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Ringnes Brewery names Seemayer new U.S. importer.

Ringnes Brewery names Seemayer new U.S. importer

Deryl Seemayer, president, Seemayer Associates, recently announced that his firm has been appointed by the Ringnes Brewery of Norway as its exclusive importer in 47 states across the nation.

All three of the Ringnes products - Ringnes Export, Ringnes Jubilee Ale, and alcohol-free Zero Plus - will be imported by the Stamford, CT-based company. Currently, Ringnes' distribution is based in the Northeast, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Illinois, and Minnesota. Nationwide distribution of the brands has been set for 1992.

Seemayer began its relationship with Ringnes in 1985 as the brewery's advertising agency, Seemayer said.

"Previously, Ringnes had been perceived as a domestically-priced imported beer," Seemayer explained. "The first thing we did was to enhance the packaging by emphasizing the quality and purity of the beer itself.

"We worked with an internationally famous glass blower, George Severin," Seemayer continued, "to create a stylized, eye-catching, lead-crystal nordic horn of the highest quality. We featured it on the package as a symbol and in the ads to tie in with Norway's image of purity. And thus was born our campaign theme: |The Pure Norwegian.'"

Seemayer added that "pure" has been used in the product's campaign because "Norway is one of two countries that adheres to the strict European purity laws.

"Ringnes Export beer is an award-winning pilsner-type beer," the president noted. "Jubilee Ale is brewed based on a viking recipe which has been modified to suit discriminating mordern tastes."

Seemayer reported that he has reorganized the sales distribution structure of Ringnes, penetrating more individual markets by utilizing regional and local promotions that directly involve the trade.
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Title Annotation:Ringnes Brewery of Norway; Seemayer Associates
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jun 10, 1991
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