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A Scoping Review of Populist Radical Right Parties' Influence on Welfare Policy and its Implications for Population Health in Europe. Rinaldi, Chiara; Bekker, Marleen P.M. Feb 24, 2021 7867
How do you solve a problem like Trump? Jan 16, 2021 876
US police, military confront enemy within after Capitol riot. Jan 15, 2021 839
RIGHT-WING TERRORISTS? Shaw, C. Mitchell Sep 16, 2019 2938
Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right's Stealth Plan for America. Sorensen, Ben Book review Aug 1, 2019 874
Right-wing extremists ready to commit violence in Germany. May 3, 2019 239
NOT IN MY BACKYARD. Reidy, Eric May 1, 2019 2733
The Evolution of Extreme-Right Terrorism and Efforts to Counter It in the United Kingdom. Jan 1, 2019 6043
Distinguishing Features of the Activity of Extreme Right Groups under Conditions of State Counteraction to Online Extremism in Russia. Myagkov, Mikhail; Kashpur, Vitaliy V.; Baryshev, Alexey A.; Goiko, Viacheslav L.; Shchekotin, Evgeni Report Jan 1, 2019 10755
Alt-America: The Rise of the Radical Right in the Age of Trump. Brief article Sep 1, 2018 126
The European Union and the Mainstreaming of the Radical Right. Kallis, Aristotle Essay Jun 22, 2018 5598
How Do Muslims Respond to Far Right Political Mobilization in Their European State? Jackson, Pamela Irving; Doerschler, Peter Essay Jun 22, 2018 10801
Re-narrating Europe in the Face of Populism: An Analysis of the Anti-immigration Discourse of Populist Party Leaders. Akbaba, Sertan Essay Jun 22, 2018 8166
Agonies of pluralism: Germany and the New Right. Garnett, Simon Essay Jun 22, 2018 7003
Great Romania under the Menace of the European Extremism and Revisionism. Nacu, Florin Report Jun 1, 2018 5594
The "New Man" in Radical Right Ideology and Practice, 1919-45. Book review Apr 1, 2018 215
I am no longer a Tory .. my colleagues were right-wing extremists; RUTH DAVIDSON URGED TO PROBE PARTY GROUP; Councillor quits over plans for swingeing cuts to local services. Nov 22, 2017 372
Integration or Isolation? Mapping Out the Position of Radical Right Media in the Public Sphere. Norocel, Ov Cristian; Szabo, Gabriella; Bene, Marton Report Sep 1, 2017 8733
Was the Austrian election "stolen"? Jun 20, 2016 337
Extreme right in Quebec? The Facebook pages in favor of the "Quebec Charter of Values". Nadeau, Frederick; Helly, Denise Mar 22, 2016 8596
Gustav von Kahr and the emergence of the radical right in Bavaria. Koepp, Roy G. Biography Dec 22, 2015 11000
Islamophobia in Europe: the radical right and the mainstream. Kallis, Aristotle Sep 22, 2015 4116
German police clash with right-wing extremists opposed to refugees. Aug 22, 2015 168
Surveillance of the right is not new: the IRS scandal in historical perspective: the "Reuther Memorandum"--written by Democrat Party operatives in 1961--outlined steps the Kennedy administration could use to isolate the political Right via government. Eddlem, Thomas R. Feb 2, 2015 1976
"Partner For Russia": Europe's Far Right Flirts With Moscow. Brief article Apr 16, 2014 202
Wrapped in the flag; a personal history of America's radical right. Book review Dec 1, 2013 138
Converting international migrations into issue of security: radical right parties in Europe and securitization of migration/Uluslararasi goclerin bir guvenlik konusuna donusumu: avrupa'da radikal sag partiler ve gocun Guvenliklestirilmesi. Mandaci, Nazif; Ozerim, Gokay Author abstract Sep 22, 2013 9177
Corporatism, social control, and cultural domination in education; from the radical right to globalization; the selected works of Joel Spring. Book review Jun 1, 2013 161
Real common sense; using our founding values to reclaim our nation and stop the radical right from hijacking America. Book review Dec 1, 2012 126
Antisemitic prejudice and political antisemitism in present-day Hungary. Kovacs, Andras Report Dec 1, 2012 8757
Europe's Jews: The Extreme Right Joins the Islamists. Sep 5, 2012 101
Europe's Jews: The Extreme Right Joins the Islamists. Brief article Sep 5, 2012 101
Who speaks for Europe's Muslims? The radical right obstacle to dialogue. Green, Todd H. Report Sep 1, 2012 5042
Sikh temple gunman was deemed 'not a risk' despite known link with right-wing extremists. Aug 7, 2012 187
Extraordinary situations, extraordinary means: the regenerative projects of the Hungarian radical right. Szele, Aron Apr 1, 2012 9255
The radical right parties in Europe and their Balkanic cousins: the bells ring for Turkey/Avrupa'daki radikal sag partiler ve Balkanli kuzenleri: canlar Turkiye icin caliyor. Mandaci, Nazif Essay Mar 22, 2012 13854
Right wing extremists in Germany should be more carefully watched, says German SPD leader. Dec 25, 2011 105
Resentment reloaded: how the European radical right mobilizes antisemitism and counter-cosmopolitanism. Rensmann, Lars Essay Dec 1, 2011 11972
Real common sense; using our founding values to reclaim our nation and stop the radical right from hijacking America. Book review Oct 1, 2011 114
UK right-wing extremists 'hijacking' vigilante patrols protecting against looters: Police. Aug 11, 2011 212
Of reversing globalization. Chanda, Nayan Aug 2, 2011 919
Social researchers, right-wing demagogues, and the "Blank Space" in American democracy. Howard, Matthew O. Editorial Jun 1, 2011 2604
Testing the water. Shiekh, Awatef Jan 1, 2011 1281
American Taliban; how war, sex, sin, and power bind Jihadists and the radical right. Book review Nov 1, 2010 148
ISRAEL - Dec 3 - Netanyahu Faces Rightwing Protests. Dec 5, 2009 358
The radical right in Switzerland; continuity and change, 1945-2000. Book review Nov 1, 2009 181
The paranoid center: how the panic over right-wing violence is being used to marginalize peaceful dissent. Walker, Jesse Oct 1, 2009 4405
Disappointed Eastern Europe confronts its neo-Nazis. Orszag-Land, Thomas Sep 22, 2009 3524
Far-right gains in EU elections. Brief article Jun 26, 2009 177
The extreme right in contemporary Europe: the contemporary extreme right opportunistically appeals--just like the fascists and Nazis of the past--to various groups with diverging interests and values. Rovny, Jan Jun 22, 2009 1002
And they call us paranoid. Knox, Jeff May 20, 2009 868
Everyone's a threat: Obama's Department of Homeland Security and federal-state "fusion centers" target millions of Americans as potential terrorists. Jasper, William F. May 11, 2009 2447
Californian right-wing activists seek to strip schools of safety from discrimination. Brief article May 1, 2008 179
Saving America from gays. Brief article May 9, 2006 282
Counter-coulter. Friedman, Brad Jan 1, 2006 1047
Extremists drive church agenda. Dec 23, 2005 1063
Under the radar. Brief Article Apr 12, 2005 125
The minister of minstrelsy: meet Jesse Lee Peterson, who says what the right would like to, but can't. Blumenthal, Max Interview Apr 11, 2005 2651
Ward Churchill and the mad dogs of the right. Cockburn, Alexander Feb 21, 2005 1057
The new Israel. Warschawski, Michel Dec 1, 2004 3969
Starting November 3. Reich, Robert Nov 1, 2004 680
Extreme makeover: Calif. theocrat seeks kinder, gentler image. Oct 1, 2004 609
Subcultures, pop music and politics: skinheads and "Nazi rock" in England and Germany. Brown, Timothy S. Sep 22, 2004 11368
Subcultures, pop music and politics: skinheads and 'Nazi rock' in England and Germany. Brief Article Sep 22, 2004 139
While you were sleeping. Yglesias, Matthew Brief Article Sep 1, 2004 278
Danger on the right: former conservative journalist and current media watchdog David Brock talks about his new book documenting the right wing's grip on the airwaves. Graham, Chad Interview Jul 6, 2004 1430
Oklahoma AU, allies 'let freedom ring' on national day of prayer. Jun 1, 2004 1324
Abuse of prisoners in Iraq due to MTV, says Colson, Perkins. Jun 1, 2004 420
Out in the Terry family: Randall Terry says his son's coming-out was a betrayal, and he's still determined to deny "special civil rights" to gays. Ryan, Benjamin Interview May 25, 2004 626
Dobson Declares war for marriage amendment. May 1, 2004 753
AU seeks info about anti-evolution drives in Ohio And Montana. May 1, 2004 380
Religious Right Groups seek tax funding for overseas AIDS programs. May 1, 2004 598
Legislative prayer sparks big furor in Arizona. Brief Article Mar 1, 2004 209
Commandments crusaders target party platforms. Brief Article Feb 1, 2004 245
Conservative leaders seek divorce from pro-marriage group. Feb 1, 2004 611
Christian Identity movement needs more press scrutiny. Corrigan, Don Dec 1, 2003 1476
The real danger behind the Christian Right: beware of conservative ecumenism. Kaminer, Wendy Oct 1, 2003 3017
Phyllis Schlafly rides again. (Off the Record). Corrigan, Don Brief Article Jul 1, 2003 227
Vast right-wing conspiracy. (Devil in the Details). Brief Article Jun 1, 2003 235
How to kill independence. (Not in Black or White). Orakwue, Stella May 1, 2003 1545
A just cause. . Sullivan, Andrew Apr 29, 2003 705
Who's right now? Europe's far-right resurgence fizzles out. (Gazette). Hill, Steven Feb 1, 2003 1314
Jordan's nightmare: Amman fears Sharon will use the Iraq war for `ethnic cleansing' and drive Palestinians into the kingdom. (Refugees). Blanche, Ed Dec 1, 2002 1746
Politics profanes a noble war. (Devil In The Details). Oct 21, 2002 846

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