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Rickover dead at 86.

Rickover dead at 86

Admiral Hyman George Rickover, the "father of the U.S. nuclear navy,' died Tuesday at his home in Arlington, Va. He had been ailing from a stroke.

The U.S. Naval Academy graduate was born in Makow, Russia on the 27th day of this century. Though he saw sea duty, it was for his role in the development of nuclear power--first with the Manhattan Project, later for the Navy-- that the feisty perfectionist gained renown. Said Navy Secretary John F. Lehman Jr., "In his 63 years of service, Admiral Rickover took the concept of nuclear power from an idea to the present reality of more than 150 U.S. naval ships under nuclear power, with a record of 3,000 ship years of accident-free operation.'
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Title Annotation:Admiral Hyman G. Rickover
Publication:Science News
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Date:Jul 12, 1986
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