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Rising Pharmaceuticals.

ALLENDALE, N.J. -- "We care about people," says Steven Greenstein, vice president of sales at Rising Pharmaceuticals Inc. "From our manufacturers, partners and pharmacies to physicians and their patients, the goal is to make life better for everyone we impact. Whether we're educating patients or ensuring the quality of our affordable generic medications, we want to make it as easy as possible for patients and physicians to feel confident with our treatments. It's why we're in the business."

Rising believes that affordable and trusted generic medication should be accessible to everyone.

"At Rising Pharmaceuticals, we take this belief even further. Whether it's ensuring that our generic medication is easy to open for physically weakened patients or adapting packaging to accommodate a retailer's crowded shelves, Rising is always looking ahead and innovating," adds Greenstein.

Greenstein says Rising is an industry leader in marketing and distributing generic prescription pharmaceutical products covering a variety of therapeutic areas and dosage forms.

"We also market a few legacy over-the-counter products. We are focused on the development of Abbreviated New Drug Application [ANDA]-based generic products through our global network of development and manufacturing partners, and have a robust emerging pipeline of niche pharmaceutical products," he says. Rising now sells over 120 product families commercially.

Rising was founded in the early 1990s as a private company with a focus on selling niche pharmaceutical products supported by strong customer service. After a successful period spanning two decades, Rising was acquired in December 2010 by Aceto Corp., a global leader in the marketing, sale and distribution of products for human health (finished-dosage-form generics and nutraceutical) products, pharmaceutical ingredients (pharmaceutical intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients) and performance chemicals (specialty chemicals and agricultural protection products).

Starting in 2011, Rising began operating as a wholly owned subsidiary of Aceto. Following Aceto's growth strategy, the company acquired Pack Pharmaceuticals, another U.S. generic pharmaceuticals distributor, in April 2014.

With major management changes implemented in mid-2016, the company's portfolio and pipeline significantly expanded again with the acquisition of the assets of Citron Pharmaceuticals at the end of 2016.

The increased scale and product offerings, according to Greenstein, provide the best path toward expanding access for patients to Rising's high-quality medications. This growth continues to demonstrate that Rising is an emerging leader in U.S. generic pharmaceuticals.

Rising's products are manufactured by its global network of manufacturing partners at state-of-the-art, current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)-compliant facilities using quality assurance practices that meet U.S. regulatory standards. Via close partnerships with customers throughout the United States, the company ensures the safe and effective delivery of products to patients.

Rising's continued growth marks an important step in its parent Aceto's strategic evolution in the finished-dose human health market.

3 Pearl Court Allendale, NJ. 07401

Key contact:

Steven Greenstein Vice President of Sales

Phone: (201)961-1600
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