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Rickter scale of doom.

GARGANTULA Infinitasm (Self-release)--This shit rips. Most impressive and I need to make it a point to see them live. Gargantula employs ex-Spaceboy members and is a more accessible beast of heaviness with sustained moments of prog-mathiness. How can you miss with song titles like "Angelically Dusted" and "Pulvergeist?" Uh oh, it bent the needle on the sonic Doomscale.

XASTHUR/NORTT A Curse for the Lifeless LP (Southern Lord)--Xasthur's (USA) legendary haunting drone spheres collide with obsessive necro-rhythms that wrap me warmly in self-loathing and suicidal meditation. Nortt (Denmark) brings on the blackened funeral doom served in manically depressive entrees of spiritual dieing and eternal mourning. Slit, die and buand.

TURAMBAR 10" EP (Game Two/Our Hollow Death)--Denver's answer to true bikerdoom, downer-tuned stoner sludge. Just think inside the box of Obsessed and Earthride. I mean this really buried the hatchet in my constant quest of the DoomRoom. Survey says 9.66 on this one.

UNSANE Blood Run LP (Relapse)--Finally a follow up to 1998's Occupational Hazard album, the violently crafty noise legends of NYC's Unsane return. Chris Spencer's corrosive guitar work along with face pounding drum and bass thumping fuel their brand of destruction. Blood Run shrieks in angst and discontent. Just the way I like it!

WORLD BELOW Maestrom (Psychedoomelic)--Maestrom brings progress in the land of majestic doom metal, Heavy bombardments of their doomshine, Sabbath and Candlemass envy deepens my bottomless grave. Members of Carnal Forge and Centinex make up World Below and really brew up some classic heaviness. Check their debut masterpiece Sacrifices to the Moon. Fucking epic!
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Date:Aug 1, 2005
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