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Rigaku acquires software company.

The Woodlands, TX 9/30/04--Rigaku/MSC has acquired Molecular Images, a developer of molecular graphics and data analysis software for macro-molecular crystallographic structure determination, including the MI-fit program for Windows and Linux, and the XtalView program. Correspondingly, Rigaku/MSC has created a new software division that will develop crystallographic software for data collection through structure solution. Headed by Dr. Russ Athay, president of Molecular Images, the new division will operate under file Molecular Images name and be based in San Diego, California, where it will share facilities with Rigaku/MSC's ActiveSight division. The company's Molecular Images Consortium, which develops software for protein crystallography and molecular modeling, has become the Automatic Structure Consortium.

Protein crystallography and molecular modeling are receiving increased attention as proteomics research accelerates. This investment emphasizes the growing importance of software even in such mature technologies as x-ray diffraction.
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Date:Oct 15, 2004
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