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Rickter scale of doom.

MOSS Cthonic Rites (Aurora Borealis)--Meet MOSS the boss from the UK. Moss is extremist doom. This is their first full length following demos and a couple of split releases. Jus from Electric Wizard produced this, and when the bitch upstairs is pounding on the floor above me, I know I'm onto a winner. Their sheer hateful bliss forked me against a wall of distortion and despair. Beheld, two mighty monolithic tracks of atrocity that clock in at 66 minutes.

ULTRALORD We Hate You and Hope You Die (This Dark Reign)--Features sludgy doom masters from Rue and Fistula, thrown into the pit of thrash brutality. Ultralord offers no compromise, so fuck off to that metal core faggot shit and hope they die, too. I dig the slowed-down parts and at times it creeps me into grief territory, respectfully. Ultra gnat on the Doomscale.

STARCHILD Born into Eternity (Twin Earth Records)--Their latest evokes the legends of yore and has an early Sabbath feel. Vocally astounding with backwashes of echoes, I feel the strength and progression, I reveled in glorious gloomness and psychedelic trance. I appreciate the past work, but the new lazy boy proto doom-ridden solos approach enslave me. Sheavy and Virus should be proud of their child.

BAD SHIT Get Tested 7" (Narcosarcasmo)--Hey fuck nuts, Bad Shit happens to those who can't realize what punk is all about. Bad Shit is reality and you haven't experienced anything 'til you throw on the headphones and inject this malice straight into your brain, leaving your piehole raw with envy. Jake Phelps delivers a guitard-sauit ike I haven't heard since certain raunchy-toad DC or SF hands could deliver in the day. Just check "Junkie Bitch" or "Bitch Ass Nigga," but my (personal experience) fave is "Mission Street Coke." TNT's bass humping and bloody panties will rally any pit, but it's Trixie's murderous skin pounding and organizational skills that really hold this shitpack together'. Get tested or die, fucker.
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Date:May 1, 2006
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