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Right pediatrician.

Thank you, Ebony, for your article, "Finding the Right Pediatrician" (Oct. 2005). It was a very important article for me to read because I'm a first-time mother who's trying to find a good pediatrician for my child. I asked many mothers around if they knew of any good pediatricians, and how well they would be as a health care provider for my child.

I, myself, had never thought about interviewing a pediatrician one-on-one until I read your article. I immediately took it upon myself to talk to some pediatricians who were recommended to me. By talking to them, I made a decision about who I thought was best qualified to meet the health care needs of my child, and so far, I do not regret my decision.

Twanita Sumpter

Mobile, Ala.

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Author:Sumpter, Twanita
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Feb 1, 2006
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