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Study of Risk Factors and Their Effect on Outcome in Stroke. Nandyal, Sharanabasappa Basawaraj; Nandyal, Nanda Sharanabasappa Oct 26, 2020 2498
Comparison of Urinary Incontinence Subgroups according to Possible Risk Factors. Kazimoglu, Hatem; Topdagi, Yunus Emre; Solakhan, Mehmet; Guzel, Ali Irfan Sep 1, 2020 3058
Common Protective Strategies in Neurodegenerative Disease: Focusing on Risk Factors to Target the Cellular Redox System. Hrelia, Patrizia; Sita, Giulia; Ziche, Marina; Ristori, Emma; Marino, Angela; Cordaro, Marika; Molte Aug 31, 2020 16012
Transient, Recurrent Central Nervous System Clinical Manifestations of X-Linked Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease Presenting with Very Long Latency Periods between Episodes: Is Prolonged Sun Exposure a Provoking Factor? Tziakouri, Andria; Natsiopoulos, Konstantinos; Kleopa, Kleopas A.; Michaelides, Costas Jul 31, 2020 2346
Concussion leads to higher dementia risk; People who suffer from a concussion have a higher risk of dementia in later life, a study suggests. Jul 28, 2020 486
Clinical Predictive Factors of Lower Extremity Deep Vein Thrombosis in Relative High-Risk Patients after Neurosurgery: A Retrospective Study. Li, Juhua; Ren, XinZhen; Zhu, Xiaole; Chen, Huayu; Lin, Zhen; Huang, Mei; Gu, Zejuan Report Jun 30, 2020 4463
Uefa to follow Scotland's lead in limiting amount of heading a ball by youngsters; Restraints aimed at reducing risk of dementia in ex players to be rolled out across Europe. MOIRA GORDON Jun 13, 2020 741
Neurological manifestations of COVID-19. Kanwar, Dureshahwar; Baig, Abdul Mannan; Wasay, Mohammad Report May 31, 2020 2156
The Role of Neurologist in the Assessment and Treatment of Depression/Depresyonun Tanisi ve Sagaltiminda Norologun Yeri. Kumral, Emre; Bayam, Fatma Ece Mar 1, 2020 6776
Cognitive Functioning of Ageing Patients with Severe Mental Illness: a Pilot Study. Wong, Mimi M.C.; Pang, Pui-fai Mar 1, 2020 1223
Living near highways linked to higher dementia risk. Jan 28, 2020 314
Living near highways linked to higher dementia risk. Jan 28, 2020 382
Incidence and Risk Factors for Postoperative Delirium in Patients Undergoing Spine Surgery: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Wu, Xinjie; Sun, Wei; Tan, Mingsheng Dec 31, 2019 9832
The role of pharmacists in the management of autism spectrum disorder: A survey to determine the knowledge and perception of the parents. Kara, Zeliha Pala; Cakir, Busra; Durman, Deniz Kaleli; Dogan, B. Sonmez Uydes Survey Dec 1, 2019 3913
The role of pharmacists in the management of autism spectrum disorder: A survey to determine the knowledge and perception of the parents. Kara, Zeliha Pala; Cakir, Busra; Durman, Deniz Kaleli; Dogan, B. Sonmez Uydes Survey Dec 1, 2019 3869
C-Sections May Increase Neuropsychiatric Disorders Risk In Children, Study Says. Aug 30, 2019 443
Air pollution linked with risk of mental disorders: Study. Aug 22, 2019 411
Air pollution linked with risk of mental disorders: study. Aug 22, 2019 174
Exposure to Pollution May Up Risk for Psychiatric Disorders; Higher rates of bipolar disorder, major depression linked to poor air quality in U.S., Denmark cohorts. Aug 20, 2019 220
Tissue Inhibitor of Metalloproteinase-2 Polymorphisms and Risk for HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorder. Singh, HariOm; Jadhav, Sushma; Samani, Dharmesh; Nain, Sumitra Jun 30, 2019 8245
A CROSS--SECTIONAL STUDY ON CLINICAL PROFILE OF ALCOHOL INDUCED NEUROLOGICAL MANIFESTATIONS. Chandra, Indira Priyadarsini; Boppudi, Sreedevi; Charitha, S. Sai; Vyshnavi, B.; Keerthi, N. May 13, 2019 2005
Air Pollution and Risk of Neurobehavioral Problems: Is APOE [epsilon]4 Status a Factor? Barrett, Julia R. Report Feb 1, 2019 1134
High Pesticide Exposure Events and Olfactory Impairment among U.S. Farmers. Shrestha, Srishti; Kamel, Freya; Umbach, David M.; Freeman, Laura E. Beane; Koutros, Stella; Alavanj Report Jan 1, 2019 10685
Emergent Sand Fly--Borne Phleboviruses in the Balkan Region. Ayhan, Nazli; Charrel, Remi N. Report Dec 1, 2018 4581
NEUROLOGIC DISEASE: Half of women, a third of men have lifetime risk. Nogrady, Bianca Oct 15, 2018 577
Revisiting Influenza Vaccination Exemption. Ryan, Margaret; Duran, Laurie; Lee, Rachel; Wu, Sengkham Report Oct 1, 2018 1100
Evaluation of Dynamic Postural Balance in Pediatric Familial Mediterranean Fever Patients. Yilmaz, Resul; inanir, Ahmet; Kazancin, Nafia Ozlem; Cakan, Nursen; Gul, Ali Report Sep 1, 2018 2996
Site of morphea lesions predicts risk of extracutaneous manifestations. Brunk, Doug Report Sep 1, 2018 802
Case Series of Severe Neurologic Sequelae of Ebola Virus Disease during Epidemic, Sierra Leone. Howlett, Patrick J.; Walder, Anna R.; Lisk, Durodami R.; Fitzgerald, Felicity; Sevalie, Stephen; Lad Report Aug 1, 2018 6885
Anti-depressants and bladder drugs could increase risk of developing dementia; A British Medical Journal study found a link between some anticholinergic drugs and long-term memory or thinking problems. Apr 26, 2018 547
High fitness may slash dementia risk, study says. Mar 17, 2018 858
Early Neurological Deterioration after Recanalization Treatment in Patients with Acute Ischemic Stroke: A Retrospective Study. Zhang, Ying-Bo; Su, Ying-Ying; He, Yan-Bo; Liu, Yi-Fei; Liu, Gang; Fan, Lin-Lin Report Feb 1, 2018 4178
Transient Neurologic Symptoms following Spinal Anesthesia with Isobaric Mepivacaine: A Decade of Experience at Toronto Western Hospital. Sankar, Ashwin; Behboudi, Minou; Abdallah, Faraj W.; Macfarlane, Alan; Brull, Richard Report Jan 1, 2018 2885
Risk Factors for the Progression of Mild Cognitive Impairment in Different Types of Neurodegenerative Disorders. Chen, Pei-Hao; Cheng, Shih-Jung; Lin, Hui-Chi; Lee, Chuo-Yu; Chou, Chih-Ho Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 5114
Relationship of Serum Uric Acid Level with Demographic Features, Risk Factors, Severity, Prognosis, Serum Levels of Vitamin D, Calcium, and Magnesium in Stroke. Saadat, Payam; Ahangar, Alijan Ahmadi; Babaei, Mansor; Kalantar, Mandana; Bayani, Mohammad Ali; Barz Report Jan 1, 2018 5788
Plasma Translocator Protein Levels and Outcomes of Acute Ischemic Stroke: A Pilot Study. Chen, Wen-Hung; Yeh, Hsu-Ling; Tsao, Chiung-Wen; Lien, Li-Ming; Chiwaya, Arthur; Alizargar, Javad; B Report Jan 1, 2018 5490
Episodic Behavioural Regression in an 8-Year-Old Female: Sequelae of 22q11.2 Duplication Syndrome. Bahji, A.; Khalid-Khan, S. Jan 1, 2018 2283
Cerebral Pathophysiology in Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation: Pitfalls in Daily Clinical Management. Kazmi, Syed Omar; Sivakumar, Sanjeev; Karakitsos, Dimitrios; Alharthy, Abdulrahman; Lazaridis, Chris Report Jan 1, 2018 8663
Effects of Long-Term Treatment with a Blend of Highly Purified Olive Secoiridoids on Cognition and Brain ATP Levels in Aged NMRI Mice. Reutzel, Martina; Grewal, Rekha; Silaidos, Carmina; Zotzel, Jens; Marx, Stefan; Tretzel, Joachim; Ec Jan 1, 2018 7288
Taking paracetamol during pregnancy ups risk of neurological disorders in babies. Nov 25, 2017 369
Aerobic fitness and neurocognitive function scores in young faroese adults and potential modification by prenatal methylmercury exposure. Oulhote, Youssef; Debes, Frodi; Vestergaard, Sonja; Weihe, Pal; Grandjean, Philippe Apr 1, 2017 7899
Prenatal exposure to glycol ethers and Neurocognitive abilities in 6-year-old children: The PELAGIE cohort study. Beranger, Remi; Garlantezec, Ronan; Maner-Idrissi, Gaid Le; Lacroix, Agnes; Rouget, Florence; Trowbr Apr 1, 2017 8557
VACCINATION STATUS OF THE CHILDREN WITH NEUROLOGICAL DISORDERS AND ASSOCIATED FACTORS. Kondolot, Meda; Bayram, Ayse Kacar; Canpolat, Mehmet; Karakas, Faruk; Elmali, Ferhan; Gumus, Hakan; Report Mar 1, 2017 430
Effects of a Home-Based Family-Centred Early Habilitation Program on Neurobehavioural Outcomes of Very Preterm Born Infants: A Retrospective Cohort Study. Poggioli, Michela; Minichilli, Fabrizio; Bononi, Tiziana; Meghi, Pasquina; Andre, Paolo; Crecchi, Al Report Jan 1, 2017 7948
Pneumocephalus Following Self-Inflicted Penetrating Brain Injury. Ho, Che-Fang; Tam, Yuan-Yun; Wu, Chia-Chen Case study Jan 1, 2017 1549
Impact of Spasticity on Balance Control during Quiet Standing in Persons after Stroke. Khiabani, Reza Rahimzadeh; Mochizuki, George; Ismail, Farooq; Boulias, Chris; Phadke, Chetan P.; Gag Report Jan 1, 2017 8432
Targeting Oxidative Stress for Treatment of Glaucoma and Optic Neuritis. Kimura, Atsuko; Namekata, Kazuhiko; Guo, Xiaoli; Noro, Takahiko; Harada, Chikako; Harada, Takayuki Report Jan 1, 2017 6022
The Neuroprotective Effects of SIRT1 on NMDA-Induced Excitotoxicity. Yang, Xiaorong; Si, Peipei; Qin, Huaping; Yin, Litian; Yan, Liang-Jun; Zhang, Ce Report Jan 1, 2017 5598
MicroRNAs Modulate Oxidative Stress in Hypertension through PARP-1 Regulation. Dluzen, Douglas F.; Kim, Yoonseo; Bastian, Paul; Zhang, Yongqing; Lehrmann, Elin; Becker, Kevin G.; Report Jan 1, 2017 6874
miR-Let7A Controls the Cell Death and Tight Junction Density of Brain Endothelial Cells under High Glucose Condition. Song, Juhyun; Yoon, So Ra; Kim, Oh Yoen Report Jan 1, 2017 6125
Plants-Derived Neuroprotective Agents: Cutting the Cycle of Cell Death through Multiple Mechanisms. Elufioye, Taiwo Olayemi; Berida, Tomayo Ireti; Habtemariam, Solomon Report Jan 1, 2017 21172
Hypothesis: osseous spinal injury & reinjury as a risk factor, biomarker and etiological factor in sporadic ALS. Steenblock, David A. Report Oct 1, 2016 2822
Potential effects of diabetes mellitus on the nervous system. Etherington, Janet; Lintonbon, David Case study Jul 1, 2016 2026
Paediatric neurological disorders with cerebellar involvement diagnosis and management. Peri, Giulia; Mariotti, Elena Report Mar 1, 2016 1907
Blood-Brain Barrier Disruption Induced by Chronic Sleep Loss: Low-Grade Inflammation May Be the Link. Hurtado-Alvarado, G.; Dominguez-Salazar, E.; Pavon, L.; Velazquez-Moctezuma, J.; Gomez-Gonzalez, B. Jan 1, 2016 10725
No geographic correlation between Lyme disease and death due to 4 neurodegenerative disorders, United States, 2001-2010. Forrester, Joseph D.; Kugeler, Kiersten J.; Perea, Anna E.; Pastula, Daniel M.; Mead, Paul S. Report Nov 1, 2015 2467
A different option for neuromodulation procedures: sacral nerve stimulation. Ozyalcin, Nuri Suleyman Report Jun 1, 2015 7828
How your iron levels impact your brain; the mineral is essential to brain health, but it builds up with age, and too much may increase risk for neurodegenerative disease. Report Jun 1, 2015 996
Preschool Developmental Screening with Denver II Test in Semi-Urban Areas. Eratay, Emine; Bayoglu, BirgA1; Anlar, Banu Report Jan 1, 2015 581
Neurodevelopmental disorders and prenatal residential proximity to agricultural pesticides: the CHARGE study. Shelton, Janie F.; Geraghty, Estella M.; Tancredi, Daniel J.; Delwiche, Lora D.; Schmidt, Rebecca J. Report Oct 1, 2014 8693
A rarely seen late complication, radiation-induced lower motor neuron syndrome/ Radyoterapi sonrasi nadir ve gec gorulen bir komplikasyon olan alt motor noron sendromu. Ozbayrak, Sibel Suzen; Ozbayrak, Mustafa; Akgun, Kenan Report Jun 1, 2014 1923
Environmental toxicity and poor cognitive outcomes in children and adults. Liu, Jianghong; Lewis, Gary Report Jan 1, 2014 6846
Adrenal disorders and the paediatric brain: pathophysiological considerations and clinical implications. Salpietro, Vincenzo; Polizzi, Agata; Rosa, Gabriella Di; Romeo, Anna Claudia; Dipasquale, Valeria; M Report Jan 1, 2014 10807
Diffusion tensor imaging in NAWM and NADGM in MS and CIS: association with candidate biomarkers in Sera. Natarajan, Renuka; Hagman, Sanna; Wu, Xingchen; Hakulinen, Ullamari; Raunio, Minna; Helminen, Mika; Report Jan 1, 2014 6016
Differentiation of human breast-milk stem cells to neural stem cells and neurons. Hosseini, Seyed Mojtaba; Talaei-khozani, Tahere; Sani, Mahsa; Owrangi, Bahareh Report Jan 1, 2014 4066
Nursing and patients with delirium: a literature review/ Enfermeria y pacientes con delirium: Una revision de la literatura/ Enfermagem e pacientes com delirium: Uma revisao da literatura. Henao-Castano, Angela Maria; Amaya-Rey, Maria Consuelo del Pilar Jan 1, 2014 4408
A study of various clinical features manifested due to the deficiency of Vitamin B12 including detailed neurological and haematological features. Apte, S.; Sinha, U.; Rajput, V.; Chanchlani, Roshan; Chanchlani, Madhu Clinical report Nov 25, 2013 2328
Influence of the dopaminergic system, CREB, and transcription factor-[kappa]B on cocaine neurotoxicity. Planeta, C.S.; Lepsch, L.B.; Alves, R.; Scavone, C. Report Nov 1, 2013 5265
Case report: paraneoplastic neurologic syndrome associated with squamous cell carcinoma of the tonsil. Janus, Jeffrey R.; Chinnadurai, Sivakumar; Moore, Eric J. Case study Oct 1, 2013 166
US study doubts reports that retired NFL players at risk from 'suicidal' nerve disorder. Aug 8, 2013 343
Neurosurgical complications of HIV. Mankahla, N.; Rothemeyer, S-J. Report Mar 1, 2013 1173
Neurological complications in diabetic ketoacidosis--before and after insulin therapy. Pandey, Manmohan K.; Mittra, Purnima; Doneria, Jitendra; Maheshwari, Pradeep Report Jan 1, 2013 4060
White matter disease: imaging findings and differential diagnosis. Ortiz, Orlando; Lustrin, Elizabeth; Baadh, Amanjit S. Case study Dec 1, 2012 5316
B-12 & the brain. Brief article Sep 1, 2012 111
Suture causes nerve damage. Brief article Jun 1, 2012 254
The burden of environmental disease in the United States. Pugh, Katherine H.; Zarus, Gregory M. Report May 1, 2012 3579
Public Health Impacts of Environmental Chemicals on Neurodevelopment. Brief article Apr 1, 2012 200
A Strategy for Comparing the Contributions of Environmental Chemicals and Other Risk Factors to Neurodevelopment of Children. Bellinger, David C. Report Apr 1, 2012 9205
Brain ferritin iron as a risk factor for age at onset in neurodegenerative diseases. Report Mar 1, 2012 256
Postoperative occipital nerve injury in a child. Keidan, I.; Ben-Menchem, E. Case study Mar 1, 2012 750
Arsenic exposure and motor function in Children. Brief article Nov 1, 2011 203
Neurotoxicity of diesel exhaust. Brief article Aug 1, 2011 180
Bisphenol a and neurobehavioral development. Brief article Aug 1, 2011 162
Neurodevelopment and exposure to chlorpyrifos. Brief article Aug 1, 2011 160
Neurotoxicity of PBDEs on the developing nervous system. Banasik, Marek; Suchecka, Dominika Report Aug 1, 2011 517
Diesel exhaust activates and primes microglia: air pollution, neuroinflammation, and regulation of dopaminergic neurotoxicity. Levesque, Shannon; Taetzsch, Thomas; Lull, Melinda E.; Kodavanti, Urmila; Stadler, Krisztian; Wagner Report Aug 1, 2011 6125
Case report: high prenatal bisphenol a exposure and infant Neonatal neurobehavior. Sathyanarayana, Sheela; Braun, Joe M.; Yolton, Kimberly; Liddy, Stacey; Lanphear, Bruce P. Case study Aug 1, 2011 6708
Seven-year neurodevelopmental scores and prenatal exposure to chlorpyrifos, a common agricultural pesticide. Rauh, Virginia; Arunajadai, Srikesh; Horton, Megan; Perera, Frederica; Hoepner, Lori; Barr, Dana B.; Report Aug 1, 2011 6576
Neurotoxicity of PBDEs and OH-PBDEs. Brief article Jul 1, 2011 135
Lead-induced changes in gene expression. Report May 1, 2011 151
Global gene expression analysis reveals dynamic and developmental stage-dependent enrichment of Lead-induced neurological gene alterations. Peterson, Samuel M.; Zhang, Jun; Weber, Gregory; Freeman, Jennifer L. Report May 1, 2011 6470
Para- and ortho-substitutions are key determinants of polybrominated diphenyl ether activity toward ryanodine receptors and neurotoxicity. Kim, Kyung Ho; Base, Diptiman D.; Ghogha, Atefeh; Riehl, Joyce; Zhang, Rui; Barnhart, Christopher D. Report Apr 1, 2011 7262
Access to health services: experiences of women with neurological disabilities. Hampton, Nan Zhang; Ordway, Anne; Zhu, Yanan Report Apr 1, 2011 7388
Is Thyroidectomy Safe After Identification of Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve - Fact or Fiction. Hashmi, Fazila; Siddiqui, Faisal Ghani; Memon, Abdul Sattar Report Dec 31, 2010 2429
Nanoparticles induce changes in neuronal networks. Brief article Oct 1, 2010 151
Manganese and children's IQ. Brief article Oct 1, 2010 159
Growing knowledge: using stem cells to study developmental neurotoxicity. Betts, Kellyn S. Report Oct 1, 2010 4973
Prenatal exposure to airborne polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and children's intelligence at 5 years of age in a prospective cohort study in Poland. Edwards, Susan Claire; Jedrychowski, Wieslaw; Butscher, Maria; Camann, David; Kieltyka, Agnieszka; M Report Sep 1, 2010 7765
Methylmercury: lessons learned. Brief article Aug 1, 2010 203
Autonomic Digital Reflex: a revolutionary noninvasive technique for diagnosis and treatment. Remy, Daniella Jun 1, 2010 920
Astrovirus encephalitis in boy with x-linked agammaglobulinemia. Quan, Phenix-Lan; Wagner, Thor A.; Briese, Thomas; Torgerson, Troy R.; Hornig, Mady; Tashmukhamedova Clinical report Jun 1, 2010 4498
Neurotoxicity in pesticide-exposed children. Report Jun 1, 2010 166
A review of barriers to thrombolytic therapy: implications for nursing care in the emergency department. Johnson, Melissa; Bakas, Tamilyn Apr 1, 2010 5393
Vegetative nervous system disturbance in congenital heart diseases. Nurmukhamedova, Mukhlisakhon Report Apr 1, 2010 3640
Rare neurological syndromes associated with systemic lupus erythematosus/Sistemik lupus eritematozus ile iliskili nadir norolojik sendromlarin birlikteligi. Durmus, Hacer; Tuzun, Erdem; Alpay, Nilufer; Icoz, Sema; Kurtuncu, Murat; Demir, Gulsen Akman Report Mar 1, 2010 902
A historical account of stroke and the evolution of nursing care for stroke patients. Nilsen, Marci Lee Report Feb 1, 2010 6810
The management of seizures in brain tumor patients. Smith, Kristen Catherine Report Feb 1, 2010 8532
Duropleural fistula revealed by neurological manifestations: an unusual cause of pleural effusion. Maskin, L.P.; Raimondi, A.; Hlavnicka, A.; Diaz, M.F.; Roura, N.; Wainsztein, N. Case study Jan 1, 2010 1387
Silver impairs neurodevelopment: studies in PC12 cells. Powers, Christina M.; Wrench, Nicola; Ryde, Ian T.; Smith, Amanda M.; Seidler, Frederic J.; Slotkin, Report Jan 1, 2010 6920
Case report: wrist neuropathic arthropathy secondary to syringomyelia/Siringomiyeliye bagli el-el bilegi noropatik artropatisi: olgu sunumu. Yagci, Ilker; Ozkok, Ozlem; Ustun, Isil; Agirman, Mehmet; Gunduz, O. Hakan; Akyuz, Gulseren Report Dec 1, 2009 1706
Repeated intrathecal administration of ropivacaine causes neurotoxicity in rats. Zhong, Z.; Qulian, G.; Yuan, Z.; Wangyuan, Z.; Zhihua, S. Report Nov 1, 2009 3865
Mass lead intoxication from informal used lead-acid battery recycling in Dakar, Senegal. Haefliger, Pascal; Mathieu-Nolf, Monique; Lociciro, Stephanie; Ndiaye, Cheikh; Coly, Malang; Diouf, Report Oct 1, 2009 6752
Steroids for lumbar radiculopathy. Ebbert, Jon O.; Tangalos, Eric G. Clinical report Sep 15, 2009 863
Neurobrucellosis in a child presenting with neuropsychiatric manifestation/Noropsikiyatrik bulgularla basvuran norobruselloz olgusu. Guc, Belgin Usta; Gumus, Ayten; Cekinmez, Eren Kale; Ozenli, Yarkin; Yildirim, Selman Vefa; Tanir, G Report Sep 1, 2009 1308
Lineage 2 West Nile virus as cause of fatal neurologic disease in horses, South Africa. Venter, Marietjie; Human, Stacey; Zaayman, Dewald; Gerdes, Gertruida H.; Williams, June; Steyl, Joha Report Jun 1, 2009 5791
Mild brain injury can have long-term effects. Mahoney, Diana Apr 1, 2009 1071
Sleep disorder may indicate higher risk for neurological disease. Brief article Mar 1, 2009 176
Calcium and magnesium reduce chemotherapy side effects. Dye, Dayna Brief article Sep 1, 2008 196
Blueberry supplementation enhances signaling and prevents behavioral deficits in an Alzheimer disease model. Brief article Sep 1, 2008 111
The biology of nerve injury in leprosy. Scollard, David M. Clinical report Sep 1, 2008 5976
Mother's omega-3 fatty acid deficit impairs infant's neurological development. Dye, Dayna Brief article Jun 1, 2008 173
Verbal memory decline seen after ecstasy use. Jancin, Bruce Clinical report May 1, 2008 558
Ambient. Joe, Ryan Brief article Apr 1, 2008 173
Early thimerosal exposure and neuropsychological outcomes. Klotter, Jule Apr 1, 2008 780
DHA is linked to Alzheimer's prevention. Brief article Feb 18, 2008 121
Neuropsychiatric events not tied to oseltamivir. Wendling, Patrice Brief article Jan 15, 2008 265
Neurological function and HIV risk behaviors of female prison inmates. Brewer-Smyth, Kathleen; Bucurescu, Gabriel; Shults, Justine; Metzger, David; Sacktor, Ned; van Gorp, Clinical report Dec 1, 2007 8931
Neurologic sequelae tied to gastric bypass surgery. Mechcatie, Elizabeth Jul 1, 2007 694
Defibrillation threshold testing and neurologic outcome. Karaoguz, Remzi Clinical report Jul 1, 2007 2419
Defibrillation threshold testing and neurologic outcome. Karaoguz, Remzi Clinical report Jul 1, 2007 2413
Folate and methylation status in relation to phosphorylated tau [protein.sub.(181P)] and [beta]-Amyloid(1-42) in cerebrospinal fluid. Obeid, Rima; Kasoha, Mariz; Knapp, Jean-Pierre; Kostopoulos, Panagiotis; Becker, George; Fassbender, Jun 1, 2007 6421
Peripheral nerve blockade carries only a minimal risk of permanent neurological complications. Schug, S.A. Editorial Feb 1, 2007 994
Lipoprotein(a) in the cerebrospinal fluid of neurological patients with blood-cerebrospinal fluid barrier dysfunction. Pepe, Gabriella; Chimienti, Guglielmina; Liuzzi, Grazia Maria; Lamanuzzi, Biagia Leila; Nardulli, Ma Clinical report Nov 1, 2006 3769
Radiological case of the month: Bruce A. Baethge, MD; Veronica T. Vasquez, PAC; Elizabeth A. Jones, MD. Baethge, Bruce A.; Vasquez, Veronica T.; Jones, Elizabeth A. Case study Jun 1, 2006 728
High maternal blood S100B concentrations in pregnancies complicated by intrauterine growth restriction and intraventricular hemorrhage. Gazzolo, Diego; Marinoni, Emanuela; Di Iorio, Romolo; Lituania, Mario; Marras, Mauro; Bruschettini, Clinical report May 1, 2006 5979
An algorithmic approach to neuroimaging in AIDS. Foster, Megan A.; Sherman, Paul M.; Tharin, Baxter; Smirniotopoulos, James G. Clinical report Dec 1, 2005 4353
Outcomes in children experiencing neurologic insults as preterm neonates. Gardner, Marcia R. Nov 1, 2005 5179
Menstrual cycle changes the brain. Brief Article Jun 4, 2005 301
Plan crafted to accredit neurology subspecialties: behavioral neurology, neuropsychiatry standards are expected to be available early this year. Schneider, Mary Ellen Mar 1, 2005 684
Neonatal infections limit growth. Brief Article Feb 15, 2005 173
Computer toxins feared. Aug 1, 2004 88
More Neurologic deficits with Cardiopulmonary bypass. (Large, Observational Study). McNamara, Damian Brief Article Apr 15, 2002 372

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