. Report Feb 1, 2015 4949
Be wise: implementing a lifestyle intervention to reduce stroke risk in low-income midlife women. Agomo, Helen C.; Andresen, Pamela A.; Deshmukh, Deepa Report Feb 1, 2015 6187
Motoric cognitive risk syndrome ... brain problems with chronic fatigue ... Afib and silent stroke. Fava, Maurizio Column Feb 1, 2015 627
A rare case of Percheron artery infarct. Avvas, Veena Santoshi; Manjunath, R.; Rajeev, H.; Aravind, M.N. Case study Jan 29, 2015 1336
Study on the role of risk factors in cerebro vascular stroke. Vasavilatha, G.; Murthy, A. Krishna; Kranthi, P.; Chandrasekhar, M. Report Jan 19, 2015 2722
Japan : U.S. FDA Approves Daiichi Sankyo's Once-Daily SAVAYSA(edoxaban) Tablets for Reduction of Stroke Risk in Non-Valvular Atrial Fibrillation and for the Treatment of Venous Thromboembolism. Jan 9, 2015 458
Risk factors of the first stroke/faktori rizika prvog mozdanog udara. Duricic, Sinisa; Zikic, Tamara Rabi; Zikic, Milorad Report Jan 1, 2015 2684
Higher potassium intake linked with lower risk of death, stroke. Brief article Jan 1, 2015 220
Risk for silent stroke is twice as high with atrial fibrillation. Jan 1, 2015 244
Evaluation of stroke risk associated with the use of typical or atypical antipsychotics among patients with cardiovascular diseases. Wang, Meng-Ting; Li, Min-Fang; Chu, Che-Li; Yeh, Chin-Bin; Tsai, Cheng-Liang; Liou, Jun-Ting Report Jan 1, 2015 5188
Outcome predictors in first-ever ischemic stroke patients: a population-based study. Corso, Giovanni; Bottacchi, Edo; Tosi, Piera; Caligiana, Laura; Lia, Chiara; Morosini, Massimo Veron Report Jan 1, 2015 5020
Plasma C-reactive protein levels as a prognostic marker in first ever acute ischemic stroke. Konin, Bharat; Konin, Savita; Kinhal, Sudhanva V.; Saraf, Niraj Report Dec 15, 2014 2857
Eating potassium-rich foods linked with lower stroke risk. Nov 1, 2014 185
Manage your mood and lower your stroke risk. Nov 1, 2014 180
Cognitive decline may raise stroke risk. Brief article Nov 1, 2014 111
Treat depression before it harms your heart: the mood disorder increases risk for heart disease and stroke. Nov 1, 2014 720
Neck manipulation and stroke ... electrolyte imbalance ... apathy--sign of brain disease? Fava, Maurizio Column Nov 1, 2014 616
U.S. FDA Cardiovascular and Renal Drugs Advisory Committee Makes Recommendation on Daiichi Sankyo's Once-Daily SAVAYSA(TM) (edoxaban) for the Reduction in Risk of Stroke and Systemic Embolic Events in Patients with Non-Valvular Atrial Fibrillation. Oct 30, 2014 1779
U.S. FDA Cardiovascular and Renal Drugs Advisory Committee Makes Recommendation on Daiichi Sankyo's Once-Daily SAVAYSA(TM) (edoxaban) for the Reduction in Risk of Stroke and Systemic Embolic Events in Patients with Non-Valvular Atrial Fibrillation. Oct 30, 2014 1776
Cryptogenic strokes may find explanation in the heart. Report Oct 15, 2014 516
Stress, hostility, and depression increase stroke risk. Brief article Oct 1, 2014 180
Women's interpretation of and cognitive and behavioral responses to the symptoms of acute ischemic stroke. Beal, Claudia C. Report Oct 1, 2014 7485
Tooth loss and stroke: results from the behavioral risk factor surveillance system, 2010. Wiener, R. Constance Oct 1, 2014 4448
Sudden "dystextia" can be sign of stroke. Brief article Oct 1, 2014 276
Stroke risk skyrocketed after ICH in warfarin users. Jancin, Bruce Oct 1, 2014 613
Newly diagnosed cancer and risk of stroke. Brief article Sep 22, 2014 104
Insomnia and subsequent risk of stroke. Sep 1, 2014 662
Depression and risk of stroke in middle aged women. Clinical report Aug 31, 2014 593
Stroke risk may be higher among older migraine sufferers. Aug 1, 2014 176
FDA approves drug to reduce heart attack, stroke risk. Aug 1, 2014 110
Study suggests higher protein intake lowers stroke risk: however, protein should come from fish, poultry or vegetable sources. Aug 1, 2014 329
Extreme temperatures increase risk of heart failure or stroke. Jul 30, 2014 171
'Get tested' alert to beat stroke risks. Jul 29, 2014 305
Heart flaw at root of some strokes: brain attacks tied to undiagnosed atrial fibrillation. Seppa, Nathan Jul 26, 2014 410
United States : 'Triad Triage Trio' Spreads the Word about Heart Disease and Stroke Risk, Reports AHA's Heart Insight. Jul 25, 2014 458
To study the homocysteine levels in patients of cerebral vascular accidents. Kaur, Ranjeet; Mohan, Gurinder; Singh, Jang Bahadur Jul 21, 2014 1671
High Stress, Hostility, Depression Raise Stroke Risk. Jul 14, 2014 547
CT scan findings and risk factors in patients presenting with stroke. Khan, Nisar; Khan, Habibullah; Khan, Nowshad Report Jul 3, 2014 3205
Angry outbursts may raise risk of heart attacks, strokes. Jul 1, 2014 245
Low vitamin C levels may increase stroke risk. Brief article Jul 1, 2014 156
The lowdown on salt and your brain: restricting salt intake to healthy levels is linked to dramatically lower risk for a brain-damaging stroke. Jul 1, 2014 799
Slash your stroke risk by addressing crucial modifiable risk factors. Jul 1, 2014 1036
Your stroke risk rises with your blood pressure. Jul 1, 2014 1182
Lower stroke risk by eating more fruits and vegetable. Jul 1, 2014 171
Study reaffirms calcium safey. Brief article Jul 1, 2014 149
THE RISK FACTORS. Jun 26, 2014 292
Study Finds High CD4 Cell Counts Associated With a Reduced Risk of Ischemic Stroke for Those with HIV. Jun 24, 2014 1003
Diet Higher in Protein: Lower Risk of Stroke. Jun 13, 2014 409
Diet high in protein lowers stroke risk. Jun 12, 2014 265
Stroke risk rises following a shingles episode. Brief article Jun 1, 2014 119
Vitamin E for Alzheimer's disease ... blood pressure variability ... alcohol and insomnia. Fava, Maurizio Column Jun 1, 2014 599
"Prehypertension" associated with greater stroke risk. Dye, D. Brief article Jun 1, 2014 231
Fibromuscular dysplasia and intravenous thrombolytic treatment/ Fibromuskuler displazi ve intravenoz trombolitik tedavi. Pekoz, Mehmet Taylan; Bicakci, Sebnem; Ozturk, Ilker; Aslan, Kezban; Bozdemir, Hacer; Koc, Filiz Case study Jun 1, 2014 1350
FDA approves many drugs that up heart and stroke risk. May 28, 2014 185
Study of risk factors and clinical profile of acute stroke. Tomar, A.P.S.; Ramteke, Satish K.; Singh, Ravita; Ramteke, Sharmila May 26, 2014 2137
EU fat lot; Irishmen will be most overweight in Europe by 2030 Warning over risk of diabetes, heart attacks & strokes. Editorial May 10, 2014 603
Fruits, vegetables could cut stroke risk. May 9, 2014 288
United States : FDA approves Zontivity to reduce the risk of heart attacks and stroke in high-risk patients. May 9, 2014 403
How stress increases stroke and heart attack risk. May 6, 2014 309
Angry outbursts can trigger heart attack and stroke. Brief article May 1, 2014 187
Low iron linked to high stroke risk. Brief article May 1, 2014 131
Vitamin C and stroke risk. Klotter, Jule May 1, 2014 454
Higher vitamin C levels linked to lower risk of hemorrhagic stroke. Dye, D. Brief article May 1, 2014 183
To study the relationship of serum high sensitive C reactive protein and its short term prognostic significance in acute ischemic stroke. Dhoat, Preeti Singh; Singh, Manjinder; Khurana, Ashok; Mahajan, Devinder Apr 21, 2014 1692
Severe sleep apnea could up risk of stroke, cancer and death. Apr 15, 2014 247
Grief takes its toll. Brief article Apr 5, 2014 109
Losing Sleep May Increase Your Risk of Stroke. Apr 4, 2014 364
Insomniacs may be at higher stroke risk. Apr 4, 2014 176
Recent cocaine use quadrupled risk of ischemic stroke. Boschert, Sherry Apr 1, 2014 530
Stroke risk rises after head, neck trauma under age 50. Boschert, Sherry Apr 1, 2014 396
Recent cocaine use quadrupled stroke risk in large study. Boschert, Sherry Apr 1, 2014 630
Asymptomatic atrial fibrillation and stroke risk. Mar 31, 2014 658
Nearly 80 Percent of Cardiologists Say Ischemic Stroke Risk Reduction is Their Primary Goal in Non-valvular Atrial Fibrillation Treatment, New Survey Shows. Survey Mar 28, 2014 2346
A clinical study of stroke in young in a teaching hospital. Jacob, Baiju Sam; Sreekumar, B.; Paul, V. Baby Report Mar 24, 2014 2369
Frequent Alcohol Consumption Linked to Stroke: Study. Mar 20, 2014 388
Study of ECG and echocardiography abnormalities in stroke patients and its prognostic significance. Tomar, A.P.S.; Ramteke, Satish K.; Singh, Ravita; Ramteke, Sharmila Report Mar 17, 2014 2095
BP reading above normal may up risk of stroke. Mar 13, 2014 252
Boston Heart Enables Healthcare Providers to Better Identify Near-Term Risk of Heart Attack or Stroke with Launch of an Important Inflammation Marker, Myeloperoxidase (MPO). Mar 6, 2014 787
Ranters risk heart attack and strokes. Mar 4, 2014 139
Long-term anxiety raises risk of stroke. Brief article Mar 1, 2014 189
Postpartum thrombosis risk high for 12 weeks: At the international stroke conference. Boschert, Sherry Conference news Mar 1, 2014 475
Higher vitamin c levels, intake linked with lower risk of stroke. Dye D. Mar 1, 2014 203
Tea drinking linked to lower stroke risk. Dye D. Brief article Mar 1, 2014 173
Pilot study: computer-based virtual anatomical interactivity for rehabilitation of individuals with chronic acquired brain injury. Simmons, C. Douglas; Arthanat, Sajay; Macri, Vincent J. Report Mar 1, 2014 7750
Walk more to reduce your heart attack, stroke risk. Mar 1, 2014 239
Diabetes ups stroke risk in women but not men. Feb 25, 2014 199
Death of partner linked with increased heart attack and stroke risk. Feb 25, 2014 190
Iron Deficiency May Increase Stroke Risk. Feb 22, 2014 565
An orange a day may ward off stroke risk. Feb 18, 2014 244
New stroke guidelines focus on women's risks: focus is on unique risk factors such as pregnancy, hormonal therapy, contraception, and migraine. Sullivan, Michele G. Feb 15, 2014 896
Eating citrus foods can help ward off stroke risk. Feb 15, 2014 209
Stroke risk tied to cold, humidity and weather swings. Marchione, Marilyn Feb 13, 2014 485
Aussie Study Warns Men With Erectile Dysfunction Have 2X Risk of Heart Attack, Stroke. Feb 11, 2014 267
Stroke risks for women made clear. Marchione, Marilynn Feb 7, 2014 758
Increased reward in ankle robotics training enhances motor control and cortical efficiency in stroke. Goodman, Ronald N.; Rietschel, Jeremy C.; Roy, Anindo; Jung, Brian C.; Diaz, Jason; Macko, Richard F Report Feb 1, 2014 9399
'Poor health behaviors' may link anxiety, stroke. Brunk, Doug Feb 1, 2014 422
Stroke, heart attack risks are real. Feb 1, 2014 279
Daily walking may reduce stroke risk. Feb 1, 2014 165
New guidelines to lower heart attack and stroke risk clarified: previous guidelines have been revised to show who is at risk, and how risk can be reduced. Unman, Magnus Feb 1, 2014 1436
Greater anxiety levels linked to higher stroke risk. Feb 1, 2014 150
Gastric bypass surgery may help lower heart attack, stroke risks: the weight-loss procedure has been shown to combat diabetes effectively, but new research also shows long-term benefits in reducing other risks. Feb 1, 2014 241
New stroke threat: tungsten from cell phones and computers. Brief article Feb 1, 2014 133
Peripheral artery disease triples stroke risk: plaque linked to this under-diagnosed condition can break free and travel to the brain. Feb 1, 2014 782
Sunshine reduces BP and cuts risk of heart attack and stroke. Jan 21, 2014 242
Sunlight 'may cut stroke risk'. Jan 21, 2014 182
A clinical study of ischaemic stroke with reference to lipoprotein (a), LDL and HDL cholesterol as risk factor. Basanth Kumar, S.; Pradeep, C.; Poorna Chandra, M.V.; Prabhu, Srinivas Report Jan 6, 2014 3847
Shingles may up stroke risk in young adults. Jan 5, 2014 321
A healthy diet can help lower your stroke risk. Jan 1, 2014 546
Circulating Fetuin-A and risk of ischemic stroke in women. Jimenez, Monik C.; Sun, Qi; Schurks, Markus; Hu, Frank B.; Manson, JoAnn E.; Rexrode, Kathryn M. Report Jan 1, 2014 5725
Meteorological variables associated with stroke. Nocera, Romy; Petrucelli, Philip; Park, Johnathan; Stander, Eric Report Jan 1, 2014 6155
Tea, toms and walks can cut risk of stroke. Dec 30, 2013 458
Anxiety linked to higher stroke risk. Dec 20, 2013 177
B vitamin supplementation could lower stroke risk. Dye, D. Dec 1, 2013 189
Diabetes almost doubles risk of strokes in patients. Dec 1, 2013 130
Risk calculator mires new guidelines in controversy: high-profile claims of overcalling risk have shaken confidence in the assessment tool. Zoler, Mitchel L. Report Dec 1, 2013 1948
Cutting back salt can up risk of heart disease, stroke. Nov 12, 2013 287
High tungsten levels can double stroke risk in people under 50. Nov 12, 2013 262
Study of carotid intima media thickness in patients with acute ischemic stroke and its correlation with risk factors of ischemic stroke--a case control study. Rajeev, H.; Krishnappa; Savitha, V. Clinical report Nov 4, 2013 4342
Q / Do oral contraceptives carry a significant risk of stroke for women with migraines? McClester, Mallory; Mounsey, Anne; Mackler, Leslie; Vincent, E. Chris Nov 1, 2013 1010
As risk factors mount, stroke odds increase, even without AFib. Nov 1, 2013 169
Smoking elevates stroke risk, especially in women. Brief article Nov 1, 2013 169
A study of risk factors in stroke patients in govt., general hospital, Kurnool, A.P. Ebenezer, B.S. Isaac; Rani, R. Elizabeth Report Oct 28, 2013 2036
Binge drinking linked to increased stroke risk in middle-aged men. Oct 22, 2013 273
High BP during pregnancy may raise stroke risk. Oct 19, 2013 232
Chocolate also insures against stroke risk. Oct 14, 2013 283
IT'S PLANE RISKY; Residents near City Airport worried by 'noise' health risks; Report links heart disease and stroke to roar of aircraft. Oct 10, 2013 542
Traumatic brain injury--a major risk factor for stroke: head injury rivals high blood pressure as a cause of ischemic strokes that can damage the brain. Oct 1, 2013 737
Break a sweat and reduce your stroke risk. Oct 1, 2013 179
Risk factors raised stroke rate, with or without AF. Jancin, Bruce Oct 1, 2013 793
Your postmenopausal patient reports a history of migraine: would a trial of hormone therapy increase her risk of stroke? Simon, James A. Oct 1, 2013 2208
Migraines may signal a stroke, but blood pressure control helps: if you suffer from migraine with aura, you may be at risk of a brain attack. Oct 1, 2013 575
Dietary fiber reduces stroke risk. Oct 1, 2013 166
Children and women are at risk of heart disease too: Dr Rishi Sethi. Sep 30, 2013 733
Vitamin B supplements reduce heart attack risk. Sep 22, 2013 216
Vitamin B supplements may cut risk of strokes. Sep 19, 2013 231
Undetected silent AF is present in 3% of 75-year-olds. Jancin, Bruce Sep 15, 2013 566
High ACR, incident heart disease linked in blacks. WORCESTER, SHARON Clinical report Sep 15, 2013 556
Joining Forces to Tackle Global Stroke Risk. Sep 3, 2013 832
Joining Forces to Tackle Global Stroke Risk. Sep 3, 2013 863
United States : ONGLYZAA (saxagliptin) achieves primary safety endpoint, demonstrating no increased risk for cardiovascular death, heart attack or stroke in SAVOR cardiovascular outcomes trial. Sep 3, 2013 436
A-fib speeds memory loss. Brief article Sep 1, 2013 130
COPD and stroke risk. Column Sep 1, 2013 203
Decreased DHEA sulfate levels linked to greater stroke risk in women. Dye, D. Brief article Sep 1, 2013 194
Hypertensive retinopathy may predict stroke risk. Worcester, Sharon Clinical report Sep 1, 2013 482
Stroke Risk Similar Among Men and Women Smokers Worldwide. Aug 24, 2013 376
Keep teeth clean to ward off stroke risk. Aug 23, 2013 291
More than 10,000 stroke-risk patients targeted. Aug 22, 2013 232
Paracetamol may raise 'risk heart failure and strokes' in arthritis sufferers. Aug 17, 2013 132
Mediterranean diet cuts risk of stroke. Aug 15, 2013 283
Mediterranean diet cuts risk of stroke. Aug 15, 2013 283
Mediterranean diet may help counteract genetic risk of stroke. Aug 14, 2013 496
Your eyes may be windows to predicting stroke risk. Aug 13, 2013 269
Keep teeth clean to ward off stroke risk. Aug 3, 2013 291
Lowering systolic blood pressure may cut second stroke risk. Aug 1, 2013 135
Stroke risk doubles for women with depression. Brief article Aug 1, 2013 171
Depression nearly doubles stroke risk in women: researchers find that the risk is especially high among women around the age of 50. Aug 1, 2013 647
Exercise frequency matters for reducing men's stroke risk. Rajaraman, Madhu Aug 1, 2013 667
Possible links between soil microbial communities and stroke risk. Perry, Ann Aug 1, 2013 1518
The subclinical atherosclerosis can change the risk of cerebrovascular disease?/A deteccao da aterosclerose subclinica pode modificar o risco de desenvolvimento da doenca cerebrovascular? de Freitas, Elizabete V. Aug 1, 2013 3860
Regular exercise can lower stroke risk. Jul 28, 2013 364
Regular exercise can lower stroke risk. Jul 28, 2013 364

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