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Rise to the challenge; Discover the other influence on your life.

HAVE you ever thought you're not exactly as your sun sign would say you were?

Maybe you're a Virgo who's far from tidy? Perhaps you're a Libra with an outspoken, noisy side - maybe you're Aries rising?

How do you know what's rising and what does it mean?

Sometimes called the ascendant, your rising sign is what was coming over the eastern horizon at the time of your birth.

Using your time of birth, check the table, below right, to find out your rising sign.

If it seems out, look at the ones either side or, better still, consult an astrologer.

Your rising sign is the coloured glass people see you through, it's what you present. From there, each part of your chart falls into place.

Aries Rising

YOU'RE a natural leader and hate to follow, sometimes getting in awkward positions rather than admit you were wrong.

You're confident and ready to take on all comers, this makes you attractive to those around you - professional and personal.

In your younger years, you're likely to have been a bit of a tearaway and usually your family and friends will have the stories to back that one up.

Your life's lesson is to get along with others, include them in decision making and to make sure that, in relationships, you give as well as receive love.

You're an initiator, you don't stand around waiting for things to happen you're the cause.

Taurus Rising

IF this sign is rising, your chart is ruled by Venus. Being under her dominion, you're likely to be attractive in an abundant way.

Probably no size zero, you will like to eat and enjoy the occasional drink or two.

Being comfortable is your aim.

Quality of life is important to you but so is quality in your life and seeing the difference could be a life lesson - is it more important to be happy or to have shiny things that confirm your status?

You're cautious, a builder and planner, someone who takes their time often at the frustration of those around you.

But in love ... oh, in love, you're hard to beat. A sensuous, touchy-feely type with a real appreciation of the finer things in life.

Gemini Rising

HOLD the phone, it's a Gemini Rising with all the gossip.

Chatty and ready to dish the dirt, you're there with your phone in one hand, Blackberry in another and, if you could, you would be typing an email with your feet.

Multi-tasking, multi-talented and ready to get things moving - come on, move it.

Calm down. Your remit in life may be to understand what you are talking about rather than repeat what you have seen or heard from others, to truly have knowledge rather than just words.

You don't want to be tied down to one thing and you're best employed somewhere where you can do a hundred things at once - magazines and television suit you well for obvious reasons.

Cancer Rising

AGENTLE rising sign, when you approach a group of people you won't storm in making your presence felt.

You will scuttle from side to side, getting the measure of everyone before truly coming into your own - and that's when the claws can come out.

Defensive of family and their home, they stick to the rules and, in relationships, have a set of expectations that must be fulfilled.

You are here to learn how to put structure around you and find stability in your home.

That can sometimes mean you have issues with family - how can you learn if you don't have the scenarios to learn from?

Marriage is more of a serious thing for you than for any other rising sign.

Leo Rising

IS that a spotlight? It will be shining on you, Leo Rising, and, as long as your hair is looking fabulous, you will be OK with that.

Ready to perform at any time, you don't know if your drama is a comedy or a thriller - you don't care as long as you are the star.

You can be a little bossy on occasion and, if you're not in charge, it seems nobody else can be.

You're likely to be argumentative with those who try to tell you what to do.

You're also highly creative, wonderfully entertaining and amazingly talented, so find somewhere to show it all off.

You're here to learn independence, to learn to stand out rather than lead - there is a difference to be unique.

Virgo Rising

ORDER your soya milk, decaffeinated coffee and settle in, Virgo Rising. You're conscious of your body, what goes in it and what it's trying to tell you with that rash or that cough you have developed.

Health is paramount and keeping it means routine - yoga, eating whole-foods, if it's going into you, you're into it.

You attract people in need of support, those who feed your desire to be the one making it all better for them.

You have a quiet charm that will put itself out to help others and a side that wishes everyone and everything could get along.

Your life's lesson is letting go of the worry, of realising it will be OK in the end. Honest.

Libra Rising

YOU are attractive, not good looking before you go puffing yourself up, attractive meaning people are drawn to you as you exude niceness - what a lovely word.

As with most things, look underneath the niceness and you see a mechanism to be liked by everyone regardless of how you truly feel about things.

Eventually, the niceness is replaced by the change of mind, the never-wanted-this-in-the-first-place and slamming the door on the way out.

Your life's lesson is to be more assertive, even if you upset people in the process.

It can work for you professionally, choose the law, counselling - anywhere you have to see two sides but aren't directly involved.

Scorpio Rising

POWER is what rises from you. As you walk into a room, you may not be the loudest person in there, but you're noticed.

You're the original strong silent type, you give off an aura of authority and purpose.

You're the Marmite of rising signs. People will love you or hate you, but they will have an opinion and that's all that matters - that they are talking about you.

You may be a security freak, but the truth is you value your privacy. Sometimes, you need to withdraw, even switching off the phone in the middle or a working day as you need your precious space.

Your life's lesson is about being cuddly - I know, emotion and expressing it - scary, isn't it?

Sagittarius Rising

AND another thing I can do for you is to plan the event while riding on a unicycle with a cream cracker on my head ... oh really?

Making big promises that may be too tough to keep is a trait of this rising sign, but we all know your heart is in the right place - it's just your brain has lost its way.

Of course, you may not have gotten in a fix if you hadn't offered your services in the first place, but you just can't help yourself.

Stand back, slow down and think before you decide what you want to do.

One of your life's lessons is to get someone to help you, someone you know will finish the job ... because you won't.

At least you have a great sense of humour - you'll need it.

Capricorn Rising

ARE you having a good time...? Then you want to tell your face.

Breaking into a smile may not be how you show you're having a good time, inside you're laughing yourself silly, you just don't see why you have to be rolling about guffawing all of the time.

Frankly, you are a very funny person - but a straight-faced funny person.

You're the serious one, the one who carries the passports on holiday, the one who checks the car before you go anywhere, the one who takes on all the responsibility for everything and everyone.

You're big on family and life's lesson for you is providing for that family, just take some time to enjoy them, too.

Aquarius Rising

YOU stand out, you're unique and the one most likely to be called "unusual".

It may be your love of all things scientific and geeky, or perhaps it's your unusual dress code or maybe your freaky hair - this is going somewhere, trust me - but, whatever it is, you're here to make us all think outside of the box.

You can come up with solutions nobody else would have and they seem to work when you do.

You also get on well in a team as long as you are given space to have your say - never should you be told to be quiet.

But you can be cantankerous and, if someone says you must turn right, you will turn left just to annoy them.

Pisces Rising

YOU'RE not one for bucking the trend. In fact, you're not one for a trend in the first place, preferring to shuffle about in your own world and changing your own world when you feel the need or the inclination.

You get it, Pisces Rising, you get the fact that nothing is ultimately that important and everything changes in time.

You don't want to know the facts, you just want to know how something makes you feel and your intuition is incredible accurate.

You have a way about you that's almost magical, an aura that attracts others to you, as if you have cast some spell that enchants and intrigues those around you.

Your life's lesson, however, is about facing up to the facts you avoid so well.

'Your rising sign is the coloured glass people see you through. It's what you present. From there, your chart falls into place'
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