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Ring in the new ... BF.

December has 31 days. So we've come up with 31 ways you can hook up with your crush by New Year's Eve. Let the crush countdown begin ...

What's on top of your holiday wish list? If you answered, "A BF!", you've come to the right page. The thought of kicking off 2005 with a babe to call your own is delicious, we agree. But since Santa can't put a boy under the tree, you'll have to step up and attract the guy yourself. Beginning on Dec. 1, here are 31 baby steps to starting 2005 as a girlfriend!

Day 1 Choose your guy

The curie who constantly pesters your thoughts like a sweet mental bumblebee is a great choice.

Day 2 Enlist a friend

A BF hunter needs an ally. An ally helps you find out everything you need to know without actually talking to him. Is he single? Ever have a GF? And so on ...

Day 3 Sniff out his status

If you find out he has a current girlfriend, pick a new prospect.

Day 4 Check out his friends

The odds of him liking you increase if he hangs out with guys who aren't totally alien to Planet Crush. Do his buds show up at dances? Has his best bud dated anyone? Some guys are into it; some aren't. His friends are a clue to whether he's into taking a chance on romance.

Day 5 Embrace vanity

Look your best while boy-shopping. Quick checks in the mirror keep you confident. Smudged mascara? Fix it. Pepper in your teeth? Brusha, brusha.

Day 6 Assess your closet

Most girls wear the same 10 things every week. Go through your stuff to see what clothes you're ignoring vs. the rotation items. Then, mix it up. There's no way to predict when a crush might notice the band tee you thought was just OK and haven't worn since last semester.

Day 7 Break out a pen and paper

Write your name next to his 100 times. Now, crumple it up and hide it behind your dresser. This is highly scientific advice. Really.

Day 8 Practice your ice-breaker

Know what you're going to say if ever given the opportunity to actually speak to him. "Hey, what's up?" is a good start. "Are you going to the game on Friday?" also works. What would you say to a new girl you wanted to talk to? Be friendly, and you'll sound natural. And natural comes off as confident.

Day 9 Do your hair

What's the best style for your hair? Wear it like that and, of course, shampoo regularly. No harm in bein' cute (and clean).

Day 10 Blab to a big-mouth

Every school has a girl who lives to spread the good word, the juicy word, any word. Slyly, let her know which dude you're digging on. Blabbermouths are great for helping a cause.

Day 11 Make eye contact

It's not as hard as it might seem. Just look at him, hold it for a couple secs, and then you're free to bolt. If he catches you looking his way, he could pick up a clue that you're into him. Just don't do the no-blink trance-like scare stare.

Day 12 Do not travel in a pack

Just remember that a girl who's always in a group is largely unapproachable even to the boldest of dudes.

Day 13 Make yourself available

When you're not surrounded by friends, place yourself in his line of fire. Sit on a bench in the hallway he takes to an afternoon class. Find a believable reason to be near his locker. The idea is to get yourself on his radar.

Day 14 Say 'hi' without saying 'hi'

A simple wave or smile to him at lunch can go a loooong way.

Day 15 Ride his bus home

Exposure is a key strategy to getting his attention. Which of your friends lives in his neighborhood? Plan a study session with her, get on that bus, and sit somewhere in front of him so he spots you.

Day 16 Sit at his lunch table

For this, you will need a friend or two. Your excuse for sitting with the guys? You are trying to find out what video games you should get your little brother (or nephew or cousin) for Christmas. This will get him and his pals talking about their fave subjects: Tony Hawk's Underground 2 and Grand Theft Auto.

Day 17 Smell yummy

Studies show that boys love the scent of vanilla. Who knew? Try it.

Day 18 Hang where he hangs out

Is he a major lock? Go to his games. Does he eat lunch outside the cafeteria? Eat there, too. Is he a skatepark regular? Just go, already.

Day 19 Eat a Red Delicious

Another strange but curious study finds that guys think it's attractive when girls eat apples because it make their lips shiny and shows they aren't afraid to eat. Plus, apples are good for you. So there.

Day 20 Write an anonymous note

A hand-scrawled-in-hot-pink "I think you're cute" will make his day and get him on the road to "I guess girls aren't all that yucky." Spray the note with vanilla.

Day 21 Find out if he got the note

Did he like the note or think it was dorky? Who did he tell? Blabbermouth will know. She's good with details, too, like if he seemed shy or embarrassed by the attention.

Day 22 Get his number

No one said you have to call. Just get it and consider the idea, please.

Day 23 Repeat day 13 advice

You want him to see you. A lot. He'll wonder if you're the girl who wrote the note. That could be a good thing.

Day 24 Call him

OK, enough thinking about it. Time to call. Don't reveal who you are at first. See if he already knows. If he does, Blabbermouth did her job. Talk for a few minutes, then let him off the hook. Guys aren't into phone chats like girls are.

Day 25 Find out his holiday plans

Is he leaving town with the family? Or is he hanging out during break? This is crucial information for your next moves.

Day 26 Plan a party

For the express purpose of inviting him, throwing your own New Year's Eve bash with the help (and cash) of a few friends is optimal. Start makin' a list.

Day 27 Get a New Year's Eve dress

Make sure it is red or pink. Studies prove that these colors attract guys. Too easy.

Day 28 Invite him

Another note could work. A call would be even better. Make sure you invite his buddies, too. The more the merrier!

Day 29 Talk to him

The impending party is a good reason to talk to him. You need to confirm the guest count, right? So ask him if he's coming. See if he'll bring the chips.

Day 30 Look fabulous

Time for a dress rehearsal. Not too much makeup, hair down, lips glossed, nails polished, your red (or pink) dress on. It should now be impossible for him not to notice you tomorrow night.

Day 31 Plan the wedding

Kidding! But if you've made it this far, he's nearly yours. Just be sure you're right by his side at the stroke of midnight. Happy New Year!
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