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Ricoh Offers 4x-10x Speeds.

Ricoh Company's Disc Media and Systems Center (DMS-C) Division announced the development of Ricoh CD-RW 74 minute 10X media, a CD-RW disc. Ricoh has developed this disc compatible with writing/rewriting speeds of 4x to 10x to conform with the CD-RW standard, Orange Book Part III, Volume 2, Ver. 1.0.

The company also announced it has developed a drive that records CDRW at 10X. Announcements on both products will follow pending general availability sometime during the second quarter.

The established new CD-RW standard Orange Book Part II, Volume 1, Ver. 1.0 allows writing and rewriting of 4x to 10x to meet the needs of CD writing and rewriting. (The existing Orange Book Part III, Volume 1, Ver. 2.0 enables lx, 2x, and 4x writing/rewriting.) Applications will include video, imaging, Internet, software development, multi-media presentations, and more.

"This breakthrough in development was accomplished by fine-tuning the phasechange recording material used for the Ricoh CD-RW discs and by optimizing the film thickness of the materials," according to Tadatoshi Sakamaki, director and general manager of the DMS Division at Ricoh Company Ltd., Japan.

This Ricoh CD-RW disc is writable/rewritable on CD-R/RW drive units compatible with the standard soon to be released by Ricoh and other drive manufacturers. It also has compatibility with other types of drive units so that disc data can be read on CD-R/RW drive units, MultiRead-enabled CDROM drive units, DVD-ROM drive units, and DVD-RAM drive units. The CD-RW media's MSRP is $4 per disc.
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Publication:Computer Technology Review
Geographic Code:9JAPA
Date:Jun 1, 2000
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