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Right drill pipe essential to any project.


The horizontal directional drilling (HDD) process is performed by a system with the drill unit being the most visible component. However, no HDD installation can be made without other essential components: tracking electronics, fluid delivery system, downhole bits and reamers and drill pipe.

When drilling the pilot hole, drill pipe connects the bore head and bit to the drilling unit; for product pull back, drill pipe brings backreamers and the product back through the pilot hole. Failure of drill pipe stops whatever stage the process is in.

While different brands of drill pipe may look similar, there are significant differences in overall pipe quality, performance and durability. These differences can dramatically affect productivity and sometimes mean the difference between a successful installation and failure.

Matching drill pipe to the machine using it and soil conditions is essential. It is important to know that Ditch Witch[R] drill pipe is the only pipe produced directly by a manufacturer of HDD equipment.

"Our drill pipe manufacturing process produces a pipe unlike any other--it's the strongest, straightest, pipe available," said Seth Matthesen, Product Manager. "Ditch Witch Power Pipe* is a versatile, high-strength basic drill pipe. Power Pipe with Fluid Miser* II lining substantially reduces the volume of drilling fluid required for HDD installations. Patented All Terrain (AT) pipe for use with Ditch Witch AT rock drilling systems delivers more power to the cutting head than any other steerable horizontal drilling system."

Matthesen added that it only makes sense to trust the pipe of the only HDD manufacturer that designs, tests and builds its own pipe to match the specification of the drilling model on which it will be used.


Ditch Witch drill pipe options include:

Power Pipe HD--This high-strength pipe delivers the perfect balance of tensile strength and flexibility. The pipe's exceptionally strong ends are expanded without the heat of the forging process, maintaining the integrity of the steel with no strength reduction at heat-affected zones. A patented Ditch Witch manufacturing process produces the straightest pipe in the industry.

Power Pipe[R] Lined, Fluid Miser[R] II--Ditch Witch Power Pipe is available with exclusive Fluid Miser II lining. With Fluid Miser II inside each joint of pipe, drilling fluid volume requirements are reduced by as much as 60 percent, allowing the drill string to pressure up faster and clean-up quicker. It also reduces the potential for rust which could plug downhole tools. In addition, reduction of fluid means that less fluid must be pumped, reducing fluid waste and increasing mud pump life.

Power Pipe[R] All Terrain--The patented Ditch Witch All Terrain rock drilling drive incorporates a pipe-within-a-pipe system with the drilling drive pipe inside an outer pipe that steers the path of the bore. This design enables All Terrain systems to transfer available power more efficiently than any other rock system available for machines of comparable horsepower, resulting in more productivity.

Power Pipe[R] Forged--Because it is manufactured from a single piece of blended grade steel, uniform heat treatment is applied from the pipe's body to the heavy upset ends. Double-shoulder design increases torque and decreases flaring. Upsets are formed from specially-designed dies to thread the heavy-duty connections. Coarse threads allow smoother makeup and breakout.

Power Pipe[R] Forged HXT--A special heat treatment process reduces scarring and scratching of the HXT versions of forged Power Pipe, improving both tensile and compressive strength. Interlocking radial shoulders increase the bearing surface and reduce flaring of the box end. Larger inside diameter allows increased flow of drilling fluid.

Fluid Miser[R] pipe

For maximum productivity and to prevent damage to drill pipe, proper makeup and breakout procedures must be employed.

The drill unit must be correctly set up and firmly anchored; When using new pipe, break in threads;

Apply proper torque during makeup;

Assemble and disassemble pipe at moderate speed with rotation and thrust speeds synchronized;

During drilling, avoid bending pipe by oversteering or over correcting;

Keep threads clean and lubricated;

Use drilling fluid matched to soil conditions and maintain proper fluid flow volume.

The Ditch Witch HDD Tooling Catalog includes information on drill pipe and the full selection of downhole tools.
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