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Riggers making more work for themselves.

Problem: Parachute riggers are cited in too many HMRs, and risk assessments on the ALSS gear often come out coded as a 1E. The result: A bulletin likely is issued, and PRs receive more of them than any other group in NAVAIR.

Unfortunately, most of the HMRs we're seeing often are because riggers didn't pack ALSS in accordance with the pubs. We simply are overlooking basic CDI steps. I understand that our shops are undermanned, but how many more errors can we accept?

In the last eight years, parachutes had 39 bulletins, life preservers 50 bulletins, and life rafts 59 bulletins. In 2007 alone, NAVAIR issued 11 bulletins for life preservers and 15 on life rafts. These items are a direct result of non-compliance with procedures, and that performance is unacceptable.

In just one week, NAVAIR saw the following HMRs: Life preservers packed with the wrong C[O.sub.2] bottle, retaining nut missing on an LRU-18 inflator, new quick disconnect on the LPFC misrouted, and buckles falling off. Any of these items could result in a bulletin.

Solution: Every mistake we make means more work. Visit the EI website and see the reports received on a daily basis. Do the job right, and you'll help reduce the workload.

It's time we get back to basics. Open the publications and read them. Use training time to really get into the weeds and find out what we are responsible for. Ensure CDIs and CDQARs actually are doing their work.

Best Practices: I have seen some good commands but don't have one to single out. However, the best squadrons know publications change, at times, daily. The PR rating is becoming more complex, and good commands use the book to find out about changes. Those that don't are doing an injustice to their aircrew. We need to get a handle on this major issue, or bulletins will continue to be sent. It raises the question: Will ALSS work correctly when needed?

By PRC(AW) Brian Westcott

Chief Westcott is a maintenance analyst at the Naval Safety Center.
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Title Annotation:Paraloft
Author:Westcott, Brian
Date:Dec 22, 2007
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