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Modeling Spatial Risk of Diarrheal Disease Associated with Household Proximity to Untreated Wastewater Used for Irrigation in the Mezquital Valley, Mexico. Contreras, Jesse D.; Trangucci, Rob; Felix-Arellano, Eunice E.; Rodriguez-Dozal, Sandra; Siebe, Chri Jul 1, 2020 8773
Occurrence of BVDV Infection and the Presence of Potential Risk Factors in Dairy Cattle Herds in Poland. Rypula, Krzysztof; Ploneczka-Janeczko, Katarzyna; Czopowicz, Michal; Klimowicz-Bodys, Malgorzata D.; Report Feb 1, 2020 6242
Obesity Associated With Higher Risk for Chronic Diarrhea; Relationship appears independent of dietary, lifestyle, psychological, medical comorbidities. Oct 2, 2019 217
Short Communication - A Study on the Correlation of Serum Electrolytes and Trace Elements along with Associated Risk Factors in Diarrheic Buffalo and Cattle Calves. Abbas, Fazal; Ijaz, Muhammad; Akhtar, Zunaira; Mehmood, Khalid; Hyder , Muhammad Zeeshan; Iqbal, Uma Report Jun 30, 2019 2457
Climate change and control of diarrhoeal diseases in South Africa: Priorities for action. Boeckmann, Melanie; Roux, Thomas; Robinson, Matthew; Areal, Ashtyn; Durusu, Dilara; Wernecke, Bianca Report Jun 1, 2019 2836
Clostridium difficile contamination in retail meat products in Brazil. Pires, Renata N.; Caurio, Cassia F.B.; Saldanha, Gabriele Z.; Martins, Andreza F.; Pasqualotto, Ales Report Jul 1, 2018 1136
Short Communication - Identification of Bacteria from Diarrheic foals in Punjab, Pakistan. Haq, Ikramul; Durrani, Aneela Zameer; Khan, Muhammad Sarwar; Mushtaq, Muhammad Hassan; Ahmad, Imtiaz Report Feb 28, 2018 3370
Cystoisospora belli Gallbladder Infection in a Liver Transplant Donor. Akateh, Clifford; Arnold, Christina A.; Benissan-Messan, Dathe; Michaels, Anthony; Black, Sylvester Report Jan 1, 2018 2974
A Case Report and Literature Review of Clostridium difficile Negative Antibiotic Associated Hemorrhagic Colitis Caused by Klebsiella oxytoca. Fisher, Aaron; Halalau, Alexandra Jan 1, 2018 2343
Zinc Deficiency and the Recurrence of Clostridium difficile Infection after Fecal Microbiota Transplant: A Retrospective Cohort Study. Niccum, Blake A.; Stein, Daniel J.; Behm, Brian W.; Hays, R. Ann Jan 1, 2018 5508
Pyogenic Liver Abscess Caused by Methicillin-Susceptible Staphylococcus aureus in a 21-Year-Old Male. Igbinedion, Samuel; Mavuram, Meher S.; Boktor, Moheb; Bienvenu, John Jan 1, 2018 2658
Symptom- and Laboratory-Based Ebola Risk Scores to Differentiate Likely Ebola Infections. Oza, Shefali; Sesay, Alieu A.; Russell, Neal J.; Wing, Kevin; Boufkhed, Sabah; Vandi, Lahai; Sebba, Nov 1, 2017 6370
Overdiagnosis of C. difficile infection (CDI) and the importance of toxin detection. Moore, Norman; Lyerly, David Oct 1, 2017 2195
Prevalence of yersinia enterocolitica bioserotype 3/0:3 among children with diarrhea, China, 2010-2015. Duan, Ran; Liang, Junrong; Zhang, Jing; Chen, Yuhuang; Wang, Jing; Tong, Jing; Guo, Bangcheng; Hu, W Report Sep 1, 2017 5756
Gastroenteritis associated with rafting the Middle Fork of the Salmon River-Idaho, 2013. Rosenthal, Mariana; Taylor, Michael; Anderson, Kenneth S.; Carter, Kris K. Jul 1, 2017 5888
Herpes Simplex Proctitis Mimicking Inflammatory Bowel Disease in a Teenaged Male. Sandgren, Kristen E.; Price, Nathan B.; Bishop, Warren P.; McCarthy, Patrick J. Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 2167
Effect of Modified Pulsatilla Powder on Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli 0101-Induced Diarrhea in Mice. Yu, Jiankang; Zhang, Yuetian; Song, Xu; Yang, Yi; Jia, Renyong; Chen, Xu; Sun, Kai; Li, Li; Zhao, Xi Report Jan 1, 2017 8354
Antidiarrheal Activity of Dissotis multiflora (Sm) Triana (Melastomataceae) Leaf Extract in Wistar Rats and Subacute Toxicity Evaluation. Afagnigni, Alian Desire; Nyegue, Maximilienne Ascension; Foe, Chantal Florentine Ndoye; Ndam, Youcha Report Jan 1, 2017 6912
Assessing the association between thermotolerant coliforms in drinking water and diarrhea: an analysis of individual-level data from multiple studies. Hodge, James; Chang, Howard H.; Boisson, Sophie; Collin, Simon M.; Peletz, Rachel; Clasen, Thomas Report Oct 1, 2016 8718
Clinical features of and risk factors for fatal Ebola virus disease, Moyamba District, Sierra Leone, December 2014-February 2015. Haaskjold, Yngvar Lunde; Bolkan, Hakon Angell; Krogh, Kurt Osthuus; Jongopi, James; Lundeby, Karen M Sep 1, 2016 6550
Evaluation of protozoan parasites causing diarrhoea in HIV positive patients. Shankar, Uday; Ghosh, Saral J. Report Jul 25, 2016 2864
Clinical characteristics of Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhea among patients in a tertiary care center in China. Report Jun 30, 2016 4788
Factors associated with the uptake of sodium dichloroisocyanurate (NADCC) tablets as household water-treatment product among caregivers of children under five in Benin, West Africa. Inungu, Joseph N.; Zinsou, Cyprien E.; Mustafa, Younis; Singbo, Narcisse Report Jun 22, 2016 4038
Q/ Are IV fluids better than oral rehydration for children with acute diarrhea and vomiting? Patnaik, Suvag; Nanda, Mitali; Tiburicio, Jose Apr 1, 2016 525
Experience in Clinical Assessment of a Suspected Ebola Patient Manifesting with Acute Abdomen. Cao, Guang; Kong, Qing-Yu; Kolie, Bé; Zhao, Song Report Feb 1, 2016 1140
Cronkhite-Canada syndrome: a rare cause of chronic diarrhoea in a young man. Bandyopadhyay, Dhrubajyoti; Hajra, Adrija; Ganesan, Vijayan; Kar, Suvrendu Sankar; Bhar, Debarati; L Case study Jan 1, 2016 1615
Determinacion de factores de riesgo involucrados en diarrea neonatal bovina en fincas lecheras del tropico alto colombiano. Pardo, D.; Oliver, O. Clinical report Dec 1, 2015 4993
Bloody diarrhea associated with hookworm infection in traveler returning to France from Myanmar. Brunet, Julie; Lemoine, Jean-Philippe; Lefebvre, Nicolas; Denis, Julie; Pfaff, Alexander W.; Abou-Ba Letter to the editor Oct 1, 2015 1334
What to do when your favorite foods make you sick. Report May 1, 2015 1110
Factors associated with Clostridium difficile diarrhea in a hospital in Beijing, China. Lv, Z.; Peng, G.L.; Su, J.R. Report Dec 1, 2014 3652
What's bugging you? Jul 1, 2014 472
Meet the enemy. List Jul 1, 2014 446
Identification of possible virulence marker from Campylobacter jejuni isolates. Harrison, James W.; Dung, Tran Thi Ngoc; Siddiqui, Fariha; Korbrisate, Sunee; Bukhari, Habib; Tra, M Report Jun 1, 2014 1805
Colitis after polytrauma: Case report. Carter, William E.; Darko, Isaac A.; Chandan, Priya; Pai, Ajit B. Case study Apr 1, 2014 3021
Knowledge, attitude, and practice regarding food, and waterborne outbreak after massive diarrhea outbreak in Yazd Province, Iran, summer 2013. Cheraghi, Zahra; Okhovat, Batul; Irani, Amin Doosti; Talaei, Mojgan; Ahmadnezhad, Elham; Gooya, Moha Report Jan 1, 2014 3940
Prion mutation yields diarrheal disease: rare ailment starts in adulthood, attacking gut before brain. Seppa, Nathan Dec 14, 2013 412
Encephalitozoon intestinalis: a rare cause of diarrhea in an allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) recipient complicated by albendazole-related hepatotoxicity / Allojenik Hematopoietik Kok Hucre Nakli Ahasinda Albendazol Tedavisi Sirasinda Gelisen Hepatotoksisite ile Komplike Olmus Nadir Bir Diare Etkeni: Encephalitozoon Intestinalis. Sivgin, Serdar; Eaer, Bulent; Kaynar, Leylagul; Kurnaz, Fatih; Sivgin, Hulya; Yazar, Suleyman; Cetin Clinical report Jun 1, 2013 3319
NYC fish is often mislabeled. Dooley, Erin E. Report Feb 1, 2013 412
Women's health update: research reviews and news. Hudson, Tori Dec 1, 2012 1285
Entamoeba bangladeshi nov. sp., Bangladesh. Royer, Tricia L.; Gilchrist, Carol; Kabir, Mamun; Arju, Tuhinur; Ralston, Katherine S.; Haque, Rashi Letter to the editor Sep 1, 2012 1502
Probiotics help prevent antibiotic-associated diarrhea. Dye, D. Brief article Aug 1, 2012 186
Clostridium difficile infection in outpatients, Maryland and Connecticut, USA, 2002-2007. Hirshon, Jon Mark; Thompson, Angela D.; Limbago, Brandi; McDonald, L. Clifford; Bonkosky, Michelle; Oct 1, 2011 2475
Q/what risk factors contribute to C difficile diarrhea? Fashner, Julia; Garcia, Marin; Ribble, Lisa; Crowell, Karen Sep 1, 2011 1707
Arsenic exposure in pregnancy increases the risk of lower respiratory tract infection and diarrhea during infancy in Bangladesh. Rahman, Anisur; Vahter, Marie; Ekstrom, Eva-Charlotte; Perssonk, Lars-Ake Report May 1, 2011 7343
Forced migration and health--diarrhoea among adult Zimbabwean immigrants in Limpopo. Gwetu, Thando P.; Gerritsen, Annette A.M.; Akinsola, Henry A. Letter to the editor Apr 1, 2011 1412
Effects of hand hygiene campaigns on incidence of laboratory-confirmed influenza and absenteeism in schoolchildren, Cairo, Egypt. Talaat, Maha; Afifi, Salma; Dueger, Erica; Ashry, Nagwa El-; Marfin, Anthony; Kandeel, Amr; Mohareb, Report Apr 1, 2011 4986
Serum markers for severe Clostridium difficile infection in immunosuppressed hospitalized patients. Pant, Chaitanya; Sferra, Thomas J.; Ondrade, Christina; Bass, Pat F.; Deshpande, Abhishek; Burton, G Report Mar 1, 2011 2410
Uncertainties associated with quantifying climate change impacts on human health: a case study for diarrhea. Kolstad, Erik W.; Johansson, Kjell Arne Report Mar 1, 2011 6631
Is C difficile to blame for your patient's diarrhea? Once viewed almost exclusively as a nosocomial infection, C difficile is increasingly common in outpatient settings, making it imperative that FPs be proficient in detection and treatment. Watkins, Richard R.; Lemonovich, Tracy L. Mar 1, 2011 2977
Rotavirus diarrhea treatment. Brief article Jan 1, 2011 158
Zinc and diarrhea. Brief article Jan 1, 2011 142
From the editor... Brief article Jan 1, 2011 214
PPIs heighten risk of C. difficile diarrhea. Splete, Heidi Report Dec 1, 2010 221
Detection and characterization of human rotavirus in hospitalized patients in the cities of Ponta Grossa, Londrina and Assai-Pr, Brazil. Nozawa, Carlos M.; Kerntopf, Gustavo Franthesco; Czernisz, Erika da Silva; Albuquerque, Daniele; Rom Report Nov 1, 2010 4101
National Institute of Cholera and Enteric Diseases, Kolkata. Sarkar, Mamta Chawla; Basu, Sulagna Report Oct 1, 2010 4259
Curcumin for HIV-Associated Diarrhea. Gaby, Alan R. Brief article Jun 1, 2010 184
Manage diarrhea and skin effects from lapatinib: as seen in the Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing. Becze, Elisa Report Jun 1, 2010 1092
Frequency of antibodies and risk factors of bovine viral diarrhea virus infection in non-vaccinated dairy cows in the Maranhense Amazon region, Brazilfonte 10/Frequencia de anticorpos e fatores de risco para a infeccao pelo virus da diarreia viral bovina em femeas bovinas leiteiras nao vacinadas na regiao amazonica maranhense, Brasil. Chaves, Nancyleni Pinto; Bezerra, Danilo Cutrim; de Sousa, Vanessa Evangelista; Santos, Hamilton Per Jun 1, 2010 1937
Drug resistance looms in traveler's diarrhea. Tucker, Miriam E. Report Apr 1, 2010 653
Diarrhoea - Why Children are Still Dying and What Can be Done:. Oct 14, 2009 615
Chinese medicine: Wu Mei Wan and diarrhea due to irritable bowel syndrome. Flaws, Bob Report Oct 1, 2009 1622
Hypervirulent C. difficile in your grocer's freezer. Jancin, Bruce Report Sep 15, 2009 440
Digging into seaside microbial exposures. Spivey, Angela Report Sep 1, 2009 681
Infectious disease: new data shed light on preventing cytomegalovirus infection and wound complications, and reveal a disturbing picture of Clostridium-related diarrhea in pregnant women. Duff, Patrick Brief article Jun 1, 2009 120
Diarrhea linked to Clostridium difficile emerges as a potent threat to pregnant women. Duff, Patrick Report Jun 1, 2009 1001
Swim diapers not sufficient. Roy-Bornstein, Carolyn May 1, 2009 489
The incidence and clinical presentation of infantile rotavirus diarrhoea in Sierra Leone. de Villiers, Francois P.R.; Sawyerr, Thomas N.; de Villiers, Gillian K. Report Apr 1, 2009 3270
Watch side effects when using TKIs for thyroid cancer. Jancin, Bruce Dec 1, 2008 648
Potentially deadly infection doubled among hospital patients over last 5 years. Brief article Nov 1, 2008 147
Poor use of antibiotics has resulted in the emergence of superinfections, among them antibiotic-associated diarrhoea. Kalla, Ismail Sikander Report Nov 1, 2008 3710
When you're traveling. Fuchs, Nan Kathryn Brief article Jul 1, 2008 241
Management of toxicity of anti-angiogenic agents and the implications for treatment options. Garcia-Foncillas, Jesus Report Jun 1, 2008 4014
Incompetent maintenance/inept response--eighty more Eastern-Cape babies die. Bateman, Chris Jun 1, 2008 937
No benefit seen with ACE inhibitor/ARB combo: combined therapy was tied to higher rates of renal dysfunction, hypotensive symptoms, and diarrhea. Jancin, Bruce Report Apr 15, 2008 678
Petting zoos, swimming pools bring infectious diarrhea closer to home. Boschert, Sherry Feb 1, 2008 449
Infant feeding, HIV and causes of infant death in Botswana. Brief article Nov 1, 2007 193
Gene might underlie travelers' diarrhea. Brief article Oct 28, 2006 213
Mechanical ventilation increases CDAD. Tucker, Miriam E. Brief Article Feb 1, 2006 260
Young patient age is a new C. difficile risk factor. Tucker, Miriam E. Jan 1, 2006 347
When diarrhea is severe, consider C. difficile Dx. Tucker, Miriam E. Jan 1, 2006 355
Stool cultures rarely useful in managing diarrhea. MacNeil, Jane Salodof Oct 1, 2005 672
E. coli linked to diarrhea. Splete, Heidi Brief Article Mar 1, 2005 230
What are effective therapies for Clostridium difficile--associated diarrhea? Ohl, Michael E.; Stevermer, James J.; Meadows, Susan Feb 1, 2005 1159
Lactase nonpersistent patients can eat dairy products with little risk. Finn, Robert Brief Article Oct 15, 2004 268
Levofloxacin, cefazolin boost risk for C. difficile diarrhea. Zoler, Mitchel L. Jul 1, 2004 543
Clostridium difficile--associated diarrhea not easily diagnosed. (Tied to Fluoroquinolone Use). Tucker, Miriam E. Jan 15, 2003 668

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