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Rise in property tax.

Byline: Mubarak Elahi - Islamabad

THE Capital Development Authority/Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad have raised property tax and water charges in Islamabad by 150 to 200 per cent in one go.

This means a person who paid Rs10, 000 as property tax last year will now pay Rs30, 000 and the same goes for water charges.

The authorities concerned say that since taxes had not been raised since 2001, this raise was due.

Property tax and other charges are definitely raised from time to time, yet this is done in a way that it doesn't burden citizens unnecessarily.

Those sitting in air-conditioned offices hardly come out to see the prevailing unhygienic conditions and other issues in the city; yet they conveniently impose a hefty rise without realising that people are already groaning under an immense price hike and inflation.

The average rent increase in Islamabad is eight to 10pc every year and the CDA, which collects billions of rupees in property and other taxes, increases taxes 15 to 20pc after every five years, claiming improvement in services.

As against this, what we see in the capital city is continuous degradation of all services. One wonders where all the money goes.

The CDA chairman should withdraw this colossal hike in property tax and water charges and rationalise them keeping in mind the people's problems and prevailing economic realities.

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Publication:Dawn (Karachi, Pakistan)
Geographic Code:9PAKI
Date:Jul 21, 2019
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