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(1) What do you call a snail on a ship?

Arthur Paleologos


(2) What happened when the silly camper bought a sleeping bag?

Hannah Byrd, North Carolina

(3) What do you call a crow that walks on a high wire?

Andrew Thorson, Colorado

(4) How do cats and dogs order their things?

Olivia McPherson, California

(5) David's father had three sons. Their names were Snap, Crackle, and what?

Alexandra Lemons, Pennsylvania

(6) What are a grandparent's favorite berries?

Sam Reinhold, Iowa

(7) What happened when frog broke down on the highway?

Nogah Glusman, Washington

(8) What kind of tree has poems on it?

Corey Friedrich, Ohio

Answers: 1. A snailer. 2. He spent three weeks trying to wake it up. 3. An a-crow-bat. 4. They use a catadog. 5. David. 6. Cranberries. 7. He got toad away. 8. A poetry.
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