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American Law Institute Proposes Controversial Medical Monitoring Rule in Final Part of Torts Restatement. Behrens, Mark A.; Appel, Christopher E. Oct 1, 2020 9264
REINING IN STATE STANDING. Woolhandler, Ann; Collins, Michael G. May 1, 2019 8977
4th Cir.: PETA can challenge N.C. employee access law. Lightle, Rebecca M. Jun 10, 2018 1111
New cause of action for government employees. Bantz, Phillip Mar 7, 2018 768
The Business Litigation Session year in review. Tuteur, Michael J.; Brown, Noah G. Jan 4, 2018 1597
Remote worker can sue N.Y. employer in Massachusetts. Oct 26, 2017 1636
Justice Scalia, implied rights of action, and historical practice. Bellia, Anthony J., Jr. May 1, 2017 14091
Missouri's statutory cause of action for medical negligence: legitimate application of legislative authority or violation of constitutional rights? Mace, Emily Jun 22, 2016 7730
Rights gone wrong: a case against wrongful life. Schuster, W. Ryan May 1, 2016 15478
Private enforcement of competition law in Australia - inching forwards? Beaton-Wells, Caron Apr 1, 2016 25682
Private damage actions under the Robinson-Patman Act. Blair, Roger D.; Durrance, Christine Piette Dec 22, 2015 10617
Halliburton II: a loser's history. Pritchard, A.C. Mar 22, 2015 11589
Form vs. function in rule 10b-5 class actions. Rose, Amanda M. Mar 22, 2015 5097
The Home Affordable Modification Program: the federal circuit court split leaves mortgagors' rights to pursue state law claims unclear. DiSanto, Christopher J. Mar 1, 2015 8300
Universal jurisdiction, the Alien Tort Statute, and transnational public-law litigation after Kiobel. Young, Ernest A. Mar 1, 2015 7533
Universal jurisdiction, the Alien Tort Statute, and transnational public-law litigation after Kiobel. Young, Ernest A. Mar 1, 2015 11140
Universal jurisdiction, the Alien Tort Statute, and transnational public-law litigation after Kiobel. Young, Ernest A. Mar 1, 2015 29709
Lawyering that has no name: Title VI and the meaning of private enforcement. Johnson, Olatunde C.A. Jun 1, 2014 19952
Taking wrongful death seriously: Dworkinian interpretivism and the common law right of action for wrongful death. Sheffner, Daniel J. Mar 22, 2014 14816
The ATS cause of action is sui generis. Casto, William R. Mar 1, 2014 15240
Expanding local enforcement of state and federal consumer protection laws. Morris, Kathleen S. Oct 1, 2013 19277
A cause of action for student-on-student sexual harassment under the Missouri Human Rights Act. Johnson, Amanda N. Mar 22, 2013 11744
State law, the Westfall Act, and the nature of the Bivens question. Vazquez, Carlos M.; Vladeck, Stephen I. Jan 1, 2013 9707
State law, the Westfall Act, and the nature of the Bivens question. Vazquez, Carlos M.; Vladeck, Stephen I. Jan 1, 2013 26759
Barclay v Penberthy and the collapse of the High Court's tort jurisprudence. Beever, Allan Dec 1, 2012 6257
The thirteenth stroke: an approach to "ultimate authority" after Janus. Power, Andrew Nov 1, 2012 18509
The city and the private right of action. Diller, Paul A. May 1, 2012 33406
Claim accrual under the Federal Tort Claims Act: when should claimants file suit against the Federal Bureau of Investigation for tort liability? Romasco, Caitlin A. Feb 1, 2012 9859
Securities law in the Roberts court: agenda or indifference? Pritchard, A.C. Dec 22, 2011 21746
Enforcing ERISA. Stris, Peter K.; O'Connell, Victor A. Sep 22, 2011 4933
The case against institutional conscience. Durland, Spencer L. Aug 1, 2011 14278
"Preserving" Civil RICO: how the model Unfair Trade Practices Act affects RICO's private right of action under the McCarran-Ferguson Act. Snyder, G. Ryan Aug 1, 2011 24807
A moral rights theory of private law. Gold, Andrew S. May 1, 2011 24307
The ghost of Major John Wigmore returns - Congress amends the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA). Odom, John S., Jr.; Shumake, Shawn; Huckabee, Gregory M. Nov 1, 2010 2137
Missed opportunity: Congress's attempted response to the world's demand for the Violence Against women Act. Culpepper, Brenton T. May 1, 2010 12460
Fraud's final frontier: Iowa's battle over becoming the final state to allow private consumer fraud actions. Sand, Rob Mar 22, 2010 12024
Measuring the success of Bivens litigation and its consequences for the individual liability model. Reinert, Alexander A. Mar 1, 2010 26773
Aiding and abetting, a Madoff family affair: why secondary actors should be held accountable for securities fraud through the restoration of the private right of action for aiding and abetting liability under the federal securities laws. Nunziato, Melissa C. Jan 1, 2010 17935
Sidelined: Title IX retaliation cases and women's leadership in college athletics. Buzuvis, Erin E. Jan 1, 2010 25905
Access to courts and preemption of state remedies in collective action perspective. Levy, Richard E.; Glicksman, Robert L. Jun 22, 2009 16968
Rights of action for private non-state actors in the WTO dispute settlement system. Catbagan, Aaron Mar 22, 2009 11864
Supreme Court upholds 401(k) participant's right to sue. Nevius, Alistair M. May 1, 2008 719
Health insurance act affords privacy, but not private actions. Porter, Rebecca Feb 1, 2007 410
Perilous crossings: dangerous railway crossings kill hundreds of motorists each year, but federal preemption often bars recovery. Defend your clients' rights by identifying viable state law causes of action and using federal regulations to your advantage. Pottroff, Robert L. Apr 1, 2006 3560
Johnson v. Hornung. Brief Article May 1, 2005 119
Moore v. Schuetzle. Brief Article May 1, 2005 138
Woloszyn v. County of Lawrence. Brief Article May 1, 2005 181
Lingenfelter v. Bd. Of County Com'rs of Reno Cty. Brief Article May 1, 2005 159
Brewster v. Nassau County. Brief Article May 1, 2005 134
Hewes v. Magnusson. Brief Article May 1, 2005 256
Jackson v. Wiley. Brief Article May 1, 2005 133
High court ponders scope of Title IX in retaliation case. Jurand, Sara Hoffman Jan 1, 2005 848
Enforceable rights, No Child Left Behind, and political patriotism: a case for open-minded section 1983 jurisprudence. Greenberger, Sarah D. Jan 1, 2005 21141
Hale v. Scott. Brief Article Aug 1, 2004 96
Chipping at the core of justice: our law promises every litigant one bite at the apple. The Supreme Court, apparently conscious of Adam's fateful chomp, has been doing its best to keep civil rights claimants from getting theirs. Perkins, Jane Apr 1, 2004 2947
The sorcerer's apprentice: Sandoval, Chevron, and agency power to define private rights of action. Gorod, Brianne J. Jan 1, 2004 4170
The Torture Victim's Protection Act, the Alien Tort Claims Act, and Foucault's archaeology of knowledge. Engle, Eric Dec 22, 2003 11209
Hicks v. Erie County, New York. Brief Article Nov 1, 2003 110
Davis v. Milwaukee County. Aug 1, 2003 354
Abodeen v. Bufardi. Brief Article Aug 1, 2003 122
Boyd v. Anderson. Brief Article Aug 1, 2003 180
Konigsberg v. Lefevre. Brief Article Aug 1, 2003 150
White v. Kautzky. Brief Article Aug 1, 2003 128
Boyd v. Anderson. Aug 1, 2003 379
Al Odah v. U.S. Brief Article Aug 1, 2003 94
Davis v. Milwaukee County. Brief Article Aug 1, 2003 119
Davis v. Milwaukee County. Brief Article Aug 1, 2003 276
Tarpley v. Allen County, Indiana. Brief Article Feb 1, 2003 298
The Sandoval decision and its implications for future civil rights enforcement. Kimmel, Adele P.; Epstein, Rebecca; Ferraro, James L. Jan 1, 2002 3046
An analysis of the EEOC'S issuance of early right-to-sue letters: does it promote judicial efficiency or encourage administrative incompetence? Szkodzinski, Michael A. Dec 1, 2001 13347
`Disparate-impact' suits may survive after High Court ruling on Civil Rights Act. Magnuson, Carolyn Jul 1, 2001 814
High Court dismisses appeal over private lawsuits in environmental racism case. Brienza, Julie Sep 1, 1998 516
An implied cause of action under the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act. Sagers, Christopher L. Mar 1, 1997 12574
The structure of standing requirements for citizen suits and the scope of congressional power. June, Robert B. Apr 1, 1994 15584

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