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BOLT-ACTION BEAUTIES: While bolt-action .22 Rimfire rifles are commonplace today, it took quite a long time for that action type to arrive on the scene. Simpson, Layne Mar 20, 2019 2722
Remington Nylon 77. Weaver, Verlin Brief article Mar 1, 2012 212
M1917 scope mounting. Mar 1, 2012 601
Seductive shorty: 1891 Argentine Mauser carbine part 2: last time (1/10 issue), Coffield fitted a bolt and checked the headspace on his Mauser action. This time, he starts inletting the barreled action into a stock blank. Coffield, Reid Feb 27, 2012 3775
Savage 340 stock. Brief article Feb 27, 2012 116
FN 5.7x28mm. Grell, Stu Brief article Sep 1, 2011 134
The someme 1916: this bloodbath was one of the costliest battles in history and featured two of best bolt-action military rifles ever. James, Garry Aug 1, 2011 2735
Building a custom Mauser, part three: in this final installment we'll install the barrel and finish the project. Deaner, Wendell May 1, 2011 2944
Custom heavy barrels for Ruger Model 77/17. Johnson, Norman E. May 1, 2011 1202
The all-business bolt action: shooter interest in tactical rifles doesn't end with ARs. van Zwoll, Wayne Feb 15, 2011 1239
A real straight shooter: the unique--and highly accurate--Model 1895 straight-pull bolt-action Lee Navy had a short, but eventful career. James, Garry Feb 15, 2011 1726
Disassembly, reassembly of the Savage Model 220: new to the firm's line up of economical and accurate sporting guns, this one isn't complicated but could be hiding a very large, problematical bear with an attitude. Blood, Chick Oct 1, 2010 2389
PM for a healthy bolt. Nabb, Aubrey; Moore, Jacob Brief article Sep 1, 2010 287
Mosin Nagant bolt lockup issue. Baughman, Wayne Letter to the editor Sep 1, 2010 187
The horseman's right arm: bolt action cavalry carbines-part 2: most bolt-action cavalry carbines were hard kickers with lots of blast and flash, but they led the way to a new generation of shorter infantry rifles. Scarlata, Paul Jun 20, 2010 4465
Germany's Karabiner 98AZ: this shortened-and improved-variant of the original Gewehr 98 was a favorite of the Kaiser's elite Sturmtruppen. James, Garry May 19, 2010 1199
A bedding pillar for long action Remingtons: attaining top accuracy from a long-action bolt rifle can be difficult, but it can be accomplished through careful bedding and proper use of the central action screw. It may involve the use of a different stock as well. Johnson, Norman E. May 1, 2010 759
The bolt-action rifles of World War II almost 10 million Kar 98ks were the backbone of the Axis, but the forces of tyranny counted on many other bolt guns, too. Scarlata, Paul Apr 20, 2010 3858
The bolt-action rifles of World War II part one--the allies: the burp gun and the belt-fed were the glamour guns, but the bolt-action was still the strong arm of the infantry throughout history's greatest war. Scarlata, Paul Mar 20, 2010 3476
Disassembly and reassembly of the Savage Model 12: this long range precision varminter is the first to offer the right-ejection, left-loading, custom-made feature in a production rifle. Blood, Chick Mar 1, 2010 2185
Working the Mauser bolt: over a century old, the precedent-setting Mauser action is the basis of all turn-bolt rifle actions. Learning the details of the original will pave the way to mastering all others. Campbell, R.K. Mar 1, 2010 2439
Semi-automatic sniper rifles past, present and future: The good old "one shot, one kill" bolt gun is a thing of the past for most snipers, who may need to engage a whole squad, Fortier says. Fortier, David M. Feb 20, 2010 4080
Remington Model 341P feeding problem. Sandoz, Dennis Brief article Jan 1, 2010 254
Savage sniper: cutting edge sniper weapon system. Kokalis, Peter G. Cover story Nov 20, 2009 4914
From bolt-action to machine gun: there were several attempts to convert the Lee Enfield .303 riffle to automatic fire. The Charlton conversion was the only one to go into production. Enright, John Nov 20, 2009 2802
Feedback: rechambering the Arisaka ... Taylor, James Brief article Oct 1, 2009 185
Will straight-pull rifles replace traditional bolt actions? Sundra, Jon Jun 1, 1998 984
Bolt-action hand rifles get a big boost in '98. Sundra, Jon R. Jan 1, 1998 1055
Fully-rifled, bolt-action slug guns and beanfield rifle stir excitement. Sundra, Jon R. Sep 1, 1996 978
"Marksman" breaks laminated stock barrier. Sundra, Jon R. Apr 1, 1994 1034
Marlin may bolt ahead in the rifle market. Sundra, Jon R. Column Jan 1, 1994 1066
Selling sporterized military rifles; the advantages and disadvantages. Karwan, Chuck column Sep 1, 1989 2187
Browning's brand-new A-bolt. Milek, Bob Aug 1, 1985 2063
Ruger's Ultra Light. Milek, Bob Oct 1, 1984 2407
.303 Lee-Enfield Britain's classic battle rifle. James, Garry Aug 1, 1984 4593
Ruger's M-77-22 a rimfire classic. Milek, Bob Jun 1, 1984 2972
The resurgence of the lever gun. Sundra, Jon May 1, 1984 2875
Kleinguenther's premium rimfire sporter. Milek, Bob May 1, 1984 1160
Dangerous game rifles. Sundra, Jon Mar 1, 1984 3960

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