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Right move to leave EU dictatorship.

MALCOLM Southall (Talkback, October 27) claims that my uncomplimentary description of the EU is libellous. I put it to him that something that is written about somebody is libellous only if it is untrue, but my words about the EU are probably true.

Firstly, I suspect that not even Mr Southall would contest my claim that the Brussels bureaucracy, including the 28 Commissioners, are unelected.

Secondly, for more than 20 years the EU's auditors have refused to sign off the annual accounts because large amounts of money go missing and are unaccounted for, which is clear evidence that Brussels is not short of crookedness. Thirdly, Mr Southall's claim that the legislative processes in the EU are the same as ours is complete nonsense. In this country our democratically elected MPs propose and enact our laws which are then put into practice by the unelected government bureaucracy.

In the EU the 28 unelected Commissioners have the sole right to propose and enact legislation, not to mention the tens of thousands of regulations which cost British businesses PS600 million per year. The job of the elected MEPs is to approve what Brussels dictates. The MEPs do have the right to question what is put to them by Brussels but they have no right to pass laws. That is not democracy, it is dictatorship.

Finally, the EU is well on its way to being an economic disaster. Its share of world GDP is going down, and its economic growth is the worst in the world (if you exclude Antarctica, that is). During the past 20 years our trade with other EU countries has gone down by over 10 per cent, despite the fact that, during that time the EU has got much bigger, whilst our trade with the rest of the world has gone up. The introduction of the euro currency has played a large part in ruining the economies of Spain, Portugal, Greece and the Republic of Ireland.

In the long term getting out of the EU can only be of benefit to our country and, far from being appalling, as suggested by Mr Southall, the decision to leave was the most sensible thing that the British people have done in my lifetime.

A J Hubble, Burntwood

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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
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Date:Oct 31, 2016
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