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Ridings for a fall in jobs..?

It is unbelievable that Redcar & Cleveland's coalition council is considering withdrawing from the Tees Valley Regeneration Agency to save the minimal sum of pounds 50,000.

Unless there is the opportunity to input into the strategic development in the whole of this area then it is almost certain that future growth and modernisation projects will be minimal in Redcar & Cleveland as other strong and fully represented voices will ensure that their ambition and claims for their own areas are prioritised.

If I were a member of TVRA I would not consider prioritising Redcar & Cleveland, especially a council that seems to prefer a romanticised relationship with the Ridings. Fine if there was any money for redevelopment coming from any part of Yorkshire. Unfortunately there is not.

No redevelopment, no growth, further leeching of the young and talented to find jobs out of this borough. No money from new businesses and young people means a decaying infrastructure and a massive increase in the elderly in ratio to the younger members of the community.

This narrow minded attitude means a bleak future for the residents of Redcar and Cleveland. As a footnote, how much money has been allocated to the annual celebration of the Ridings in the forthcoming budget?


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FURTHER to the three letters in the Evening Gazette (Well Spent Or Wasted Cash? 6.3.07), I feel Cllr Nightingale epitomises the narrow minded views of Redcar & Cleveland Council when he and a fellow Cabinet member liken Tees Valley Regeneration to a public house and uses a strange analogies of paying pounds 2 for an empty glass of beer.

If the Coalition Council was to look at the TVR website they would see they are leading a pounds 1.5bn investment programme in land, property and infrastructure and this, combined with the geographic area they cover, makes them the UK's largest urban regeneration company - hardly small beer.

It would have been remiss of the Labour Primary Opposition Group not to have brought this to the attention of the public via the media and the council.

It is also worth highlighting that when the Labour Group asked the Coalition Council to return the pounds 50,000 into the budget at full council on March 1, we received the support of the secondary opposition group, although there were not enough votes to stop this silly decision.

The Coalition surely must realise that projects in neighbouring boroughs are also potential jobs for Redcar & Cleveland people.

One can certainly see why we hear the comments about having a Tees Valley/Teesside perspective on a series of issues. Although the Coalition say they are looking further than their own borough, in reality that is very questionable.

COUNCILLOR GEORGE R DUNNING, Leader of the Labour Primary Opposition Group, Redcar & Cleveland Council
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Title Annotation:Gazette Letters
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Mar 12, 2007
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