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Right royal reasoning; yourletters.


IT'S good news the monarchy has agreed to change the rules of succession so first-born women and the spouses of Catholics can become kings and queens (Mirror, October 29).

It's only fitting when you consider the important roles played by Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria and our current queen in UK history.

As a Catholic and a royalist, however, I feel the rules should have be changed to give all Catholics the right to the throne. It is unfair that we are still discriminated against.

Marie Connelly, Liverpool IT'? fantastic that the archaic tradition of male succession to the throne is being updated for the 21st Century so that the first-born is heir regardless of gender.

It's ironic, however, that the move comes at a time when there seems little point in having a monarchy at all. Most of the Commonwealth countries are moving towards republicanism and many Britons have little time for the royal family.

That said, at least there will be no more sex discrimination. Perhaps the Vatican should take notice.

Sydney Vaughan, Birmingham SO? and not before time, the rules of succession are finally to be changed to allow the oldest child, whether they be a boy or girl, to succeed to the throne.

This seems perfectly natural to me. After all, three of our strongest monarchs, including our present Queen Elizabeth II, were women. I doubt, however, that the royal family will survive much longer after the current monarch dies.

Anthony Phillips Southsea, Hants I? was amusing to read a Prince from the German town of Neuwied, on the Rhine, would be King Carl I of England had the new succession laws been around in Queen Anne's time (Mirror, October 31).

Neuwied is twinned with the London Borough of Bromley, so many of us from there know it well.

Since around 300,000 people live in Bromley, perhaps we should break away from the United Kingdom and form an independent English kingdom - complete with a new monarch!

Richard Redden Bromley, South London ?WELL done to the Queen for having the foresight to change the antiquated laws of succession. It is to the great credit of our excellent royal family that they are prepared to move with the times.

JP Thomas, Croydon, Surrey SO? in these days of austerity, David Cameron has been battling to change the rules of succession.

What an obvious attempt to write himself into the history books. Pathetic!

Stuart Magrath, Wigan WH? really cares if the laws of succession have been changed so first-born female heirs can inherit the throne? It's high time that the monarchy was consigned to the history books and replaced with an elected head of state.

H Baxter Accrington The BIG Issue THE Queen and Commonwealth leaders have voted to change the 300-year-old laws of succession so first-born female heirs can inherit the throne. They also scrapped the rule banning the spouse of a Roman Catholic from succeeding. Most of you welcome the move but others say that it doesn't go far enough...
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Nov 2, 2011
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