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Rick Reed: the big brother of small business.

Since his election in 1986, West Maui Senator Rick Reed has made abundantly clear his support of legislation addressing Hawaii's environmental concerns. But while Reed the Environmentalist is well-known, he also has quietly built a reputation as an ally of small business. The list of pro-business bills introduced by the Republican is long, and includes a proposal calling for increased fines for workers' compensation fraud. In recognition, Paychecks Hawaii -- an affiliate of Small Business Hawaii that appraises the performance of lawmakers -- has selected Reed as the senator "most helpful to small business" for each of his four legislative terms. Reed, however, has found that he sometimes must choose between his two interests, as evidenced by his efforts since 1988 to curb parasail operators in West Maui waters in order to protect humpback whales. But then again, he notes, "If our environment reaches the point where people don't want to come here, business will fail."

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Title Annotation:West Maui Senator is ally of small businesses
Author:Brown, Tom
Publication:Hawaii Business
Date:May 1, 1991
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