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Rifle rebarreling.

Q When rebarreling a rifle, what is the first thing you do? Do you true up the receiver or do you first true the exterior of the barrel blank?

A Neither. The very first thing I do is to carefully inspect the barrel blank and the receiver. You would be amazed at the problems I have encountered over the years with barrels. I have found irregularities in the bore, off-center bores, pits, etc. With receivers I have found cracks, set back locking lug seats, bad barrel threads, etc. You absolutely don't want to discover any of these problems after you've started work! If there is a problem you need to spot it before you begin. If it's in the barrel blank you need to return the blank before you've done anything to it. For many barrel makers and barrel sellers, once you start cutting on a barrel blank, it's yours so check it out thoroughly before you start. You'll save yourself a lot of hassle and wasted time if you do.

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Title Annotation:Ask the Gunsmith
Author:Coffield, Reid
Publication:Firearms News
Date:Apr 20, 2016
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