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Rihanna's Home Broken Into For Second Time.

Los Angeles police responded to a burglary incident Tuesday night at a home owned by singer Rihanna. A Los Angeles Police Department officer had arrived at the house on the 7800 block of Hillside Avenue in the Hollywood Hills after a burglar alarm went off.

Officers confirmed to local media belongings were stolen from the residence, but the exact details were not immediately clear. There was no one in the house at the time of the incident, media reports said. It also remained unclear if Rihanna was in town. 

The home's burglar alarm system was flashing when the police arrived outside the home. ( Local media reported neighbors gave a description of suspects leaving the house.

In May, there was a break-in in the same house and a man was arrested from the scene. The man, identified as 26-year-old Eduardo Leon of Orange County, was arrested for felony stalking and was held on $150,000 bail at the time. During this incident also, Rihanna was not at home.

Law enforcement sources told TMZ at the time authorities were dispatched to Rihanna's home after they were notified of a potential intruder on suspicion her alarm had been tampered with. After police arrived, they found a man who appeared to have stayed the night at the residence.

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Publication:International Business Times - US ed.
Date:Sep 26, 2018
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