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Rimage Unveils New DVD-R Solution at COMDEX Las Vegas; Producer II Line Now Available with Pioneer A03 DVD-R General Use or Pioneer S-201 DVD-R Authoring Drives.

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COMDEX Fall 2001

Booth No. L5555


Rimage Corporation (Nasdaq:RIMG) announced today that they are unveiling new automated DVD-R solutions as part of their Producer II product offerings, with the latest in DVD-R technology. The unveiling will take place at the COMDEX show in Las Vegas this week, November 12-16, 2001. Rimage will be in the RDVD Pavilion, booth number L5555 located in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The latest in Rimage automated DVD solutions feature the new Pioneer A03 DVD-R general use drives, a very attractive option, providing a cost-effective way to store or distribute large amounts of data (DVD-Rs hold 4.7 Gig compared to 650 MB on a CD-R). The new solutions will also be showing off Rimage's new ProNET Software with QuickDisc(SM) user interface. QuickDisc is an effortless program, designed with the express purpose of making CD/DVD creation a snap. Using the standard drag-and-drop format everyone is familiar with, your DVD is literally 3 clicks of the mouse away.

All Producer II DVD-R systems come standard with Rimage's breakthrough Everest printer for applying permanent, photo realistic artwork to DVD-R's. The combination of the Pioneer general use AO3 recorder and the Everest printer allow for high impact, professional quality DVD-R's to be created on-demand with no compromise over mass produced DVD's.

The new solution features the much faster FireWire(TM) (IEEE 1394) interface which is able to handle the emergence of constantly increasing recording speeds, allowing the Rimage Producer equipment to continue doing what it does best - on-demand publishing of CDs and DVDs, handling up to 8 different data streams simultaneously, giving users the freedom to produce multiple unique discs or hundreds of the same.

Producer II equipment continues to be available with the Pioneer S-201 DVD-R authoring drives, best suited for mastering applications. The addition of Pioneer's A03 DVD-R general use drives to the product line rounds out Rimage's DVD-R offerings. "Rimage is excited about our association with Pioneer Electronics," says Ken Klinck, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, "The strength of our partnership allows Rimage to complete our offerings of automated DVD-R solutions, placing us in a remarkable position as the only company to offer a full line of DVD-R solutions including both the Pioneer A03 DVD-R general use drive as well as the DVD-R Authoring S-201 drive." All units come standard with Everest(TM) label printing technology - the world's first on-demand, photo-realistic CD/DVD label printer.

The new DVD units will be put to the test at COMDEX as Rimage will set up a mini-DVD production studio in the RDVD Pavilion capable of producing thousands of DVD's during the course of the show. Information from the keynote presentations will be captured on digital video, then recorded on DVD and labeled using Rimage equipment on the COMDEX floor. Exhibitors and attendees will be able to get a first hand look at the production process by stopping in at the Rimage booth ( L5555 / RDVD Pavilion located in the Las Vegas Convention Center ) and visiting their DVD Production Studio. COMDEX marks the next phase for Rimage in bringing professional, affordable, automated DVD-R solutions to market. Rimage's Producer II systems are available in many different configurations starting at $11,450.

About Rimage

Rimage Corporation is the world's leading provider of integrated CD-R (recordable)/DVD-R publishing systems, required for producing discs with customized digital content on an on-demand basis. Rimage's publishing systems, which span the range from high to low CD-R/DVD-R production volumes, incorporate robotics, software and advanced color and black/white printing technologies for disc labeling. These integrated systems are backed by global service, support and training, enabling Rimage to provide its customers with a complete CD-R/DVD-R publishing solution. Rimage is focusing its publishing solutions on a set of vertical markets with special needs for customized, on-demand digital information: digital photography, banking and finance, government, business offices, medical imaging and service bureaus. Rimage Corporation is located in Minneapolis, MN, with operations in the United States, Europe and Asia. For more information visit our website at
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Date:Nov 12, 2001
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