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Ricochet Launches Customer Referral Program; Ricochet Offers Customers One Free Month of High-Speed Internet Access for Every New Customer They Refer.

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DENVER, Colo. and SAN DIEGO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 1, 2003

What's better than unlimited high-speed wireless Internet access wherever you live, work and play? FREE high-speed wireless Internet access. That's the offer Ricochet Networks, Inc. is now extending to its customers.

Since Ricochet(R) relaunched its high-speed, wire-free Internet service in San Diego and Denver last November, mobile laptop users and DSL/cable "access challenged" consumers are enjoying the speed and convenience of one of the world's fastest wireless data networks. It's no surprise that their enthusiasm for Ricochet is contagious. That's why Ricochet aims to capitalize on that enthusiasm by rewarding its customers with a free month of access for every new Ricochet customer they bring onto the service.

"Historically, Ricochet customers have been the biggest endorsers of our one-of-a-kind service," said Mort Aaronson, president and CEO of Ricochet. "Over 90 percent of our current customers have told us in a recent survey that they've recommended Ricochet to their friends and colleagues so it's fitting that we leverage their enthusiasm and reward them for helping us build our customer base. Because our customers know first-hand the convenience, efficiency and reliability we offer, they are in the best position to provide testimonials for Ricochet -- and that's why we're doing this."

As part of an aggressive marketing campaign beginning today, Ricochet's new customer referral program is being launched simultaneously with Ricochet Access, a $29.95/month "bring your own access" service plan that lets customers connect to their existing Internet service and email using Ricochet's high-speed network.

Ricochet's $29.95/month "bring your own access" promotion requires the purchase of a $99.95 Ricochet external modem or internal PC-card modem that configures and connects your home desktop PC or laptop to the Internet in minutes. During the month of April 2003, new customers can sign up for Ricochet Access or Ricochet Complete and receive a FREE modem with rebate by signing up for a six-month service commitment.

More about Ricochet Access and Ricochet Complete

Ricochet offers two service plans to meet customer needs: Ricochet Access and Ricochet Complete. Ricochet Access at $29.95/month, provides unlimited access and 24/7 customer service. Ricochet Complete provides unlimited Internet access including up to 10 free email accounts, Web mail, 10 Mb of personal Web space, national dial service and 24/7 toll-free customer support all for $44.95/month -- everything you need from an Internet service provider at a price that's comparable to traditional "tethered" broadband service and less than the cost of dial-up Internet and a second phone line.

Say goodbye to slow dial-up speeds and the clutter of all wired Internet access. For more details about Ricochet, service plans, the new Ricochet Refer-A-Friend program, and to check service availability in your area, visit Ricochet external and PC Card modems are available at select local retailers, or at, or by calling 1-888-RICOCHET.

About Ricochet Networks, Inc.

Ricochet Networks, Inc. owns and operates two of the nation's largest hot spots covering the cities and outlaying areas of Denver, Colo. and San Diego, Calif. The Ricochet(R) high-speed wire-free Internet network is a patented, wireless data-communications network. The high-speed and wire-free Internet service is affordable, portable within the coverage area and easy to use. Ricochet, based in Denver, Colo., is a wholly owned subsidiary of Aerie Networks, backed by VantagePoint Venture Partners. For more information, please visit the Web site at

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Date:Apr 1, 2003
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