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COUPLE'S SUICIDE PACT 'DOES NOT JUSTIFY EUTHANASIA' Tragedy is argument for better palliative care, say campaigners. MIKE LOCKLEY Sunday Mercury Writer Jul 26, 2020 508
Doctors now assist suicide by Zoom. Smith, Wesley J. Jun 1, 2020 401
Six things you must know before you decide whether to support or oppose physician-assisted suicide. Valko, Nancy May 1, 2020 1390
Maryland Right to Life Achieves Victories for LIFE, Unifies Pro Life Movement in Maryland. Biasotti, Julie Apr 1, 2020 948
Assisted suicide is invitation to murder. Mar 16, 2020 975
Is Illinois 'a good place' for 'right to die' activists? Constable: ER nurse has saved lives of those who didn't want to be saved. Mar 10, 2020 1032
German court to make key ruling on assisted suicide. Feb 26, 2020 606
Assisted suicide bill sets a dangerous precedent. Wade, Steven Feb 14, 2020 414
One Briton a week travels to Switzerland for assisted death; Motor neurone sufferer calling for MPs to step in after legal fight loss. AMY-CLARE MARTIN Jan 31, 2020 212
We had to go through ordeal for showing love to my dying father... law must change; ASSISTED DYING REVIEW CALL BACKED. KELLY WILLIAMS Daily Post Chief Reporter Jan 24, 2020 579
Cops' assisted suicide probes of 150 families; Call to review aiding death ban. EXCLUSIVE BY amy clare martin Jan 14, 2020 164
NY Times Pushes Assisted Suicide for Baby Boomers. Smith, Wesley J. Jan 1, 2020 582
Assisted Suicide Laws Rife with Dangers to People with Disabilities. Jan 1, 2020 432
Right-to-die bid quashed in High Court. Dec 20, 2019 101
Time to discuss right to die? Maybe we should talk about palliative care (or its lack of) in Malaysia first. Dec 12, 2019 1571
Call for more to air view on assisted dying during survey. Nov 26, 2019 145
Victim Nikki urges people to speak out on assisted dying. SUE AUSTIN Nov 26, 2019 360
Does mum look like a killer? Daughter's call for law change on assisted suicide after husband died but wife lived. Charlotte Paxton Staff Reporter Nov 7, 2019 741
News they wanted to leave together; Daughter of woman cleared of murder shares image amid calls for change on assisted suicide. CHARLOTTE PAXTON News Reporter Nov 7, 2019 740
The Movement of Love and Hope. Tobias, Carol Nov 1, 2019 760
World Medical Association Opposes Euthanasia, Supports Medical Conscience. Smith, Wesley J. Nov 1, 2019 200
UAE Fatwa chairman meets Pope. Oct 29, 2019 383
Let him endhis ownlife if he wants; N.WALES CRIME TSAR BACKS POLICE BOSS WHO WANTS TO BE ALLOWED TO END HIS OWN LIFE. MARI JONES Daily Post Reporter Oct 29, 2019 493
Let him endhis ownlife if he wants. MARI JONES Daily Post Reporter Oct 29, 2019 510
Police commissioner wants law change to allow assisted dying. Oct 29, 2019 284
Chairman of the UAE Fatwa Council meets Pope Francis. Oct 28, 2019 386
Right-to-die appeal dad's verdict wait. Oct 23, 2019 104
Belgian Paralympian Marieke Vervoort ends life by euthanasia. ANI Oct 23, 2019 308
Assisted suicide chat with dying dad reported to police. ANNA LEWIS Reporter Oct 12, 2019 729
SC acquits 20-times death sentence convict involved in Rawalpindi suicide blast case. Oct 11, 2019 549
SC acquits 20-times death sentence convict involved in Rawalpindi suicide blast case. Oct 11, 2019 621
SC acquits 20-times death sentence convict involved in Rawalpindi suicide blast case. Oct 11, 2019 621
Transforming the world one step at a time, one life at a time. Oct 1, 2019 722
Italian Premier Expresses 'Doubts' Over Assisted Suicide. AFP News Sep 29, 2019 325
Italy Court Rules Assisted Suicide Not Always A Crime. AFP News Sep 26, 2019 647
Wilfred M. McClay. Sep 22, 2019 964
Pope Decries Euthanasia As Italy Court Considers Assisted Suicide. AFP News Sep 20, 2019 338
Bishops affirm sanctity of life. Sep 20, 2019 202
Face death's inevitability. Sep 20, 2019 121
Actress in right-to-die call as Scot ends life. Sep 8, 2019 206
Right-to-die campaigner ends his life; Health: Swiss death for MND sufferer. Obituary Sep 7, 2019 455
Terminal father talked of suicide, court told. Sep 5, 2019 301
The Reproductive Justice Movement: A Model for a More Inclusive Movement to Improve End-of-Life Options. Beahr, Ninia Sep 1, 2019 861
Dr Gillian Wright: The value of human life should restrain society from taking it. Aug 21, 2019 697
Washington State: Nearly 25% more assisted suicide deaths in 2018. Schadenberg, Alex Aug 1, 2019 394
Ethically corrupt and inherently immoral, abortion and assisted suicide challenge the very foundations of a civilized society. Andrusko, Dave Aug 1, 2019 766
MP tells of emotion as he meets Noel; Commons hears of encounter with right-to-die campaigner. Jul 9, 2019 406
Support grows for 'right to die' law, says Opperman. Jul 8, 2019 547
Campaigner for 'right to die' legislation says support for law change is growing; Hexham MP Guy Opperman says he believes opinion is moving in favour of assisted dying. Jul 7, 2019 628
Euthanasia. Jul 6, 2019 270
I'm a prisoner in my body.. not allowing me to die at home is cruel; RICHARD'S ASSISTED SUICIDE PLEA MND victim campaigns for new law after arranging final trip to Dignitas. Jul 5, 2019 307
Unlike many people with motor neurone disease I still have my voice.. I want to use it to make a difference; Father's legal fight for the right to die. Jul 4, 2019 588
Searehing for the Sanctity of Life. Jul 1, 2019 636
AMA votes to retain opposition to Physician-assisted suicide by a nearly 2-1 margin. Popik, Jennifer Jul 1, 2019 552
Distorted and misleading article makes a hero out of judge who ruled Terri Schiavo's feeding tube could be removed. Schindler, Bobby Jul 1, 2019 1124
Assisted suicide plea by nurse. Jun 26, 2019 718
Doctors to put views on suicide. Jun 23, 2019 117
Maine becomes eighth US state to legalize assisted suicide. Jun 13, 2019 724
What I want now is to be able to take control of my own life and to know that I can also take control of my own death when the time comes.. if it's in two years or decades away; NURSE ON HER BATTLE WITH DISEASE,REFUSING TO HAVE MORE TESTS AND BID TO CHANGE LAWCancer patient demands access to assisted suicide. Jun 9, 2019 1271
Maine Governor signs bill legalizing assisted suicide. Andrusko, Dave Jun 1, 2019 289
By a nearly two-thirds margin, AMA votes to retain opposition to assisted suicide. Popik, Jennifer Jun 1, 2019 537
A doubleplusungood story about Dutch euthanasia: The death of a 17-year-old girl suffering from anorexia raises serious questions. Cook, Michael Jun 1, 2019 863
Dutch Teen Not Euthanized, Died by (Abetted) Self-Starvation. Smith, Wesley J. Jun 1, 2019 466
DISPOSICION DEL DERECHO A LA VIDA DE LOS MENORES DE EDAD: UNA NECESARIA DISCUSION SOBRE EUTANASIA Y SUICIDIO ASISTIDO EN CHILE/Legal provision for the right of life of minors: a necessary discussion about euthanasia and assisted suicide in Chile/Normas do direito a vida dos menores de idade: uma discussao necessaria sobre eutanasia e suicidio assistido no Chile. Reyes, Estefania Esparza Jun 1, 2019 6403
Gauke: I back new assisted suicide laws. May 20, 2019 131
UN committee weighs in on French right-to-die case. May 6, 2019 570
Trump touts new faith-based protections for health care workers on National Day of Prayer. May 3, 2019 541
The desire to hasten death in advanced cancer patients at a Mexican palliative care service. Rodriguez-Mayoral, Oscar; Ascencio-Huertas, Leticia; Verastegui, Emma; Delgado-Guay, Marvin O.; Alle May 1, 2019 5023
MORE IRISH CHOOSING TO DIE WITH DIGNITAS; 74% increase in people joining list to aid their deaths at centres; Campaigners demand change in law to allow end-of-life choice; EXCLUSIVE. Apr 15, 2019 541
NJ latest state to allow doctor-assisted suicide. Apr 12, 2019 278
Progressives had their way in much of the 2019 General Assembly. Apr 9, 2019 1290
84% support right to die law change. Apr 2, 2019 226
Rivals unite to fight for the right to die with dignity; MSPs' ASSISTED DYING MISSION. Apr 1, 2019 572
A murderer on death row would be given more dignity than my Craig. He spent the final months of his life in pain, begging for the end.. it was two months of sheer hell that didn't need to happen; DISTRAUGHT WIFE URGES MSPs TO PASS NEW LAWS TO ALLOW ASSISTED SUICIDE. Mar 31, 2019 1226
Devastated widow watched husband beg to die during agonising cancer battle; Liz Wilson is campaigning to have assisted suicide legalised after her husband Craig, from Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire, died from cancer. Mar 31, 2019 1193
New Jersey Legalizes Assisted Suicide For Terminally Ill Patients. Mar 26, 2019 647
Man, 64, who loves life reveals why he's going to Switzerland for assisted suicide; Alex Pandolfo, a former trade union activist from Lancaster, says his early-onset Alzheimer's disease has affected the quality of his life. Mar 24, 2019 964
Dying for change; Call for new law grows as doctors drop opposition to assisted dying in Britain. Mar 22, 2019 289
Dying for change; Call for new law grows as doctors drop opposition to assisted suicide in Britain. Mar 22, 2019 289
THE BIG QUESTION; YOUR VOICE; Every day we'll be asking your opinion on one of Britain's big talking points. You can have your say and vote at Mar 21, 2019 160
Surge in Brits who want a 'good death' 75% rise in sign-ups to 'suicide' clinics. Mar 20, 2019 900
Surge in Brits who want a 'good death' 75% rise in sign-ups to 'suicide' clinics. Mar 20, 2019 922
Amendments to medically-assisted suicide bill expected in Md. Senate. Mar 8, 2019 368
Md. House approves medically assisted suicide bill. Mar 7, 2019 130
As medically assisted suicide bill advances in Md., obstacles remain. Mar 4, 2019 759
I devoted myself to helping people at the end of their lives. Now I'm facing a horrible, nasty death. All I'm asking for is right to stop my own suffering; FORMER PALLIATIVE CARE NURSE'S HEART-RENDING APPEAL FOR ASSISTED SUICIDE LEGISLATIONPlea by mum battling crippling illness. Mar 3, 2019 1112
We must not normalise the taking of lives. Mar 3, 2019 331
Which Road, America? Tobias, Carol Mar 1, 2019 817
@dailyrecord. Feb 25, 2019 168
LET US DIE IN SCOTLAND. Feb 24, 2019 661
We haven't woken up to the fact that all this pain and suffering in death is unnecessary. You wouldn't allow an animal to suffer the way we allow human beings to suffer; MND PATIENT ON HIS SADNESS OVER BEING FORCED TO TRAVEL TO SWISS CLINIC TO DIE ON HIS TERMSSick dad backs campaign to make assisted suicide legal. Feb 24, 2019 990
'I don't want to prolong this for anybody' TRIBUTES TO RIGHT-TO-DIE CAMPAIGNER EX-HEAD HONOURED BY URDD 'A TOTAL INSPIRATION'. Feb 23, 2019 526
they said what? Feb 18, 2019 348
Md. legislators bring back medically assisted suicide bill. Jan 29, 2019 685
California's Right-To-Die Law Needs High Court Intervention. Dec 1, 2018 391
Right-to-die case appeal turned down. Nov 28, 2018 120
Supreme Court rejects assisted dying case appeal. Nov 28, 2018 675
'Entombed' man's plea for right to 'dignified death'. Nov 23, 2018 170
Young woman 'made to feel insecure by Facebook trolls' killed herself; Jade Turner, of Bolton, Greater Manchester, sent tragic text messages to her mother before taking her own life. Chris kitching Nov 22, 2018 1327
The Ending Needs Work: HUMANISTS CAN LEAD ON END-OF-LIFE DECISIONS. Ouellette, Jennifer Cover story Nov 1, 2018 2825
Legalising physician-assisted suicide in South Africa: Should it even be considered? Jacobs, R. K. Report Nov 1, 2018 3122
November 2018. Nov 1, 2018 517
AMA continues to battle over whether to change its position of opposition to PAS to neutrality. Andrusko, Dave Nov 1, 2018 894
Architects of Victoria's right-to-die law publish 'manual' on how to push legislation through. Cook, Michael Nov 1, 2018 442
The "Medical Conscience" civil rights movement. Smith, Wesley J. Nov 1, 2018 1075
Wife had right to die; YOUR VOICE. Oct 23, 2018 212
2018 ANA Membership Assembly Acts on Current Issues and Looks to a Bold Future. Oct 1, 2018 613
2018 ANA Membership Assembly acts on current issues and looks to a bold future. Sep 22, 2018 138
Critical Reinforcements from the 2018 NRLC Academy. O'Bannon, Randall K. Aug 1, 2018 622
The dangers of assisted suicide; LETTERS. Jun 27, 2018 148
RIGHT TO DIE; 75% of Brits back change in euthanasia law for terminally ill; Cases would be assessed by 2 doctors and judge under plan; EXCLUSIVE. Jun 26, 2018 525
Welcome and Opening Remarks; Keynote Address; Panel Discussion. Jun 22, 2018 20922
People have what we did we can draw said they admire ...we're relieved line under it now; WOMAN WHO TOOK HER WWII VETERAN DAD TO EUTHANASIA CLINIC WON'T BE PROSECUTED. Jun 16, 2018 931
Woman who took dad to die at clinic won't be charged. Jun 16, 2018 618
People have what we did we can draw said they admire ...we're relieved line under it now; WOMAN WHO TOOK HER WWII VETERAN DAD TO EUTHANASIA CLINIC WON'T BE PROSECUTED. Jun 16, 2018 671
Medical students' perspectives on euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide and their views on legalising these practices in South Africa. Jacobs, R.K.; Hendricks, M. Report Jun 1, 2018 4655
Judge overturns suicide law. Brief article Jun 1, 2018 157
'Take me to Switzerland' - Eamonn Holmes admits he'd opt for assisted suicide if he developed dementia; The TV presenter shared his candid feelings on the subject of the disease - and what he would do if he developed it. May 29, 2018 700
Portugal parliament rejects legal euthanasia in divisive vote. May 29, 2018 498
'Right to die with dignity' family wins support of readers. May 28, 2018 795
When a mum and son took grandad to a clinic in Switzerland, they knew he wouldn't be coming back; This is John Lenton's story, and his family's hopes for a change in the law on assisted suicide. May 27, 2018 2475
"It was just like watching him fall asleep": Daughter who took dad, 93, to die at Dignitas euthanasia clinic shares what happened; Sandra Holmes and son, Scott, are waiting for the CPS to decide whether they will be charged with a crime after they travelled with him to Switzerland for his assisted suicide. May 25, 2018 3432
Compassion plea on help to die vote. May 18, 2018 120
BREAKING Assisted suicide clinic off the coast of Britain will not happen as Guernsey rejects proposal; Guernsey's government rejected a bill asking for an 'in principle' agreement on legalising assisted dying at some point in the future. May 18, 2018 131
As California Suspends Assisted Suicide, a Jewish Perspective on the Sanctity of Life. Shafran, Avi May 17, 2018 113
Scientist, 104, ends life at Swiss clinic. May 11, 2018 118
LIESTAL, Switzerland -- A 104-year-old Australian biologist who drew internationa. May 11, 2018 304
Scientist who regretted living to 104 kills self in assisted suicide. May 10, 2018 552
Australian scientist, 104, plans to kill himself with 'Swiss option'. May 10, 2018 161
104-Year-Old Australian Ecologist Opts For Assisted Suicide. May 10, 2018 664
'This is taking an awfully long time!', says scientist before assisted suicide. May 10, 2018 549
News 'I feared jail all for doing right thing by person I loved most in the world'. May 1, 2018 809
AMA still says no to assisted suicide. Smith, Wesley J. May 1, 2018 581
INTERVENING IN THE ICU: Brief talk assists suicide attempters. Zoler, Mitchel L. May 1, 2018 676
I feared jail for doing the right thing by the person I loved most in the world; ASSISTED SUICIDE DEBATE: COUPLES IN LEGAL TRAP; He took stricken partner to Dignitas; Trauma of 6mth police investigation; EXCLUSIVE. Apr 30, 2018 1104
I feared jail for doing the right thing by the person I loved most in the world; ASSISTED SUICIDE DEBATE: COUPLES IN LEGAL TRAP; He took stricken partner to Dignitas; Trauma of 6mth police investigation; EXCLUSIVE. Apr 30, 2018 1006
Devoted man who took dying partner to euthanasia clinic Dignitas investigated by police for six months after coming home; EXCLUSIVE: James Howley, 57, travelled to Switzerland with his partner of 33 years, Helen Johnson, so she could end her suffering. Apr 29, 2018 1301
Life issues in state legislatures. Brief article Apr 20, 2018 210
Right-to-die law is working. Apr 10, 2018 706
Introduction to Applied Ethics. Book review Apr 1, 2018 126
Hawaii set to legalize doctor-assisted suicide. Mar 30, 2018 335
Hawaii set to legalize doctor-assisted suicide. Mar 30, 2018 218
Brain trust might not be well placed. Mar 22, 2018 134
Brain trust might not be well placed. Mar 22, 2018 141
Brain trust might not be well placed. Mar 22, 2018 134
Brain trust might not be well placed. Mar 22, 2018 134
THE BIG QUESTION. Mar 22, 2018 199
Brain trust might not be well placed. Mar 22, 2018 134
The right to dignity; VOICE OF THE. Mar 21, 2018 158
A suicide clinic on our doorstep; Guernsey set to vote in favour of law change; Brits may be allowed to go there to end life; EXCLUSIVE. Mar 21, 2018 630
A suicide clinic on our doorstep; Guernsey set to vote in favour of law change; Brits could travel to island to get help to die; EXCLUSIVE. Mar 21, 2018 630
Should assisted suicide be legal? The arguments for and against; Guernsey is set to vote on allowing a suicide clinic on the island - which would be a first for the British Isles. Mar 21, 2018 481
Invisible Injustices - 83. Mar 19, 2018 1342
Silicon Valley entrepreneur signs up to have brain digitally preserved. Mar 18, 2018 420
Assisted dying group launched. Mar 13, 2018 105
The last goodbye. Mar 12, 2018 1350
India allows 'living wills' for terminally ill. Mar 10, 2018 189
SC allows Passive Euthanasia with guidelines. Mar 9, 2018 380
Supreme Court allows 'living will' of terminally ill persons. Mar 9, 2018 433
India allows living wills, passive euthanasia in landmark ruling. Mar 9, 2018 609
Understanding the bill. Gilby, Jan Letter to the editor Mar 1, 2018 422
Physicians Involved Assisted Suicide. Pandarakalam, James Paul Mar 1, 2018 4140
Dying to talk; VOICE OF THE. Feb 8, 2018 111
Does public understand bill? Darroch, Juliet Letter to the editor Feb 1, 2018 450
Judge deciding fate of gravely ill Alfie Evans will make his decision next week. Andrusko, Dave Feb 1, 2018 824
Daughter takes her care home dad,93, on hols .. to Dignitas; POLICE PROBE ASSISTED SUICIDE CASE. Jan 27, 2018 341
Physician-assisted suicide--an update. Tan, S.Y. Jan 1, 2018 1298
Justice Scalia on the Constitution, abortion, and assisted suicide. Stark, Paul Jan 1, 2018 887
My battle for cop hubby's right to die will lessen pain for other families; MUM'S SOLACE HELPING OTHER WIDOWS AFTER COURT FIGHT; EXCLUSIVE. Dec 31, 2017 767
Widow who fought for road crash cop husband's right to die wins battle to stop grief for other families; Lindsey Briggs endured 10 months of hell trying to persuade judges to allow severely brain- damaged husband Paul's life support to be withdrawn. Dec 30, 2017 939
End-of-life practices: The opinions of undergraduate medical students at a South African university. Marais, C.; Smouse, J.; Poortier, G.; Fair, A.; Joubert, G.; Steinberg, W.J. Report Dec 1, 2017 4564
Voluntary Assisted Suicide To Be Legalized In Victoria, Australia. Nov 22, 2017 668
Assisted suicide 'act of kindness' Judge tells jury to clear murder trial son. Nov 18, 2017 481
Twins' euthanasia shows this is so wrong; AGAINST. Nov 12, 2017 209
Half of us would consider death at Dignitas clinic; But it costs PS10k and calls grow for assisted dying in UK. Nov 12, 2017 488
Euthanasia move in Australia state; WORLD BULLETINS. Oct 21, 2017 106
53% BACK TRIP FOR SUICIDE. Sep 24, 2017 141
Court against assisted suicide. Brief article Sep 22, 2017 133
NY high court rejects assisted suicide right. Smith, Wesley J. Sep 1, 2017 515
Where is the real divide over assisted suicide and euthanasia? Russell, Paul Reprint Sep 1, 2017 963
Doctors pressured this woman to die by euthanasia one year later she is much better. Schadenberg, Alex Reprint Sep 1, 2017 332
VHA warns California clinicians on physician-assisted suicide. Dotinga, Randy Sep 1, 2017 586
LIVE FOR THE RIGHT TO DIE. Aug 11, 2017 219
Time to legalise the right to die. Aug 8, 2017 559
Evil and the need to remember ... always. Andrusko, Dave Aug 1, 2017 573
Right-to-die cop widow's fury at legal aid row. Jul 30, 2017 249
At 13, Hannah won the right to die - now she's a graduate... Jul 29, 2017 961
Committee repeals DC law. Jul 28, 2017 123
Assisted suicide. McCann, Lisa; Moore, John C. Letter to the editor Jul 28, 2017 408
Texts. Jul 27, 2017 117
Assisted Suicide Is Now Available In DC, Faces Threat From Republicans. Jul 19, 2017 528
Doc: I'm planning my death even though I'm well; Campaigner's assisted suicide bid. Jul 10, 2017 203
Amendment to repeal D.C.'s dangerous assisted suicide law adopted. Popik, Jennifer Jul 1, 2017 435
National right to life: convention 2017. Calendar Jul 1, 2017 1049
Holding firm, moving forward, determined to win the battle before us. Tobias, Carol Jul 1, 2017 697
'They shoot horses, don't they?'. Zagano, Phyllis Jun 30, 2017 898
504 California Patients Opted For Life-Ending Drugs In A Year. Jun 2, 2017 544
"La prohibicion de la eutanasia" y juramentos medicos de raiz hipocratica. Merino, Sabrina; Aruanno, Maria E.; Gelpi, Ricardo J.; Rancich, Ana M. Ensayo Jun 1, 2017 4422
SB261 doctor assisted suicide is dead in Nevada! SB261 doctor assisted suicide dies in Assembly committee without a vote. Jun 1, 2017 383
Three culture of death tipping points. Smith, Wesley J. Jun 1, 2017 986
New England Journal of Medicine Study: people don't seek assisted suicide to prevent pain. Fiano, Cassy Jun 1, 2017 473
In defense of physician aid in dying. Letter to the editor Jun 1, 2017 902
About 1 in 20 ALS patients in Washington state chose physician-assisted suicide over a 5-year period. Dotinga, Randy May 15, 2017 875
Diane Pretty's story inspired me to look for love again I found it with her husband; Couple relaunch campaigner's right to die fight 15years after her death; EXCLUSIVE. May 14, 2017 1379
Battle for assisted suicide. May 14, 2017 251
Americans Hold Record Liberal Views on Most Moral Issues. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey May 11, 2017 837
Assisted suicide bill stalls. Brief article May 5, 2017 110
Live well, die well: does Neil Gorsuch understand Epicurus? Crespo, Hiram Essay May 1, 2017 1067
Assisted suicide and assisted voluntary euthanasia: Stransham-Ford High Court case overruled by the Appeal Court--but the door is left open. McQuoid-Mason, D.J. May 1, 2017 1352
Judge John Noonan: RIP. Andrusko, Dave Obituary May 1, 2017 401
Terminally-ill man can fight right-to-die law. Apr 13, 2017 509
Lawmakers defer suicide bill. Brief article Apr 7, 2017 156
Twelve years ago Terri Schiavo died after 13 days without food and water. Andrusko, Dave Apr 1, 2017 573
Assisted suicide bill passes. Brief article Mar 24, 2017 157
Moral Reasoning about Ending Life Revisited: Influences of Religiosity and Resilience. Atkins, Christiana D.; Burnett, Harvey Mar 22, 2017 6215
Three questions on physician-assisted suicide. DeLollis, Michael V. Letter to the editor Mar 1, 2017 304
My submission to the AMA opposing neutrality on physician-assisted suicide. Valko, Nancy Mar 1, 2017 716
Montana came SO close to closing the door to assisted suicide: the status quo remains unchanged. Cook, Michael Mar 1, 2017 339
Our Bodies, Our Lives, Our Right to Decide? How Women's Health Advocates Might Shape End-of-Life Policies. Baehr, Ninia Mar 1, 2017 1425
The AMA should stand firm against assisted suicide. Popik, Jennifer Feb 1, 2017 487
NRLC Urges Swift Congressional Action to fight dangerous assisted suicide measure. Popik, Jennifer Jan 1, 2017 435
Colorado Gives Green Light To Assisted Suicide. Nov 9, 2016 328
Australian nurses' union backs euthanasia. Nov 1, 2016 317
Assisted suicide measures imminent in three states, more states to be targeted in 2017. Popik, Jennifer Nov 1, 2016 812
I live my life full-on...that's why I want the right to die; THE INCREDIBLE SPIRIT OF CANCER PATIENT SARA; She wants chance to end searing pain; Hats stunt raises fortune for charity; EXCLUSIVE. Oct 23, 2016 1177
Netherlands Considers Allowing Suicide For Healthy People. Oct 14, 2016 388
Should children have the right to die? Oct 11, 2016 957
Guidelines on assisted suicide. Oct 7, 2016 200
If ever I lose my mind, I'll be Hooking up with Dignitas... Star hints he could resort to euthanasia. Sep 10, 2016 293
Colorado voters will face ballot initiative with life and death consequences. Popik, Jennifer Sep 1, 2016 955
AMA to hold interim meeting to consider abandoning decades-long opposition to assisted suicide. Popik, Jennifer Sep 1, 2016 558
Cruel to abandon dying to suicide while preventing others. Smith, Wesley J. Sep 1, 2016 443
Assisted suicide and the psychiatrist. Valko, Nancy Sep 1, 2016 525
Citizen Killings: Liberalism, State Policy and Moral Risk. Brief article Sep 1, 2016 145
TD calls for assisted suicide to be made legal in Ireland; Halligan 'would help ill take own life'. Aug 5, 2016 333
Upcoming AMA fight foreshadows potential Supreme Court battle. Popik, Jennifer Aug 1, 2016 791
Assisted suicide is not a right, state's high court rules. Hanson, Annette Aug 1, 2016 883
Let doctors decide on patients' right to die with dignity. Jul 10, 2016 169
New Mexico Supreme Court unanimously upholds law protecting citizens against assisted suicide. Andrusko, Dave Jul 1, 2016 859
Physician-assisted suicide bill fails to advance in Massachusetts. Lips, Evan Reprint Jul 1, 2016 487
Death care. Reprint Jun 27, 2016 1547
Euthanasia Still Acceptable to Solid Majority in U.S. Swift, Art Survey Jun 24, 2016 729
The death of a giant. Bauslaugh, Gary Jun 22, 2016 3382
Canada says yes to suicide for the dying. Jun 19, 2016 102
Assisted suicide bill at Senate. Jun 17, 2016 130
Star Trek Patrick: Give sick Brits the right to die with dignity.. Actor wants assisted suicide made legal. Jun 9, 2016 541
Star Trek Patrick: Give sick Brits the right to die with dignity.. EXCLUSIVE. Jun 9, 2016 470
Star Trek Patrick: Give sick Brits the right to die with dignity.. EXCLUSIVE. Jun 9, 2016 472
Global perspective: A cross-jurisdictional look at medical assistance in dying. Ferguson, Ashley Jun 1, 2016 1163
Medically assisted death offers options. Davison, Charles Jun 1, 2016 1826
Critiques of assisted suicide. Bowal, Peter; Saha, Paulami Jun 1, 2016 2253
Assisted suicide suspect is arrested in seaside drama. May 15, 2016 169
Terminally ill patients may get the right to die. May 10, 2016 473
NY state to consider assisted suicide law: opponents gear up as advocates hope to parlay West Coast momentum. Feuerherd, Peter May 6, 2016 774
We won't give you money to kill yourself; Critics slam former nun hit by MS asking for help in right-to-die bid; EXCLUSIVE. May 3, 2016 581
From the president Carol Tobias: Live and let live. President's page May 1, 2016 915
Maggie's powerful story raises troubling questions about how people with serious intellectual disabilities are diagnosed and cared for. Popik, Jennifer May 1, 2016 1121
Don't be sad... our tails are wagging again; Assisted suicide woman's farewell. Apr 30, 2016 216
Canada Moves To Legalize Assisted Dying. Apr 15, 2016 466
Canada drafts law to allow assisted suicide but excludes tourists. Apr 14, 2016 436
Pope Francis: the family is the sanctuary of life. Gallagher, Maria Apr 1, 2016 503
Societally speaking ... Acunto, Steve Mar 28, 2016 544
Why are we still criminalizing compassion in Canada? Weld, Madeline Mar 22, 2016 795
No last rites for assisted suicide. Brief article Mar 11, 2016 132
Doctor-prescribed suicide: early 2016 update. Popik, Jennifer Mar 1, 2016 849
Assisted suicide suit fails. Feb 20, 2016 187
Why didn't I have a say on my husband's right to die? Millions of TV viewers this week saw motor neurone disease sufferer Simon Binner die at a Swiss suicide clinic. Here wife Debbie describes the ordeal of those left behind; Your health. Feb 14, 2016 592
Royal in 'right to die' court case; 'life and death' decision over huntington's sufferer. Feb 11, 2016 407
Death GP Legalise assisted suicide. Feb 7, 2016 208
Simon's story explores the truth about assisted suicide; WAR & PEACE BBC1, tomorrow, 9pm. Feb 6, 2016 215
Assisted suicide & estate planning: issues to weigh. Feb 3, 2016 779
Justice Scalia on the Constitution, abortion, and assisted suicide. Stark, Paul Feb 1, 2016 736
SPUC launches "Lives Worth Living" campaign to counter physician-assisted suicide. Reprint Feb 1, 2016 874
Assisted suicide campaigner dies. Jan 14, 2016 120
End-of-life battle: church joins forces with disability rights advocates as movement for aid in dying makes legislative gains. Elliott, Elizabeth A. Jan 1, 2016 1892
Assisted suicide bill dies in New Jersey Senate: an important victory that bolsters opposition nationwide. Jan 1, 2016 384
My life to leave: assisted suicide, my family, and me. Drum, Kevin Essay Jan 1, 2016 4375
Let people of Ireland have the right-to-die NOW Taoiseach; Campaigner calls on Enda Kenny to take action over late wife Marie's final wish; EXCLUSIVE. Dec 28, 2015 463
Last rights. Uhlmann, Michael M. Dec 22, 2015 818
I'm proud my dad is fighting on; RIGHT TO DIE CAMPAIGNER APPEALS Son pays emotional tribute to Gordon as bid for legal clarity returns to court. Dec 2, 2015 352
Quebec's assisted dying law in conflict with Criminal Code: judge. Scher, Hugh Dec 1, 2015 610
U.S. Bishops declare "Intrinsic Evil" of abortion must always be opposed. Dec 1, 2015 740
Nitschke tells medical board to go to blazes. Cook, Michael Reprint Dec 1, 2015 629
Germany To Allow Legal Euthanasia. Nov 6, 2015 471
Support for physician-assisted suicide requires a blind eye to past, present, and future abuses. Andrusko, Dave Nov 1, 2015 957
Germany legalizes assisted suicide-as long as it is "free". Valko, Nancy Nov 1, 2015 493
Appeals Court rejects challenge to California law against assisting suicide. Andrusko, Dave Brief article Nov 1, 2015 266
California governor signs right-to-die bill into law. Oct 23, 2015 387
Poisoned elderberry wine is no longer a comedic farce. Nussbaum, Melissa Musick Column Oct 23, 2015 1072
California governor signs physician-assisted suicide bill. Gallegos, Alicia Oct 15, 2015 503
Battles continue over physician-assisted suicide. Gallegos, Alicia Oct 1, 2015 1339

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