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Susanna Reid tackles Gavin Williamson on 'exposing' teachers to infection risk as schools return; Good Morning Britain host Susanna Reid took on Education Secretary Gavin Williamson over why teachers haven't been vaccinated. By, Simon Duke Feb 24, 2021 557
Vaccine-preventable infection risk high for pediatric HCT recipients. Lodge, Anna Feb 1, 2021 432
South Africa Virus Strain Poses "Re-Infection Risk" - Study Shows. Jan 20, 2021 643
Union: Shopping has become a day out for some folk. It is risking lives of store staff and it has to be stopped; Safety fears as store staff reveal infection risk as they accuse customers of meeting friends and bosses of ignoring safety fears. Peter Swindon Jan 17, 2021 825
Care home residents 'at risk of infection' ORTON HOUSE GIVEN 'INADEQUATE' RATING IN REPORT. GEORGE MORGAN Local Democracy Reporter @GMORG01 Jan 13, 2021 560
Clinical significance of sirtuin 1 level in sepsis: correlation with disease risk, severity, and mortality risk. Cheng, Xin; Zhang, Senbing; Wen, Ye; Shi, Zhihua Jan 5, 2021 4616
How can teachers not be at risk of infection? Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Twitter: @WalesOnline Facebook: Post: Media Wales, 6 Park Street, Cardiff CF10 1XR. Jan 5, 2021 157
3 risk factors for COVID-19 before vaccination begins. Jan 4, 2021 618
HIV transmission risks high among adolescents. Dec 29, 2020 579
Surgical-site infections in emergency abdominal paediatric surgeries at a tertiary-care hospital in Pakistan. Saleem, Ali Faisal; Halepota, Huma Faiz; Omar, Hasaan; Zain, Areeba; Khan, Muhammad Arif Mateen Report Dec 25, 2020 1723
Factors Associated with Positive SARS-CoV-2 Test Results in Outpatient Health Facilities and Emergency Departments Among Children and Adolescents Aged <18 Years--Mississippi, September-November 2020. Hobbs, Charlotte V.; Martin, Lora M.; Kim, Sara S.; Kirmse, Brian M.; Haynie, Lisa; McGraw, Sarah; B Dec 18, 2020 3643
High Coxiella burnetii Seroconversion Rate in Veterinary Students, the Netherlands, 2006-2010. de Lange, Marit M.A.; van der Hoek, Wim; Schneeberger, Peter M.; Swart, Arno; Heederik, Dick J.J.; S Report Dec 1, 2020 1878
Infections developing in patients undergoing liver transplantation: Recipients of living donors may be more prone to bacterial/fungal infections. Yamazhan, Tansu; Avsar, Cansu Bulut; Zeytunlu, Murat; Tasbakan, Meltem; Sertoz, Ruchan; Zeytinoglu, Dec 1, 2020 4308
Mitigating the risks of C. diff infections and antimicrobial resistance. Silva, Brenda Dec 1, 2020 1692
Periodontitis is a risk factor for developing cardiovascular diseases. Fatima, Zeeshan; Shahzadi, Chanda; Nosheen, Ayesha; Khan, Mirwaise; Haseeb-ur-Rehman Report Nov 21, 2020 1557
Latest 'rule' introduced by Government in fight against coronavirus; Hand, face, space is being joined by a plea to open your windows in a bid to cut the risk of infection in the fight against coronavirus as part of a new Government campaign. By, Neil Murphy Nov 18, 2020 418
Government adds 'open a window' message to 'Hands. Face. Space' advice for winter; In a video released by the Department for Health, the virus us shown to linger in enclosed spaces, with the risk of infection being reduced by 70%, the message claims. By, Abigail O'Leary Nov 18, 2020 410
Bovine mastitis: risk factors, therapeutic strategies, and alternative treatments--A review. Cheng, Wei Nee; Han, Sung Gu Report Nov 1, 2020 12000
Physician and Nurse Workplace Stressors throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic: Level of Exposure to the Disease, Perceived Risk of Infection, and Moral Dilemmas during Care. Rydell, Frank Nov 1, 2020 3336
Bloodstream infections in patients undergoing extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. Jian-rong Wang, Jin-yu Huang, Wei Hu, Xue-ying Cai, Wei-hang Hu and Ying Zhu Oct 31, 2020 3901
Admission patterns and risk factors linked with neonatal mortality: A hospital-based retrospective study. Mohammed Mahmoud Al-Momani Oct 31, 2020 3751
Care home's tea party was infection risk. Oct 10, 2020 240
Care home's tea party was infection risk. JAMES WYLLIE Oct 9, 2020 414
Water parasite burrowed into my cornea and made me blind in my right eye; AGONISING INFECTION LED TO SIGHT LOSS Charlotte, 25, warns of contact lens risk after nightmare ordeal INFECTION Charlotte needed toxic eye drops. SARAH VESTY Oct 2, 2020 608
Environmental Infection Risks for Outdoor Athletes. Ramesh, Siddhi; Jariwala, Sunit P.; Hewitt, David A. Report Oct 1, 2020 4325
INFECTION RISK: Range of interventions result in reduction after hysterectomy. Remaly, Jake Oct 1, 2020 687
Is Antimicrobial Dosing Adjustment Associated with Better Outcomes in Patients with Severe Obesity and Bloodstream Infections? An Exploratory Study. Sirard, Stephanie; Chakra, Claire Nour Abou; Langlois, Marie-France; Perron, Julie; Carignan, Alex; Report Oct 1, 2020 7642
Risk factors for candidaemia in neonates with sepsis in a tertiary care hospital in Pakistan. Afzal, Muhammad Faheem; Abbas, Efra; Nasir, Hina; Laeeq, Akmal; Hanif, Asif; Hamid, Muhammad Haroon Report Sep 30, 2020 3057
Serial Testing for SARS-CoV-2 and Virus Whole Genome Sequencing Inform Infection Risk at Two Skilled Nursing Facilities with COVID-19 Outbreaks--Minnesota, April-June 2020. Taylor, Joanne; Carter, Rosalind J.; Lehnertz, Nicholas; Kazazian, Lilit; Sullivan, Maureen; Wang, X Sep 18, 2020 3578
CARE HOME RATED 'WEAK' AFTER COVID INSPECTION; Report says failings 'increased risk of infection' Covid support at care home 'weak'. JAMIE HALL Sep 15, 2020 481
Viral infections increase risk of having a heart stroke among Kids: Expert. Sep 13, 2020 481
Viral infections increase risk of having a heart stroke among Kids: Expert. Sep 12, 2020 417
Not just another day at the office; These top tips from experts can help reduce the risk of coronavirus infection at work, says LIZ CONNOR. LIZ CONNOR Sep 9, 2020 832
People who have had coronavirus should be tested again four weeks later says study; People who have had Covid-19 should be swab tested again four or more weeks after symptoms first appear to minimise the risk of onward infection, suggests a large population based study. Kevan Christie Sep 3, 2020 501
Hansen's Disease: differences in clinical presentation among Latin American and South East Asian born patients identified in Los Angeles County, California (1995-2016). Croker, Curtis; Phommasith, Jeffrey; Ot, Robert Jerskey; Marutani, Amy; Ochoa, Maria T. Report Sep 1, 2020 5653
Epidemiological and Histopathological Investigation of Sarcoptic Mange in Camels in Egypt. Ahmed, Marwa A.; Elmahallawy, Ehab Kotb; Gareh, Ahmed; Abdelbaset, Abdelbaset Eweda; El-Gohary, Fatm Report Sep 1, 2020 5485
Zika infection enhances dengue disease risk: Study. Sep 1, 2020 382
Duration of Carbapenemase-Producing Enterobacteriaceae Carriage in Hospital Patients. Mo, Yin; Hernandez-Koutoucheva, Anastasia; Musicha, Patrick; Bertrand, Denis; Lye, David; Ng, Oon Te Clinical report Sep 1, 2020 2306
Nomograms Predicting the Occurrence of Sepsis in Patients following Major Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery. Zhang, Haoyun; Meng, Fanyu; Lu, Shichun Aug 31, 2020 5204
Rare Bilateral Adrenal Haemorrhage with Addisonian Crisis: When Risk Factors Come in Droves. Jensen, Anders Boisen; Durand, Elise; Pavlicek, Vojtech Aug 31, 2020 2473
Pulmonary Fibrosis in COVID-19 Survivors: Predictive Factors and Risk Reduction Strategies. Ojo, Ademola S.; Balogun, Simon A.; Williams, Oyeronke T.; Ojo, Olusegun S. Aug 31, 2020 8809
Complicated Posterior Cervical Skin and Soft Tissue Infections at a Single Referral Center. Zhao, Jing-Chun; Zhang, Xiu-Hang; Zhang, Nan; Wu, Zhen-Dong; Wang, Jian; Yu, Qing-Hua; Hong, Lei; Sh Report Aug 31, 2020 6539
Association between the Lymphotoxin-[alpha] A252g Gene Polymorphism and the Risk of Sepsis and Mortality: A Meta-Analysis. Guo, Shujin; Zuo, Qiunan; Li, Xiaohui; He, Ye; Zhou, Yutian Report Aug 31, 2020 7183
KT to develop AI-based technology for assessing COVID-19 infection risks. Aug 21, 2020 192
KT to develop AI-based technology for assessing COVID-19 infection risks. Aug 21, 2020 196
Not just another day at the office; These top tips from experts can help reduce the risk of coronavirus infection at work, says LIZ CONNOR. LIZ CONNOR Aug 5, 2020 845
Not just another day at the office; These top tips from experts can help reduce the risk of coronavirus infection at work, says LIZ CONNOR. LIZ CONNOR Aug 5, 2020 845
Not just another day at the office; These top tips from experts can help reduce the risk of coronavirus infection at work, says LIZ CONNOR. LIZ CONNOR Aug 5, 2020 842
Not just another day at the office; These top tips from experts can help reduce the risk of coronavirus infection at work, says LIZ CONNOR. LIZ CONNOR Aug 4, 2020 845
Not just another day at the office; These top tips from experts can help reduce the risk of coronavirus infection at work, says LIZ CONNOR. LIZ CONNOR Aug 4, 2020 811
Not just another day at the office; These top tips from experts can help reduce the risk of coronavirus infection at work, says LIZ CONNOR. LIZ CONNOR Aug 4, 2020 832
Not just another day at the office; These top tips from experts can help reduce the risk of coronavirus infection at work, says LIZ CONNOR. LIZ CONNOR Aug 4, 2020 823
Not just another day at the office; These top tips from experts can help reduce the risk of coronavirus infection at work, says LIZ CONNOR. LIZ CONNOR Aug 4, 2020 845
Early Neonatal Outcomes in Premature Rupture of Membranes Beyond Twenty-eight Weeks of Gestation in a Tertiary Care Hospital of Coastal Karnataka. Shanbhag, Sweta; Alva, Rashmi Aug 2, 2020 3044
Mycobacterium szulgai Lung Disease or Breast Cancer Relapse--Case Report. Kempisty, Anna; Augustynowicz-Kopec, Ewa; Opoka, Lucyna; Szturmowicz, Monika Clinical report Aug 1, 2020 2493
Alcohol Consumption in COVID-19 Pandemic: Implications for Alcohol Education. Sharma, Manoj; Batra, Kavita; Nahar, Vinayak K. Report Aug 1, 2020 3348
Hepatitis A Seroprevalance and Related Risk Factors in HIV/AIDS Patients/HIV/AIDS Hastalarinda Hepatit A Seroprevalansi ve Iliskili Risk Faktorleri. Senoglu, Sevtap; Yesilbag, Zuhal Clinical report Aug 1, 2020 2325
Antibiotic prophylaxis for transrectal ultrasound-guided prostate needle biopsy: Compared efficacy of ciprofloxacin vs. the ciprofloxacin/fosfomycin tromethamine combination. Morin, Alexandre; Bergevin, Marco; Rivest, Natalie; Lapointe, Steven P. Aug 1, 2020 4369
Neonate Born to a Mother with a Diagnosis of Suspected Intra-Amniotic Infection versus COVID-19 or Both. Lumba, Rishi; Remon, Juan; Louie, Moi; Quan, Michelle; Verma, Sourabh; Rigaud, Mona; Kunjumon, Bgee Jul 31, 2020 1532
Risk Factors of Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria in Lower Respiratory Tract Infections: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Chen, Gang; Xu, Kailiang; Sun, Fangyuan; Sun, Yuxia; Kong, Ziyuan; Fang, Bangjiang Jul 31, 2020 7953
Fearing risk of infection in schools, Gatchalian bucks face-to-face classes. Jul 21, 2020 440
Seroprevalence and factors associated with Human Immunodeficiency virus, Human T lymphotropic virus and Hepatitis B/C infections in parturient women of Salvador - Bahia, Brazil. Vargas, Ludy; Bastos, Fernanda; Guimaraes, Andre; Amaral, Sdvio; Fausto, Tarcisio; Arriaga, Maria; S Jul 1, 2020 6656
Hepatitis C virus genotypes and associated risk factors in the state of Para, Northern Brazil. de Castro, Geison Luiz Costa; Amoras, Ednelza da Graca Silva; de Araujo, Mauro Sergio Moura; Conde, Jul 1, 2020 4194
The Induced Membrane Technique for the Management of Segmental Tibial Defect or Nonunion: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Hsu, Chen-An; Chen, Shih-Heng; Chan, Soa-Yu; Yu, Yi-Hsun Clinical report Jun 30, 2020 5329
Seroprevalence and Risk Factors for Hepatitis B Virus Infection in Adolescent Blood Donors within Selected Counties of Western Kenya. Awili, Hilary O.; Gitao, George C.; Muchemi, Gerald M. Clinical report Jun 30, 2020 4055
Maternal-Fetal Perinatal Transmission of Staphylococcal Infections: A Report of Two Neonates. Thadchanamoorthy, V.; Dayasiri, Kavinda Jun 30, 2020 1536
Still No Substantial Evidence to Use Prophylactic Antibiotic at Operative Vaginal Delivery: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Berhan, Yifru; Kirba, Sisay; Gebre, Achamyelesh Clinical report Jun 30, 2020 7637
Lifestyle as Risk Factor for Infectious Causes of Death in Young Dogs: A Retrospective Study in Southern Italy (2015-2017). Cardillo, Lorena; Piegari, Giuseppe; Iovane, Valentina; Viscardi, Maurizio; Alfano, Flora; Cerrone, Report Jun 30, 2020 7902
Smokers not more susceptible to COVID-19 infection: Researchers. Shaimaa Al-Aees Jun 30, 2020 1262
Primary school closes for 2 weeks after catering worker tests positive for coronavirus; Children and staff at Epsom Primary School in Surrey are quarantining for 14 days but parents were reassured by the school that the risk of infection was "low". By, Emma Pengelly & Danya Bazaraa Jun 18, 2020 295
People exposed to higher infection risks at gyms, bars, cram schools. Jun 14, 2020 520
Coronavirus: Masks significantly reduce infection risk study finds. Reuters News Service Jun 13, 2020 343
Smokers, transplant patients at higher risk of coronavirus complications: experts warns. Jun 9, 2020 319
Risks Related to Chikungunya Infections among European Union Travelers, 2012-2018. Gossner, Celine M.; Fournet, Nelly; Dias, Joana Gomes; Martinez, Beatriz Fernandez; Del Manso, Marti Jun 1, 2020 5884
Intramammary Infections in Heifers--Time of Onset and Associated Risk Factors. Nitz, Julia; Kromker, Volker; Klocke, Doris; Wente, Nicole; Zhang, Yanchao; Seeth, Martin tho Report Jun 1, 2020 9668
Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus: Risk for General Infection and Endocarditis Among Athletes. Brancaccio, Mariarita; Mennitti, Cristina; Laneri, Sonia; Franco, Adelaide; De Biasi, Margherita G.; Report Jun 1, 2020 8138
Interplay of PNPLA3 and HSD17B13 Variants in Modulating the Risk of Hepatocellular Carcinoma among Hepatitis C Patients. De Benedittis, Carla; Bellan, Mattia; Crevola, Martina; Boin, Elena; Barbaglia, Matteo Nazzareno; Ma May 31, 2020 5352
Cardiovigilance in COVID 19. Kishor, Kamal; Marwah, Rishabh; Anantharaj, Avinash Report May 31, 2020 1992
Coronavirus: new online tool will help you modify your behaviour to reduce risk of infection. Annette Chrysostomou May 27, 2020 229
Handwashing six to 10 times a day linked to lower risk of infection. May 20, 2020 307
Coronavirus: Washing your hands 6 times a day 'reduces risk of COVID-19 by a third'; Regular handwashing can reduce personal risk of getting an infection, a study by researchers from University College London indicates. By, Nina Massey & Shivali Best May 20, 2020 429
Azerbaijani Cabinet of Ministers: Big shopping malls remain closed due to high risk of infection. May 16, 2020 154
Reasearchers develop website to reduce infection risk. May 12, 2020 252
COVID-19: Nigeria Risks Exponential New Infections, Another Lockdown - NCDC. May 4, 2020 642
Lockdown Ease: Coalition Cautions Nigerians On Risk Of Infection. May 3, 2020 656
First Age- and Gender-Matched Case-Control Study in Australia Examining the Possible Association between Toxoplasma gondii Infection and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: The Busselton Health Study. Molan, Aus; Nosaka, Kazunori; Hunter, Michael; Zhang, Jinxia; Meng, Xiaoni; Song, Manshu; Wang, Wei Report Apr 30, 2020 15355
Are Invasive Procedures and a Longer Hospital Stay Increasing the Risk of Healthcare-Associated Infections among the Admitted Patients at Hiwot Fana Specialized University Hospital, Eastern Ethiopia? Tolera, Moti; Marami, Dadi; Abate, Degu; Dheresa, Merga Apr 30, 2020 5241
Risk Factors of Bacteremia following Multiple Traumas. Lee, Hak-Jae; Choi, Eol; Choi, Nak-Joon; Sun, Hyun-Woo; Jae-Suk, Lee; Lee, Jeong-Woo; Kim, Tae-Yoon; Apr 30, 2020 4897
Bacterial Endocarditis of Anatomically Normal Native Pulmonic Valve with No Predisposing Risk Factors: Case Report and Review. Antoun, Muhannad; Deel, John; Halpin, Dermot; Akhrass, Fadi Al- Apr 30, 2020 1850
Helicobacter pylori Recurrence after Eradication Therapy in Jiangjin District, Chongqing, China. Zhou, Gang Apr 30, 2020 3913
Garment workers not at risk of coronavirus infection: Ministry. Apr 29, 2020 365
Shortened shift for health workers eyed to reduce coronavirus infection risk. Apr 23, 2020 451
Is Helicobacter pylori Infection Associated with Perforated Gastro-Duodenal Ulcer? Thirupathaiah, K.; Kunche, Sanjeeva Raju; Reddy, Nagella Pradeep Kumar Apr 20, 2020 2476
Vital Signs: Newly Reported Acute and Chronic Hepatitis C Cases--United States, 2009-2018. Ryerson, A. Blythe; Schillie, Sarah; Barker, Laurie K.; Kupronis, Benjamin A.; Wester, Carolyn Apr 10, 2020 3506
Hand washing and sanitizer and COVID-19 infection risk. Wesley, Naissan O.; Talakoub, Lily Apr 1, 2020 1343
Development and use of an adjusted nurse staffing metric in the neonatal intensive care unit. Tawfik, Daniel S.; Profit, Jochen; Lake, Eileen T.; Liu, Jessica B.; Sanders, Lee M.; Phibbs, Ciaran Apr 1, 2020 8018
Precancerous Gastric Lesions with Helicobacter pylori [vacA.sup.+]/[babA2.sup.+]/[oipA.sup.+] Genotype Increase the Risk of Gastric Cancer. Bartpho, Theeraya Simawaranon; Wattanawongdon, Wareeporn; Tongtawee, Taweesak; Paoin, Chatchanok; Ka Mar 31, 2020 5665
Incidence of Surgical Site Infection and Factors Associated among Cesarean Deliveries in Selected Government Hospitals in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2019. Lijaemiro, Hana; Lemlem, Semarya Berhe; Deressa, Jembere Tesfaye Mar 31, 2020 5560
EVM voting involves viral infection risk. Mar 21, 2020 531
Handelsbanken changes venue of AGM 2020 to reduce Covid-19 infection risk. Mar 11, 2020 328
Handelsbanken changes venue of AGM 2020 to reduce Covid-19 infection risk. Mar 11, 2020 329
Medical robots cut risk of infection for medical personnel. Mar 9, 2020 245
Private hospital staff 'at risk of infection' due to shortage of face masks. Mar 2, 2020 297
Association between Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism in MicroRNA Target Site of DDB2 and Risk of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in a Southern Chinese Population. Qiu, Moqin; Liu, Yingchun; Zhou, Zihan; Jiang, Yanji; Lin, Qiuling; Huo, Rongrui; Liang, Xiumei; Yu, Mar 1, 2020 3401
Sociodemographic characteristics and clinical risk factors of Helicobacter pylori infection and antibiotic resistance in the Eastern Black Sea region of Turkey. Erkut, Murat; Uzun, Dogan Yusuf; Kaklikkaya, Nese; Fidan, Sami; Yogun, Yasar; Cosar, Arif Mansur; Ak Mar 1, 2020 8273
Viral hepatitis B and C infections increase the risks of intrahepatic and extrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma: Evidence from a systematic review and meta-analysis. Tan, Jie-Hui; Zhou, Wan-Yan; Zhou, Lei; Cao, Rong-Chang; Zhang, Guo-Wei Mar 1, 2020 5141
Sociodemographic characteristics and clinical risk factors of Helicobacter pylori infection and antibiotic resistance in the Eastern Black Sea region of Turkey. Erkut, Murat; Uzun, Dogan Yusuf; Kaklikkaya, Nece; Fidan, Sami; Yogun, Yacar; Cocar, Arif Mansur; Ak Mar 1, 2020 8182
Viral hepatitis B and C infections increase the risks of intrahepatic and extrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma: Evidence from a systematic review and meta-analysis. Tan, Jie-hui; Zhou, Wan-yan; Zhou, Lei; Cao, Rong-chang; Zhang, Guo-wei Mar 1, 2020 6720
Effect of Gender and Age on the Correlation between Helicobacter pylori and Colorectal Adenomatous Polyps in a Chinese Urban Population: A Single Center Study. Zhao, Xia-Xia; Liu, Ming-Hao; Wang, Rui-Ling; Tian, Tian Report Mar 1, 2020 5274
Detection of Hepatitis B Surface Antigen among Febrile Patients in Ankpa, Kogi State, Nigeria. Omatola, Cornelius Arome; Onoja, Bernard Anyebe; Agama, Joseph Mar 1, 2020 4564
Elevated Plasma Histone H4 Levels Are an Important Risk Factor in the Development of Septic Cardiomyopathy. Lu, Nian-Fang; Jiang, Li; Zhu, Bo; Yang, De-Gang; Zheng, Rui-Qiang; Shao, Jun; Yuan, Jing; Xi, Xiu-M Mar 1, 2020 5721
Invasive Group B Streptococcal Infection with Toxic Shock-Like Syndrome in a Postsplenectomy Patient. Mada, Pradeep Kumar; Castano, Gabriel; Chandranesan, Andrew Stevenson Joel Mar 1, 2020 2234
Using too much hand sanitiser could increase your risk of coronavirus, expert warns; While regularly washing your hands and using hand sanitiser can reduce transmission of the virus, experts are now warning that overdoing it can actually increase your risk of infection. By, Shivali Best Feb 27, 2020 367
Coronavirus: Hotel in York confirm two patients being treated in Newcastle were guests; Public Health England assured the hotel that there is a 'minimal risk' of infection to staff and guests. Michael Muncaster Feb 2, 2020 609
Acute Toxoplasmosis among Canadian Deer Hunters Associated with Consumption of Undercooked Deer Meat Hunted in the United States. Gaulin, Colette; Ramsay, Danielle; Thivierge, Karine; Tataryn, Joanne; Courville, Ariane; Martin, Ca Feb 1, 2020 4310
Changes on Hepatitis C virus genotype distribution in Western Turkey: Evaluation of twelve-year data. Duran, Alev Cetin; Cetinkaya, Ozgul Kaya; Sayiner, Ayca Arzu; Seydaoglu, Gulsah; Ozkaratas, Emre; Ab Clinical report Feb 1, 2020 5089
Changes on Hepatitis C virus genotype distribution in Western Turkey: Evaluation of twelve-year data. Duran, Alev Cetin; Cetinkaya, Ozgul Kaya; Sayiner, Ayca Arzu; Seydaoglu, Gulsah; Ozkaratas, Emre; Ab Clinical report Feb 1, 2020 5247
Occurrence of BVDV Infection and the Presence of Potential Risk Factors in Dairy Cattle Herds in Poland. Rypula, Krzysztof; Ploneczka-Janeczko, Katarzyna; Czopowicz, Michal; Klimowicz-Bodys, Malgorzata D.; Report Feb 1, 2020 6242
Clinico-Mycological Study of dermatophytosis in a Tertiary Care Hospital. Kurukkanari, Rejitha; Rajagopal, Girija Kalarikkal; Narayanan, Vimalraj Angattukuzhiyil; Asokan, Nee Jan 27, 2020 3720
'Significant risks' alert at infections hospital; nhs hike scrutiny on crisis wards Health Secretary puts entire health board on special measures. LEWIS MCKENZIE Jan 25, 2020 329
50,000 A YEAR YING FROM SEPSIS; Corridor waits 'increase risk' of infection. MARTIN BAGOT Health Editor Jan 17, 2020 434
Sepsis Associated With Almost 20 Percent of Global Deaths; Sepsis incidence and mortality decreased from 1990 to 2017, but considerable regional variation identified. Jan 16, 2020 250
Shorts. Klotter, Jule Jan 1, 2020 2568
Plasma efavirenz concentration inversely correlates with increased risk of cytomegalovirus infection in HIV-infected pregnant women. Mhandire, D.; Morse, G.; Maponga, C.; Mhandire, K.; Dandara, C. Jan 1, 2020 5758
Leptospira Seroprevalence in Bardigiano Horses in Northern Italy. Vera, Elena; Taddei, Simone; Cavirani, Sandro; Schiavi, Jennifer; Angelone, Mario; Cabassi, Clotilde Report Jan 1, 2020 4974
Epitope of dengue virus E protein detect human antibodies associated with mild disease: a potential peptide for vaccine development. Sanchez-Burgos, Gilma; Herrera-Najera, Carla; Cedillo-Rivera, Roberto; Dumonteil, Eric Jan 1, 2020 2027
Candida Bloodstream Infection: Changing Pattern of Occurrence and Antifungal Susceptibility over 10 Years in a Tertiary Care Saudi Hospital. Alkharashi, Nawaf; Aljohani, Sameera; Layqah, Laila; Masuadi, Emad; Baharoon, Waleed; Jahdali, Hamda Clinical report Dec 31, 2019 6260
Correlation between Common Lower Genital Tract Microbes and High-Risk Human Papillomavirus Infection. Lv, Panpan; Zhao, Fang; Xu, Xiaoqin; Xu, Jun; Wang, Qiang; Zhao, Zhen Dec 31, 2019 4257
Genotypes and Hot Spot Mutations of Hepatitis B Virus in Northwest Chinese Population and Its Correlation with Diseases Progression. Wang, Wei; Shu, Yi; Bao, Han; Zhao, Wenliang; Wang, Weihua; Wang, Qin; Lei, Xiaoying; Cui, Daxiang; Dec 31, 2019 7128
Clinical Features, Outcomes, and Risk Factors of Bloodstream Infections due to Stenotrophomonas maltophilia in a Tertiary-Care Hospital of China: A Retrospective Analysis. Chen, Yibing; Suo, Jijiang; Du, Mingmei; Chen, Liangan; Liu, Yunxi; Wang, Leili; Liang, Zhixin Dec 31, 2019 4693
Incidence and Clinical Outcome of Acute Kidney Injury in Patients with Sepsis Admitted in Multi-Disciplinary Unit in a Tertiary Care Center. Jalal, Hussain Khan Tharappel; Thomas, Teju Parankimamoottil; Gopalakrishnan, Sreedas; Mohammed, Ham Clinical report Dec 30, 2019 3614
Vaping 'as bad as cigarettes for lung infections' QUB warns of 'knowledge gap' over disease risk. ORLAITH CLINTON Dec 18, 2019 365
Inflammatory Bowel Disease Ups Risk for Serious Viral Infections; Clinically active IBD and exposure to thiopurines are main drivers of the risk. Dec 16, 2019 199
SNP ministers were kept in dark about infection risks at Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Dec 10, 2019 567
Seroprevalence and Risk Factors Possibly Associated with Emerging Zoonotic Vaccinia Virus in a Farming Community, Colombia. Styczynski, Ashley; Burgado, Jillybeth; Walteros, Diana; Usme-Ciro, Jose; Laiton, Katherine; Farias, Dec 1, 2019 7194
Cat-to-Human Transmission of Mycobacterium bovis, United Kingdom. O'Connor, Catherine M.; Abid, Muhammad; Walsh, Amanda L.; Behbod, Behrooz; Roberts, Tony; Booth, Lin Dec 1, 2019 1874
Biliary Tract Infections: Causative Agents and Analysis of Risk Factors for Infections With Drug-Resistant Bacteria/ Safra Yolu Infeksiyonlarinin Etkenleri ve Antibiyotige Direncli Bakteri Infeksiyonlari Icin Risk Faktorlerinin Analizi. Basaran, Seniha; Ozsut, Halit; Cagatay, Atahan; Eraksoy, Haluk Dec 1, 2019 3655
Exploring the Biomarkers of Sepsis-Associated Encephalopathy (SAE): Metabolomics Evidence from Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry. Zhu; Zhang, Mu; Han, Tingli; Wu, Hua; Xiao, Zhibo; Lin, Shihui; Wang, Chuanjiang; Xu, Fang Nov 30, 2019 6357
Bloodstream Infection and Its Clinical Characteristics and Relevant Factors Associated with Interventional Therapy in a Large Tertiary Hospital: A Six Years Surveillance Study. Bai, Yanling; Zheng, Zhigang; Du, Mingmei; Yao, Hongwu; Liu, Yunxi; Suo, Jijiang Report Nov 30, 2019 4824
The Change of Laboratory Tests Could Be Predictive Factors for Infection after McKeown Esophagogastrectomy. Chen, Chongxiang; Wen, Tianmeng; Zhao, Qingyu Nov 30, 2019 4557
Risk for Skin Infections, Diabetes Increase With Statin Use; Study shows mechanism of statins can induce onset of diabetes. Nov 25, 2019 290
H. Pylori Infection Must Be Wiped Out to Cut Gastric Cancer Risk; Risk for gastric cancer tied to H. pylori infection higher in blacks, Asians, Hispanics/Latinos. Nov 21, 2019 351
Early Postop Infection Ups One-Year Infection, Mortality Risk; Patients with 30-day postoperative infection have an increased risk for long-term infection, mortality. Nov 7, 2019 272
RedHill Biopharma Announces FDA Approval of Talicia[R] for Treatment of H. pylori in Adults. Nov 4, 2019 3113
Identification of risk factors for human immunodeficiency virus-1 infection in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa population: A case control study. Jamila Haider, Ghosia Lutfullah, Irshad ur Rehman and Irfan Khattak Oct 31, 2019 3869
The Four Horsemen in Colon Cancer. Hernandez-Luna, Marco Antonio; Lopez-Briones, Sergio; Luria-Perez, Rosendo Oct 31, 2019 9135
Infections during pregnancy linked to psychiatric disorders in baby: Study. ANI Oct 30, 2019 490
Patients With Diabetes Still Require More Hospitalizations for Infections; Excess risk has not improved over time and may be increasing for certain infections in young adults. Oct 23, 2019 265
Infections linked with transition to psoriatic arthritis. Zoler, Mitchel L. Oct 1, 2019 1048
Computational Prediction of Subjective Human Immunodeficiency Virus Status in Malawi Using a Random Forest Approach. Sonia Simmons, Sally Sep 30, 2019 3645
New hospital admits 'effluent' problem; NHS ORKNEY Bosses say waste in corridor not an infection risk. Sep 18, 2019 355
Malaria infection linked to increased risk of heart failure: Study. Sep 2, 2019 364
Biologics not linked to infection risk in pediatric psoriasis. Brunk, Doug Sep 1, 2019 647
Economic Burden of Multidrug-Resistant Gram-Negative Infections in a Developing Country. Kilic, Aysegul Ulu; Unuvar, Gamze Kalin; Cevahir, Fatma; Alp, Ermine Clinical report Sep 1, 2019 2834
Risk for Clostridioides difficile Infection among Older Adults with Cancer. Kamboj, Mini; Gennarelli, Renee L.; Brite, Jennifer; Sepkowitz, Kent; Lipitz-Snyderman, Allison Sep 1, 2019 4665
Surgical site infection after penetrating abdominal trauma with bowel involvement: a comparison between HIV-seropositive and seronegative patients. Mauser, M.; Bartsokas, Christos; Plani, Frank Clinical report Sep 1, 2019 4173
Water cooler ban for Scotland's hospitals to fight infection risk. Aug 23, 2019 499
Water coolers to be banned from Scotland's hospitals due to infection risk. Aug 23, 2019 976
Odds of Developing C. Diff Increased in Older Cancer Patients; Risk for Clostridiodes difficile infection significantly greater with diagnosis of liquid tumors. Aug 21, 2019 255
FDA's CRL to Sarepta's golodirsen citing risk of infection, renal toxicity. Aug 19, 2019 213
Model Predicts Hypoglycemia Risk in Adults With Diabetes; Positive associations seen for infection, non-long-acting insulin, dementia, recent hypoglycemia. Aug 15, 2019 253
6-month infection risk lowest for cyclosporine, methotrexate. Craven, Jeff Aug 1, 2019 565
Human Papillomavirus and Coronary Artery Disease in Climacteric Women: Is There an Association? Brito, Luciane Maria Oliveira; Brito, Haissa Oliveira; Correa, Rita da Graca Carvalhal Frazao; de Ol Jul 31, 2019 4197
Dispelling myths in dermatologic surgery. Ghias, Mondana H.; Shamloul, Norhan; Khachemoune, Amor Jul 1, 2019 4635
Outcome of Late-onset Neonatal Sepsis at a Tertiary Hospital in Oman. Abdellatif, Mohamed; Khabori, Murtadha Al-; Rahman, Assad Ur; Khan, Ashfaq Ahmad; Farsi, Ahmed Al-; Jul 1, 2019 3864
Quality of life, risk behaviors and depression among carriers of hepatitis C virus and human T-cell lymphotropic virus type 1: a comparative study. Henrique-Araujo, Ricardo; Quarantini, Lucas C.; Caribe, Andre C.; Arqolo, Felipe C.; Jesus-Nunes, An Jul 1, 2019 5522
Assessment of HLADP gene rs3128917 and rs9380343 polymorphisms in chronic HBV infection. Akgollu, Ersin Jul 1, 2019 4831
Correlation between Colon Polyps and Metabolic Syndrome and HP Infection Status. Huang, Lijuan; Wu, Lihong; Qiao, Qiaohua; Fang, Lizheng Jun 30, 2019 4293
FREQUENCY OF STAPHYLOCOCCUS AUREUS IN BLOOD STREAM INFECTIONS AND THEIR DRUG SUSCEPTIBILITY PATTERN. Nadia Aslam, Nazma Kiran, Naima Mehdi, Mateen Izhar, Tanveer Zia and Hadiqa Tul.Hafsa Jun 30, 2019 2132
Swimming in oceans ups infection risk. Jun 29, 2019 485
Oral steroids increases risk of infection in patients with inflammatory disease. Jun 24, 2019 355
Parents of boy, 4, reveal why they spend their lives keeping him away from people; EXCLUSIVE: Jack Ruddock's parents Gareth and Yasmin say he is unable to live the typical life of a child his age as they are worried about the deadly risk of infection. Jun 19, 2019 1373
Enhancement of Risk for Lyme Disease by Landscape Connectivity, New York, New York, USA. VanAcker, Meredith C.; Little, Eliza A.H.; Molaei, Goudarz; Bajwa, Waheed I.; Diuk-Wasser, Maria A. Jun 1, 2019 6432
C-SECTION RISK: Serious childhood infections occur more than with vaginal birth. Jancin, Bruce Jun 1, 2019 774
Frequency of icaA and icaD determinants and biofilm formation among coagulase-negative staphylococci associated with nasal carriage in neonatal intensive care units. Ahmed, Doaa Mabrouk; Messih, Mona Abdel Wahab Abel; Ibrahim, Nermin Hassan; Meabed, Mohamed Hussein; Jun 1, 2019 4535
Candidemia complicating biliary atresia in an infant with hemoglobinopathy/Hemoglobinopatisi olan bir bebekte biliyer atrezi komplikasyonu olarak kandidemi. Kyriakidis, Ioannis; Palabougiouki, Maria; Vasileiou, Eleni; Tragiannidis, Athanasios; Stamou, Maria Jun 1, 2019 2019
Hurricane-Associated Mold Exposures Among Patients at Risk for Invasive Mold Infections After Hurricane Harvey--Houston, Texas, 2017. Chow, Nancy A.; Toda, Mitsuru; Pennington, Audrey F.; Anassi, Enock; Atmar, Robert L.; Cox-Ganser, J May 31, 2019 2979
Audit of Antibiotic Prescribing Practices for Neonatal Sepsis and Measurement of Outcome in New Born Unit at Kenyatta National Hospital. Tank, Priti Jagdishbhai; Omar, Anjumanara; Musoke, Rachel May 31, 2019 4682
Soluble Markers of Antibody Secreting Cell Function as Predictors of Infection Risk in Rheumatoid Arthritis. Gutierrez, Maria J.; Desiderio, Stephen V.; Wang, Nae-Yuh; Darrah, Erika; Cappelli, Laura; Nino, Gus May 31, 2019 7088
Oral infections may raise heart diseases risk. May 2, 2019 206
Characteristics associated with anti-HCV serological markers in prisoners in the state of Parana, Brazil: a case-control study. Marques Silva, Tania Maria Pazin; Defante Ferreto, Lirane Elize; Caovilla Follador, Franciele Ani; V Survey May 1, 2019 6334
Neonatal Vitamin D status and the risk of neonatal sepsis. Apr 30, 2019 3788
Liver Flukes Egg Infection and Associated Risk Factors in White Fulani Cattle Slaughtered in Wukari, Southern Taraba State, Nigeria. Shinggu, P.A.; Olufemi, O.T.; Nwuku, J.A.; Baba-Onoja, E.B.T.; Iyawa, P.D. Clinical report Apr 30, 2019 3366
Oral infections in childhood may increase risk of cardiovascular diseases in adulthood. Apr 28, 2019 313
Hepatitis C Virus Potentially Transmitted by Opioid Drug Diversion from a Nurse--Washington, August 2017-March 2018. Njuguna, Henry N.; Stinson, Denise; Montgomery, Patricia; Turner, Nigel; D'Angeli, Marisa; Carr, Jas Apr 26, 2019 2221
C-section tots at greater risk of infection. Apr 13, 2019 114
Self-Flagellation as Possible Route of Human T-Cell Lymphotropic Virus Type 1 Transmission. Tang, Alice R.; Taylor, Graham P.; Dhasmana, Divya Apr 1, 2019 2110
Assessment of HLADP gene rs3128917 and rs9380343 polymorphisms in chronic HBV infection. Akgollu, Ersin Apr 1, 2019 4809
Causative Agents and Factors Associated With Multidrug Resistant Pathogens in Diabetic Foot Infections/Diyabetik Ayak Infeksiyonlarinda Etkenler ve Cogul Ilac Direncli Patojenlerle Iliskili Faktorler. Utlu, Yahya; Basak, Okay; Bozkurt-Kozan, Furuzan; Ertugrul, M. Bulent Report Apr 1, 2019 4084
Chronic Q Fever with Vascular Involvement: Progressive Abdominal Pain in a Patient with Aortic Aneurysm Repair in the United States. Wiley, Zanthia; Reddy, Sujan; Slifka, Kara M. Jacobs; Brandon, David C.; Jernigan, John; Kersh, Gilb Mar 31, 2019 2153
Pyomyositis in a Patient with IgA Nephropathy and Kidney Transplant. Xipell, M.; Ventura-Aguiar, P.; Revuelta, I.; Bodro, M.; Diekmann, F. Mar 31, 2019 1408
The Association between Toxoplasma gondii Infection and Risk of Parkinson's Disease: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Zhou, Zonglei; Zhou, Ruzhen; Li, Kunpeng; Wei, Wen; Zhang, Zengqiao; Zhu, Yan; Luan, Rongsheng Mar 31, 2019 5062
Candida Bloodstream Infections Among Persons Who Inject Drugs--Denver Metropolitan Area, Colorado, 2017-2018. Barter, Devra M.; Johnston, Helen L.; Williams, Sabrina R.; Tsay, Sharon V.; Vallabhaneni, Snigdha; Mar 29, 2019 2421
Risk Factors for Congenital Syphilis Transmitted from Mother to Infant--Suzhou, China, 2011-2014. Wang, Yajie; Wu, Minzhi; Gong, Xiangdong; Zhao, Liang; Zhao, Jing; Zhu, Chuanwu; Gong, Chancong Mar 15, 2019 3197
Mumps in Dail; Politicians at risk over outbreak of infection; EXCLUSIVE. Mar 5, 2019 326
HLA-B*14 allele predicts HIV-1 mother-to-child-transmission, in Salvador, Brazil. Angulo, Juan Manuel Cubillos; Cuesta, Taryn Ariadna Castro; Menezes, Eliane Pereira; Pedroso, Celia; Mar 1, 2019 3634
Seroprevalence of Human Brucellosis in Wadi Al Dawaser region of Saudi Arabia. Feb 28, 2019 4508
Clinical Manifestations, Antimicrobial Drug Susceptibility Patterns, and Outcomes in Melioidosis Cases, India. Koshy, Maria; Jagannati, Manjeera; Ralph, Ravikar; Victor, Punitha; David, Thambu; Sathyendra, Sowmy Feb 1, 2019 3092
Profile of healthcare workers involved in accidents with exposure to biological materials in Brazil from 2011 through 2015: surveillance aspects/Perfil dos trabalhadores de saude com registros de acidentes com material biologico no Brasil entre 2011 e 2015: aspectos para vigilancia. de Souza, Helen Paredes; Otero, Ubirani Barros; da Silva, Valeria dos Santos Pinto Jan 1, 2019 6541
Necrotising Fasciitis: Clinical Evaluation and Treatment Results of 18 Patients/Nekrotizan Fasiit: 18 Hastanin Klinik Durumlarinin ve Tedavi Sonuclarinin Degerlendirilmesi. Ozturk, Anil Murat; Akyol, Deniz; Suer, Onur; Erdem, Huseyin Aytac; SImsIr, Ilgin Yildirim; Akar, Se Jan 1, 2019 4611
Burdens of Invasive Methicillin-Susceptible and Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Disease, Minnesota, USA. Koeck, Mackenzie; Como-Sabetti, Kathryn; Boxrud, Dave; Dobbins, Ginette; Glennen, Anita; Anacker, Me Jan 1, 2019 3464
Cellerant Therapeutics Presents Additional Phase 2 Results Showing Romyelocel-L Reduces Risk of Infections in AML Patients Undergoing High Dose Ara-C-Based (HiDAC) Induction Chemotherapy. Dec 3, 2018 552
Retrospective Evaluation of Non-neutropenic Candidemia Cases in Intensive Care Units/Yogun Bakim Unitelerinde Gelisen, Non-notropenik Kandidemi Olgularinin Retrospektif Olarak Degerlendirilmesi. Sari, Sema; Dal, Hayriye Cankar; Mungan, Ibrahim; Tezcan, Busra; Kazanci, Dilek; Turan, Sema Dec 1, 2018 2808
Investigation of Microbial Contamination of Health Care Workers' Mobile Phones in Intensive Care Units and Operating Room/ Yogun Bakim Uniteleri ve Ameliyathane Calisanlarinin Cep Telefonlarinin Mikrobiyal Kontaminasyonunun Arastirilmasi. Guldas, Nevcivan; Alp-Cavus, Sema; Gulay, Zeynep Report Dec 1, 2018 3177
Soft Tissue Infection After Antithyroid Drug-Associated Agranulocytosis/ Antitiroid Ilacla Iliskili Agranulositoz Sonrasi Gelisen Yumusak Doku Infeksiyonu. Karasahin, Omer; Iba-Yilmaz, Sibel Report Dec 1, 2018 1941
Hundreds of Gazans Wounded by Israeli Forces at Risk of Infection. Nov 29, 2018 384
2011 to 2015 Saw Decline in Health Care-Associated Infections; Risk for having a health care-associated infection was 16 percent lower in 2015 than 2011. Nov 1, 2018 264
Lack of hygiene among contact lens wearers may cause infection. Sep 24, 2018 401
Inhaled steroids may increase risk of lung infections. Sep 16, 2018 334
Are sepsis patients at higher risk of stroke? Sep 10, 2018 325
Sepsis raises risk of having heart attack. Sep 10, 2018 105
Sepsis raises risk of having heart attack. Sep 10, 2018 112
U.K. registry study provides more data on infliximab's infection risk. Kling, Jim Clinical report Sep 1, 2018 434
Early-onset neonatal infection in pregnancies with prelabor rupture of membranes in Kosovo: A major challenge/Kosova'da erken membran rupturu olan gebelerde erken baslangicli neonatal enfeksiyon: Onemli bir sorun. Ibishi, Vlora Ademi; Isjanovska, Rozalinda; Malin, Anne E. Medical condition overview Sep 1, 2018 3689
Childhood obesity is linked to the risk of severe dental infections. Otto, M. Alexander Sep 1, 2018 591
Risk factors for hepatitis C: A clinical study. Gupta, Sonu; Sodhi, Surender; Brar, Gursimrat; Bansal, Ravinder Report Sep 1, 2018 4313
Spectrum of microbiota in diabetic foot infections in a teaching hospital of Uttar Pradesh. Singh, Sweta; Banerjee, Gopa; Agarwal, Jyotsna; Kumar, Vijay; Usman, Kauser Report Sep 1, 2018 4150
HIV and Malaria Infections and Associated Risk Factors Among Febrile Illness Patients in Northwest Ethiopia/Kuzey Bati Etiyopya'da Febril Hastalikli Bireylerde HIV ve Sitma Enfeksiyonlari ve Ilgili Risk Faktorleri. Wondimeneh, Yitayih; Gebrecherkos, Teklay; Muluye, Dagnachew; Damtie, Demekech; Ferede, Getachew Report Sep 1, 2018 5135
A chart review of human immunodeficiency virus status in patients admitted with psychosis in Durban, South Africa. Mere, Sellwane M.; Paruk, Saeeda Sep 1, 2018 5501
Study the Impact of Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Infection and the Risk Factor for Liver Dysfunction in Saudi Patients. Farag, Randa Mohamed Ahmed; AlAyobi, Dujana; Alsaleh, Khalid A.; Kwon, Hye-Joo; EL-Ansary, Afaf; Daw Report Sep 1, 2018 4726
CLINICAL PROFILE AND RISK FACTORS OF MAJOR INFECTIONS IN SYSTEMIC LUPUS ERYTHEMATOSUS. Veettil Jayachandran, Nambiar; Rajasekhar, Liza; Narsimulu, Gumdal Report Aug 27, 2018 2979
Report Details Corneal Infection Tied to Sleeping in Contacts; Six patients reported sleeping in lenses on regular basis; most had vision loss, permanent damage. Report Aug 17, 2018 241
CDC: Brucellosis in Dogs Remains a Public Health Risk; Infection is under-recognized, may remain a threat without stronger intervention measures. Aug 16, 2018 179
C. difficile Tied to Increased Graft Loss in Solid Organ Recipients; Proven infections, antibiotic treatments in past three months tied to increased development of CDI. Aug 13, 2018 262
Does good hygiene compliance reduce catheter-related blood stream infection? A single centre experience. Chu, Ginger; Adams, Kelly; Fogarty, Gemma; Holliday, Liz Jul 1, 2018 3132
Inadequate use of antibiotics and increase in neonatal sepsis caused by resistant bacteria related to health care assistance: a systematic review. Silva, Ana Carolina Bueno; Anchieta, Leni Marcia; de Paula Lopes, Marianna Fischer; de Castro Romane Report Jul 1, 2018 5349
Schistosomal liver fibrosis and hepatocellular carcinoma--case series of patients submitted to liver transplantation. Filgueira, Norma Arteiro; de Alencar Saraiva, Camilla Maria; Juca, Norma Thome; Bezerra, Matheus Fil Report Jul 1, 2018 1515
Presence of pre-diabetes in Helicobacter pylori positive versus Helicobacter pylori negative patients having dyspepsia. Jun 30, 2018 2066
Mum bathes baby in BLEACH twice a week to fight off infection caused by rare skin disease; Alicia Barber's son Jamison suffers from Harlequin ichthyosis, a rare condition which leaves him covered in scales and at risk of infection. Jun 21, 2018 1033
Case Volume Affects Mortality for Immunosuppressed With Sepsis; Risk of death from sepsis up at hospitals with lowest volume of immunosuppressed patients with sepsis. Jun 8, 2018 258
The US FDA awards approval to the first biosimilar Fulphila to help reduce the risk of infection during cancer treatment. Jun 5, 2018 249
The US FDA awards approval to the first biosimilar Fulphila to help reduce the risk of infection during cancer treatment. Jun 5, 2018 245
Incidence and predictors of tenofovir disoproxil fumarate-induced renal impairment in HIV infected Nigerian patients. Ojeh, Bazim V.; Abah, Isaac O.; Ugoagwu, Placid; Agaba, Patricia A.; Agbaji, Oche O.; Gyang, Steven Report Jun 1, 2018 5509
Bovine Vaccinia in dairy cattle and suspicion of vesicular disease on milkers in Brazil/Vaccinia bovina em gado leiteiro e suspeita de doenca vesicular em ordenhadores no Brasil. da Silva, Thais Garcia; Lima, Michele dos Santos; de Castro, Alessandra Marnie Martins Gomes; de Sou Jun 1, 2018 5564
Delay of Lactate Draws in Sepsis Ups Risk of In-Hospital Death; Systematic early lactate measurements speed antibiotic administration, improve outcomes. May 24, 2018 205
TNFi Exposure In Utero Does Not Up Serious Infection Risk; No increased risk of serious infection among RA offspring versus non-TNFi exposed or control. May 22, 2018 284
Bovine Vaccinia in dairy cattle and suspicion of vesicular disease on milkers in Brazil/Vaccinia bovina em gado leiteiro e suspeita de doenca vesicular em ordenhadores no Brasil. da Silva, Thais Garcia; Lima, Michele dos Santos; Marnie, Alessandra; de Castro, Martins Gomes; de S May 1, 2018 5683
HIV therapy cuts risk of possibly dangerous changes in cervix and cervical cancer. May 1, 2018 2106
Higher risk of poor kidney function with versus without HIV in middle age. May 1, 2018 1741
Ex-care home manager accused of putting residents at risk of 'infection and malnutrition'; Andrea Rowe had her registration cancelled by the Care Quality Commission after a damning report into Windsor Care Home. Apr 26, 2018 560
Chlamydia infections associated with more than a doubling of ovarian cancer risk. Sullivan, Michele G. Apr 1, 2018 536
Perceptions about sexual risk, HIV and HIV-testing in Cali, Colombia/Percepciones sobre riesgo sexual, VIH y prueba del VIH en Cali, Colombia. Mueses-Marin, Hector Fabio; Tello-Bolivar, Ines Constanza; Galindo-Orrego, Maria Isabel; Galindo-Qui Apr 1, 2018 6692
Urinary, respiratory tract infections may double stroke risk: Study. Mar 16, 2018 257
Urinary, respiratory tract infections may double stroke risk: Study. Mar 16, 2018 215
Seroprevalence of hepatitis E virus in chronic hepatitis C in Brazil. Bricks, Guilherme; Senise, Jorge Figueiredo; Pott, Henrique, Jr.; Grandi, Giuliano; Passarini, Amand Report Mar 1, 2018 4715
Bacteremia in cirrhotic patients with upper gastrointestinal bleeding. Li, Shuying; Shen, Haie; Li, Ji; Hou, Xiaoli; Zhang, Ke; Li, Jintao Report Mar 1, 2018 3997
Risk factors and molecular epidemiology of HBV and HCV in internally displaced persons (IDPs) of North Waziristan Agency, Pakistan. Report Feb 28, 2018 3617
Hour special time together; EDITED BY SALLY MCLEAN Pioneering scheme sees babies at risk of deadly infection get treatment beside mum straight after birth instead of being whisked to neonatal unit. Feb 28, 2018 737
SEROPREVALENCE OF IgG TOXOPLASMA IN HIV INFECTED PATIENTS. Mathew, Sheela; Shamlath Report Feb 26, 2018 2832
Patients with Sepsis Can Be Risk-stratified Based on Gene Expression Profiles at Time of Diagnosis. Feb 21, 2018 250
Low-dose rituximab cut infection risk in rheumatoid arthritis. Splete, Heidi Feb 15, 2018 336
GI Surgical Site Infections Higher in Low-Income Countries; Infection risk highest in countries with low income, low Human Development Index. Clinical report Feb 14, 2018 276
Viral Infection During Pregnancy Raises Risk. Brief article Feb 1, 2018 269
T cell subsets and immunoglobulin G levels are associated with the infection status of systemic lupus erythematosus patients. Wu, Lifen; Wang, Xinru; Chen, Fenghua; Lv, Xing; Sun, Wenwen; Guo, Ying; Hou, Hou; Ji, Haiyan; Wei, Report Feb 1, 2018 4323
Increased risk of liver fluke infection following mild weather. Jan 23, 2018 224
Bramley family left to live in rat infested, sewage ridden home over Christmas despite risk of 'infection and disease'; The council found evidence of a rat infestation and a sewage leak and offered the family a Portaloo as an alternative when their bathroom became unusable. Jan 12, 2018 698
Common birth control drug ups risk of HIV in women. Jan 6, 2018 394
Comparison between Risk Factors For Candidemia and Bacteremia in a Tertiary Intensive Care Unit. Durdu, Bulent; Durdu, Yasemin; Eren, Gulay; Hakyemez, Ismail Necati; Gulec, Nuray; Yasar, Hulya Kadr Report Jan 1, 2018 3903
Carbapenem-Resistant Acinetobacter baumannii in Adult Intensive Care Units: Risk Factors for Colonization and Infection/Yetiskin Yogun Bakim Unitelerinde Karbapenem-Direncli Acinetobacter baumannii: Kolonizasyon ve Enfeksiyon icin Risk Faktorleri. Koca, Neriman Aksu; Baran, Irmak; Yetkin, Meltem Arzu; Kanyilmaz, Dilek; Mumcuoglu, Ipek; Yagmurdur, Report Jan 1, 2018 6051
Pyogenic Liver Abscess with No Predisposing Risk Factors. Chadwick, Matthew; Shamban, Leonid; Neumann, Michael Jan 1, 2018 2560
Successful Antimicrobial Treatment of Phlegmonous Gastritis: A Case Report and Literature Review. Iqbal, Madiha; Saleem, Rabia; Ahmed, Salman; Jani, Prachi; Alvarez, Salvador; Tun, Han W. Jan 1, 2018 2883
Risk Factors for Sepsis Based on Sepsis-3 Criteria after Orthotopic Liver Transplantation. Wang, Yanling; Gu, Yu; Huang, Fei; Liu, Dezhao; Zhang, Zheng; Zhou, Niman; Liang, Jiani; Lu, Changyi Jan 1, 2018 4731
Multiorgan Failure and Refractory Lactic Acidosis due to Pasteurella multocida Septicemia in a Patient with No Animal Exposure. Pena, Damaris; Santana, Yaneidy; Lara, Jose Perez; Gonzalez, Efrain; Khaja, Misbahuddin Report Jan 1, 2018 2398
An Interesting Case of a 57-Year-Old Male with an Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding and Obstructive Uropathy with Bilateral Hydronephrosis Diagnosed with Systemic Mucormycosis. Izaguirre-Anariba, Dora E.; Chee, Felicia; Thet, Zeyar; Lanza, Jesus Jan 1, 2018 2850
Burden of Helicobacter pylori Infections and Associated Risk Factors among Women of Child Bearing Age in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Kitila, Kumera Terfa; Sori, Lemi Mosisa; Desalegn, Daniel Melese; Tullu, Kassu Desta Jan 1, 2018 5531
Purpura Fulminans and Septic Shock due to Capnocytophaga Canimorsus after Dog Bite: A Case Report and Review of the Literature. Mantovani, Elena; Busani, Stefano; Biagioni, Emanuela; Venturelli, Claudia; Serio, Lucia; Girardis, Jan 1, 2018 1995
Acute Liver Failure among Patients on Efavirenz-Based Antiretroviral Therapy. Segamwenge, Innocent Lule; Bernard, Miriam Kaunanele Jan 1, 2018 3072
Distribution of Microbes and Drug Susceptibility in Patients with Diabetic Foot Infections in Southwest China. Wu, Mingxia; Pan, Hang; Leng, Weiling; Lei, Xiaotian; Chen, Liu; Liang, Ziwen Jan 1, 2018 5285
Assessment of the Relationship between Carotid Intima-Media Thickening and Early-Stage Diabetic Kidney Disease Coupled with Helicobacter pylori Infection. Feng, Lei; Deng, Changqing; Li, Yanxia Jan 1, 2018 5421
Platelet Distribution Width at First Day of Hospital Admission in Patients with Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome Caused by Hantaan Virus May Predict Disease Severity and Critical Patients' Survival. Fan, Xiude; Liu, Zitong; Fu, Shiqi; Sang, Jiao; Deng, Huan; Li, Fang; Zhang, Xiaoge; Li, Na; Han, Qu Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 6135
Seroprevalence and Risk Factors of Toxoplasma gondii Infection among Domestic Ruminants in East Hararghe Zone of Oromia Region, Ethiopia. Tilahun, Berhanu; Tolossa, Yacob Hailu; Tilahun, Getachew; Ashenafi, Hagos; Shimelis, Shihun Jan 1, 2018 6251
The Cross-Sectional Evaluation of the Use of Artemisinin-Based Combination Therapy for Treatment of Malaria Infection at a Tertiary Hospital in Nigeria. Okoro, Roland Nnaemeka; Jamiu, Muslim Olakunle Jan 1, 2018 3717
Urogenital Schistosomiasis among Schoolchildren and the Associated Risk Factors in Selected Rural Communities of Kwara State, Nigeria. Abdulkareem, Babamale Olarewaju; Habeeb, Kolawole Olasunkanmi; Kazeem, Abdulganiyu; Adam, Abdulkaree Jan 1, 2018 4113
Presence of Rickettsia Species in a Marginalized Area of Yucatan, Mexico. Peniche-Lara, Gaspar; Jimenez-Delgadillo, Bertha; Munoz-Zanzi, Claudia; Cardenas-Marrufo, Maria; Per Jan 1, 2018 2356
Periodontal Disease, Inflammatory Cytokines, and PG[E.sub.2] in Pregnant Patients at Risk of Preterm Delivery: A Pilot Study. Uriza, Catalina Latorre; Velosa-Porras, Juliana; Roa, Nelly S.; Lara, Stephani Margarita Quinones; S Jan 1, 2018 4835
Importance of High-Risk Human Papillomavirus Infection Detection in Female Renal Transplant Recipients in the First Year after Transplantation. Cistjakovs, Maksims; Sultanova, Alina; Jermakova, Olga; Sokolovska, Liba; Chapenko, Svetlana; Lesina Jan 1, 2018 4968
When Do Orthopaedic Oncologists Consider the Implantation of Expandable Prostheses in Bone Sarcoma Patients? Gilg, Magdalena M.; Wibmer, Christine; Bergovec, Marko; Grimer, Robert J.; Leithner, Andreas Report Jan 1, 2018 3013
Chronic Hepatitis C Association with Diabetes Mellitus and Cardiovascular Risk in the Era of DAA Therapy. Drazilova, Sylvia; Gazda, Jakub; Janicko, Martin; Jarcuska, Peter Jan 1, 2018 8431
Elevated Serum Total Bilirubin Level Is Associated with Poor Outcomes in Pediatric Patients with Sepsis-Associated Liver Injury. Cui, Yun; Shan, Yijun; Chen, Rongxin; Wang, Chunxia; Zhang, Yucai Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 4754
Seroprevalence of Malaria and Hepatitis B Coinfection among Pregnant Women in Tamale Metropolis of Ghana: A Cross-Sectional Study. Helegbe, Gideon Kofi; Aryee, Paul Armah; Mohammed, Baba Sulemana; Wemakor, Anthony; Kolbila, David; Report Jan 1, 2018 8616
Oral Colonization of Staphylococcus Species in a Peritoneal Dialysis Population: A Possible Reservoir for PD-Related Infections? Simoes-Silva, Liliana; Ferreira, Susana; Santos-Araujo, Carla; Tabaio, Margarida; Pestana, Manuel; S Jan 1, 2018 4310
Helicobacter pylori Infection and Its Risk Factors: A Prospective Cross-Sectional Study in Resource-Limited Settings of Northwest Ethiopia. Negash, Markos; Baynes, Habtamu Wondifraw; Geremew, Demeke Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 5490
A Periodic Collaboration and Coexistence Management Model with the Oscillation Effect for Complex Mega Infrastructure Project under the Risk of Infection. Zhao, Na; Cheng, T.C.E. Jan 1, 2018 8346
Zinc Deficiency and the Recurrence of Clostridium difficile Infection after Fecal Microbiota Transplant: A Retrospective Cohort Study. Niccum, Blake A.; Stein, Daniel J.; Behm, Brian W.; Hays, R. Ann Jan 1, 2018 5508
Seroprevalence of Asymptomatic Leishmania donovani among Laborers and Associated Risk Factors in Agricultural Camps of West Armachiho District, Northwest Ethiopia: A Cross-Sectional Study. Ayehu, Animen; Aschale, Yibeltal; Lemma, Wossenseged; Alebel, Animut; Worku, Ligabaw; Jejaw, Ayalew; Report Jan 1, 2018 5000
Incidence and Trends of Leishmaniasis and Its Risk Factors in Humera, Western Tigray. Tedla, Dawit Gebremichael; Bariagabr, Fsahatsion Hailemariam; Abreha, Hagos Hadgu Jan 1, 2018 4847
Risk Factors for Neonatal Sepsis in Pregnant Women with Premature Rupture of the Membrane. Ocviyanti, Dwiana; Wahono, William Timotius Jan 1, 2018 4320
Helicobacter pylori Infection as a Risk Factor for Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A Case-Control Study in Ethiopia. Mekonnen, Hailemichael Desalegn; Fisseha, Henok; Getinet, Tewodros; Tekle, Fisseha; Galle, Peter R. Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 3911
Impact of Preoperative Anemia on Perioperative Outcomes in Patients Undergoing Elective Colorectal Surgery. Liu, Liu; Liu, Lin; Liang, Li-Chuang; Zhu, Zhi-qiang; Wan, Xiao; Dai, Heng- bing; Huang, Qiang Jan 1, 2018 4820
Association between Helicobacter pylori Infection and Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: A Single-Center Clinical Study. Cai, Ou; Huang, Zhenpeng; Li, Ming; Zhang, Chaoqun; Xi, Fengbo; Tan, Shiyun Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 3975

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